• Undead Bone Shard is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Undead Bone Shard

Undead bones that yet burn.

Cast it into the shrine bonfire to boost the recovery provided by the Estus Flask.

The bonfire's cinders are the bones of Undead, and a bone that still burns is a fresh cinder indeed. Before feeding upon death, one must first pray to it.


Undead Bone Shard Usage


Undead Bone Shard Locations

  1. Undead Settlement - Starting at the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire, travel near the white birch tree where the giant fires arrows. To the right of this tree is a platform you can jump to with the Undead Bone Shard on a dead body.
  2. Farron Keep - From the Keep Ruins bonfire, head down the walkway towards the door that opens once you light the three bonfires. Before reaching the door head to the right and look for a tower full of slugs. It is in the center of that tower. Video location (fextralife video starting at 1h 22m 27s)
  3. Cathedral of the Deep - From the Cleansing Chapel bonfire, head out and through the graveyard. Head across the bridge and up some stairs past a Grave Warden and to the right. The shard is on a tombstone that is laying out over a gap, near a white birch tree.
  4. Catacombs of Carthus - From the Abyss Watchers bonfire go down the stairs and to the right side of the ledge overlooking the level. Drop down on the series of platforms below, be careful  of the two archer skeletons. Head through the doorway and kill the skeleton with a hat immediately to the right. This will cause the first Skeleton Ball, to break on impact with the wall and reveal a shard.
  5. Smouldering Lake - Kill the Carthus Sandworm.
  6. Smouldering Lake - From the Demon Ruins bonfire, head down the stairs into the long room filled with floating fireballs and demons. Head left towards the end of the room and the boneshard is located with bodies of dead demons. Beware a Fire Slime that will attempt to fall on you. (Video)
  7. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley - Starting at the Church of Yorshka bonfire, go down the hallway stairs, and go right along the cliff. The Undead Bone shard is located behind the large tombstone at the end of this path. (Video)
  8. Profaned Capital - After you fight the first Gargoyle of the area, it will be on the corpse of Laddersmith Gilligan next to the bonfire.
  9. Lothric Castle - Starting at the Dragon Barracks bonfire, go up the stairs and to the bridge where the two dragons are. Run almost all the way across the bridge and drop off at the end. The Undead Bone Shard is underneath the bridge.
  10. Grand Archives - Once you reach the rooftop area, head down the ladder and straight ahead until you can turn left to head up the rooftops. Head up and take a right and remain along the top until you can jump back into the archives. Defeat the Lothric knight and Thralls, walk past the wax pool, and find it on a corpse sitting in a chair. There is a ladder you can kick down here that will go back into the archive area where you will find the corpse of Orbeck (if you buy all his spells/defeat the Princes), and contains a number of Priests. It is also near the doorway that leads to the 3 NPC Hunters.
Bonfire Level Estus Flask Level Healing Delta* Healing (/w Estus Ring) Delta* (/w Estus Ring)
1 0 250 - 300 -
2 +1 335 85 402 102
3 +2 410 75 492 90
4 +3 470 60 564 72
5 +4 515 45 618 54
6 +5 535 20 642 24
7 +6 550 15 660 18
8 +7 565 15 678 18
9 +8 580 15 696 18
10 +9 590 10 708 12
11 +10 600 10 720 12

 *Change from previous level

 Estus Flask Chart



  • Upon burning all of the Undead Bone Shards, you will unlock the Achievement "Ultimate Bonfire" 



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    • Anonymous

      10 Mar 2021 13:13  

      THe only one i missed was the one in catacombs where u have to kill that skeleton with a hat and then the ball spawn u that 1 shard or smth. I haven't kill him once withough checking out the tutorial locations on yt. If u cant figure out which one u're missing i recommend starting with this one at 1st i thought it's impossible that i didn't see that shard in the middle of corridor so it was the last one i checked ehh...

      • Anonymous

        05 Feb 2021 01:59  

        For anyone who's wondering why they might be missing a shard, double check that you got both of the shards from smouldering lake, I made the dumb mistake of skipping over number 6 in the list and it confused me for a few minutes

        • Anonymous

          13 Oct 2020 15:34  

          Wish I knew you could increase the power of estus earlier, I thought you could only get more of it. A couple of bosses if I got hit once running past the enemies I would just let them kill me because I knew that run was dead.

          • Anonymous

            27 May 2020 17:26  

            Went through every location with videos, and I am missing a shard. Nice meme. Never used the crow, don't have it in my box. Great game From Software!

            • Anonymous

              24 Apr 2020 04:13  

              I reached lvl 95 without knowing what's the use of the Undead Bone Shard until I came across this page. I am very dissapointed with myself.

              • Anonymous

                25 Mar 2020 01:01  

                In Ds1 you need firekeeper souls to upgrade the Estus. In Ds2 it’s burning Sublime Bone Dust, but even though you find a Firekeeper Soul in Ds3 you need Undead Bone Shards to do it. Would’ve been cool and a nice call back if the firekeeper soul pushed it to 12.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Jan 2020 15:40  

                  The moment you missed one and have to look at every single spot again. The moment you find it . It was the last place you looked at...

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Jan 2020 21:28  

                    The bonfire starts at level one. Your bonfire must be level 11 before your flask will be +10. Yeesh people it aint that hard.

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Dec 2019 06:35  

                      When i used one and saw the bonfire intesnsity rise I though it was like the bonfire asstectics from DS2 and I almost had a heart attack

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Nov 2019 19:33  

                        When I started playing I thought these were just consumables with a temporary effect like embers, and gave one of the first bone shards to the crow. Now on NG+ I got the final bone shard and turns out you only get the achievement if it's maxed out in a single playthrough.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Sep 2019 11:42  

                          The corpse on the chair in the grand archives gave me the divine pillars of light miracle instead of the bone shard. Can someone please help?

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Aug 2019 23:10  

                            JUST GOT TO 78 JUST FIGURING OUT WHAT THESE ARE LMAO. Huh I guess out of all the things I've looked up I JUST NEVER THOUGHT THESE WERE IMPORTANT LOL

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Aug 2019 01:24  

                              I can't find the hat skeleton. Is it a ione time thing? I played through all of carthus before realizing you could get a shard here

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