Estus Ring

A green ring crafted from shards. Increases HP restored by Estus Flask.


This ring was entrusted to a certain Fire Keeper, but in the end she never met her champion, and the ensuing tragic farce became a favorite tale of the masses.

 Estus Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Estus Ring Effect



Where to Find Estus Ring




  • Since the ring boosts your estus healing just by wearing it, you can swap one of your equipped rings, chug once, and swap the ring back. Useful when low on health but not in immediate danger to better optimize your estus usage.
  • The Lloyd Rings effects become more easy to get since you'll heal back to full health most of the time after one sip with this ring equipped.



  • The design of the Estus Ring is based on the Ring of Displacement, an unused ring found in the game files of the original Dark Souls.



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    • Anonymous

      As someone who completed both dlcs before entering farron keep, a +4 flask with this is a godsend. Never had to sweat because of good vig and this. Worth the 20k

      • Anonymous

        This ring is a godsend for ng+4 and beyond where basic mid-game enemies can take 1/2 of your health in two attacks.

        • Anonymous

          Would be much better if you got it earlier in the game. By the time I can spare 20k souls I won’t be using this ring very long before there are to many better options available.

          • Anonymous

            The Lloyd Rings effects become more easy to get since you'll heal back to full health most of the time after one sip with this ring equipped.

            Jesus. Speaking is hard.

            • Anonymous

              Honestly, the ring is nice. Extra 20% health refill will come in clutch if you’re willing to use a ring slot for it. But it being locked behind a 20,000 soul pay wall is ridiculous. Also, you can just use the Ashen Estus Ring to get more outta those refills and than use that to cast gentle prayer and heal up. I only go for the Estus Ring when my SL costs are about the price of the ring. (Or if I really want that fire keeper soul and farm out the souls on Lothric Knights early game.)

              • Anonymous

                The TLDR of whether or not you should use it in the comments. If you're a 10 vigor meta meme lord, then you don't have enough health to restore to warrant this ring. However, if you're going with a healthy 27 vigor with a FaP ring and/or prisoner's chain, you can recover over 700 hp out of your pool of about 1.5k+ health. It's a bit of a no brainer, really. It's also a must have for perseverance spamming traders

                • Anonymous

                  Useless for PvP, but one of the most underestimated rings for PvE and invasions. It may mean the difference between using 1 or 2 estus flasks in crucial situations, and makes lloyd's sword or shield ring more viable.

                  • This is a powerful ring. What's not to like about 20% additional heal? One thing though, cause usually I use an Estus and is content, or use two because I didn't get high enough; this ring puts me in between those two states sometimes so I got like 80% hit points which feels like a waste to heal with this ring equipped and just after that I get riposted and one-shot :P

                    • Anonymous

                      Hey! Something just happened while I had the ring, and I just noticed days ago.

                      Apparently, if you have THIS ring equipped, I think after a certain number of souls gained, you get a free estus recharge!
                      That's right! FREE ESTUS! I think you need to go over the 10 000 souls everytime.

                      I was just farming some souls, and I had to take an estus (I had 15, gone to 14.) So I kill this black knight after champion gundyr, I passed to over 60 000 souls and an effect showed in my guy.
                      And when I look, I have 15 estus again!

                      This still needs confirmation if it's every 10 000 souls you get a free charge.
                      Don't believe me? Test It yourself...
                      If it doesn't happen, keep trying until you see this orange aura (looks like estus effect), then look at the estus number.

                      • Anonymous

                        I feel like this thing is wildly underrated. Useful for PvE and Ganking, especially if you're the host or have a lot of vig.

                        • Anonymous

                          With 20% extra healing and 15 Estus Flasks, it means it is equivalent to having 18 Flasks. it is especially useful in NG+7. One hit from a boss can take almost half of the HP, so a large pool of Estus can come in handy.

                          • Anonymous

                            Is it recommended early game to gather 20k souls in order to get the ring? I just started the game, am just before the Vordt fight.

                            • Anonymous

                              This ring is super good for PvE. Prob useless in PvP, because its waste of ring slot if you are in to PvP.

                              • Anonymous

                                Do +1 and +2 versions of this ring exist? It would be incredible to have an Estus flask doing a full heal every use. Though that does seem a bit ridiculous. Maybe that's why there isn't an upgraded version of the ring, if indeed there isn't.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Description has a tone of negativity towards Dark Souls 2! But interesting nonetheless. Still the best souls game, although 3 is gonna blow them all out of the pond!!

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