Gold Pine Resin is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Gold Pine Resin


Rare pine resin which emits golden sparks.
Chunks of it are even rarer.

Temporarily applies lightning to right-hand weapon.

Its origins are unknown although some have speculated that it may in fact be a type of fungal resin.


Gold Pine Resin Usage

  • Apply to your weapon to obtain 95 Lightning Damage effect for 60 seconds.



Gold Pine Resin Locations




  • At base faith of 30, lightning blade with the weakest pure scaling catalyst (saint-tree bellvine+0) grants 116 buff. The strongest (cleric's sacred chime +10) grants 135 buff.



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    • Anonymous

      Cleric's Sacred Chime is not the strongest spell buff at 30 faith. That would be the Rose of Ariandel. At +5 it grants 157 lightning damage.

      • Anonymous

        uhhh the information about the swing damage doesnt really help anything if we dont know the stats of the person using them

        • Anonymous

          Most of you people are retarded, one of you are trying to use gold pine resin on the motherf******g mornes great hammer IT'S A UNIQUE WEAPON AND CANNOT BE INFUSED

          • Anonymous

            Why is my game not allowing me to use this resin,mi have a weapon on my right hand equipped but it still won't let me use it

            • Anonymous

              The info about the comparison to the lightning blade miracle is absolutely useless. The strength of the miracle is entirely dependent on the spell buff, it's not a flat boost like consumables.

              • Anonymous

                When using the Warden Twinblades, applying Carthus Rouge makes both hits of a single L1 apply the same bleed as a single R1 (so 40 per L1 and 20 per R1)
                My question is, does this hold true for the Gold Pine Resin?

                • Anonymous

                  Is this any good? I mean, only 95 lightning damage for a weapon that has no natural lightning damage, doesn't this get almost completely absorbed by flat defense?

                  • Anonymous

                    I don't know if it just some glitch, I was fiddling with weapon move sets and was preparing for yhorm boss fight and accidentally used gold pine resin on the storm ruler. Then I tried it on a Black knight battleaxe and a whole lot other special weapons and it worked. In fact all pine resins are working, maybe I just broke dark souls. Confused over this.

                    • Anonymous

                      Does anyone know if the resin damage scales with faith like lightning blade, or is it just a flat +95 damage boost and that's it for everyone?

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