Estus Ring

A green ring crafted from shards. Increases HP restored by Estus Flask.


This ring was entrusted to a certain Fire Keeper, but in the end she never met her champion, and the ensuing tragic farce became a favorite tale of the masses.

 Estus Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Estus Ring Effect



Where to Find Estus Ring




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  • The design of the Estus Ring is based on the Ring of Displacement, an unsused ring found in the game files of the original Dark Souls.



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    • 30 Aug 2018 09:46  

      This is a powerful ring. What's not to like about 20% additional heal? One thing though, cause usually I use an Estus and is content, or use two because I didn't get high enough; this ring puts me in between those two states sometimes so I got like 80% hit points which feels like a waste to heal with this ring equipped and just after that I get riposted and one-shot :P

      • Anonymous

        02 Oct 2017 23:42  

        Hey! Something just happened while I had the ring, and I just noticed days ago.

        Apparently, if you have THIS ring equipped, I think after a certain number of souls gained, you get a free estus recharge!
        That's right! FREE ESTUS! I think you need to go over the 10 000 souls everytime.

        I was just farming some souls, and I had to take an estus (I had 15, gone to 14.) So I kill this black knight after champion gundyr, I passed to over 60 000 souls and an effect showed in my guy.
        And when I look, I have 15 estus again!

        This still needs confirmation if it's every 10 000 souls you get a free charge.
        Don't believe me? Test It yourself...
        If it doesn't happen, keep trying until you see this orange aura (looks like estus effect), then look at the estus number.

        • Anonymous

          27 Mar 2017 21:08  

          I feel like this thing is wildly underrated. Useful for PvE and Ganking, especially if you're the host or have a lot of vig.

          • Anonymous

            A ring highly recommended for boss fights23 May 2016 15:19  

            With 20% extra healing and 15 Estus Flasks, it means it is equivalent to having 18 Flasks. it is especially useful in NG+7. One hit from a boss can take almost half of the HP, so a large pool of Estus can come in handy.

            • Anonymous

              To ring or not to ring...14 May 2016 00:33  

              Is it recommended early game to gather 20k souls in order to get the ring? I just started the game, am just before the Vordt fight.

              • Anonymous

                PvE? OP af, PvP? meh26 Apr 2016 16:49  

                This ring is super good for PvE. Prob useless in PvP, because its waste of ring slot if you are in to PvP.

                • Anonymous

                  +1? +2?18 Apr 2016 08:44  

                  Do +1 and +2 versions of this ring exist? It would be incredible to have an Estus flask doing a full heal every use. Though that does seem a bit ridiculous. Maybe that's why there isn't an upgraded version of the ring, if indeed there isn't.

                  • Anonymous

                    Increases healing? by how much?06 Apr 2016 05:05  

                    Is it actually useful or is it like the one you get from being a dragonbro in Dark Souls 2?

                    • Anonymous

                      Haters!17 Mar 2016 06:36  

                      Description has a tone of negativity towards Dark Souls 2! But interesting nonetheless. Still the best souls game, although 3 is gonna blow them all out of the pond!!

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