Wolf Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Wolf Ring

Ring associated with Abysswalker Artorias,
one of the Four Knights of Gwyn, the First Lord.

Increases poise.

Artorias had an unbendable will of steel,
and was unmatched with a greatsword.

Wolf Ring Effect

  • Increases Poise by + 4
  • +1 Version (NG+): + 6
  • +2 Version (NG++): + 8
  • +3 Version (The Ringed City): +9
  • Weight: 0.50


Where to Find Wolf Ring



  • Poise gained is affected by current poise. Already Poise heavy armors will result in diminishing returns.



  1. Unlike its DS1 counterpart, this version of the ring does not give you an aura. Because of that and the fact that it has no apparent effect on the wearer, you cannot tell when someone is using this ring online.
  2. This is the only Artorias related equipment to actually refer him by said name, not "wolf knight" or "abysswalker" 
  3. This is the only ring relating to the 4 knights of Gwyn that has +1, +2, and +3 variants 
  4. An article about Artorias, The Abyss Watchers.


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    • Anonymous

      27 Sep 2021 21:37  

      This page seems to suggest that this ring provides flat +4/6/8/9 increases to poise, when actually those are only the increases when you're naked. The build maker at Soulsplanner states that the Wolf +3 is a simple 9% increase to poise, but that also is incorrect. Despite this the calculator still gives accurate values and can be trusted.
      When you have 00.00 base poise, wearing the Wolf +3 gives you 9.00 extra poise for 09.00 total.
      When you have 09.90 base poise, wearing the Wolf +3 gives you 8.11 extra poise for 18.01 total.
      When you have 20.10 base poise, wearing the Wolf +3 gives you 7.19 extra poise for 27.29 total.
      When you have 20.10 base poise, wearing the Wolf +0 gives you 3.20 extra poise for 23.30 total.
      From this it seems that when your base poise is 'P', and the ring provides an extra W when naked, these are the formula:
      Extra poise = W(1 - 1/100 * P)
      Total poise = P + W(1 - 1/100 P)
      Total poise = P + W - WP / 100
      So if you'd like at least P' poise after wearing the ring, you need a base poise of
      Base poise = (P' - W) / (1 - W / 100)

      I'd go Havel's everytime if I was tryharding since you also get extra absorption, but damn those fat armours are ugly. To me, this ring seems to have two uses: fashion souls, and sub metalevel builds with high stat demands that also need poise.
      The Wolf ring can push some of the more fashionable armour pieces into practicality so you're not so disgusting to behold.
      At SL120 you should always have enough stats, but below that you can wear both the Wolf and Havel's ring to save a lot on Vitality and make some stat demanding weapons more viable at lower levels than they would be otherwise. Of course you're still missing out on another useful ring, so it's probably still suboptimal. Maybe only swap in the Wolf ring if you're up against a high poise damage weapon.

      • Anonymous

        07 Jun 2021 02:42  

        Havel's Ring always outclasses Wolf Ring. Wolf Ring's only benefit is that it can be quickly swapped in the heat of battle. Instead of swapping rings AND armor to gain more poise like you'd have to do with Havel's Ring, you can just swap one ring to get a bit more poise with Wolf Ring. In short, use Havel's Ring over Wolf Ring unless you're planning on swapping real quick during battle.

        • Anonymous

          20 Jan 2021 13:21  

          I won't believe that poise exists until i see daggers and similar lightweight weapons bounce off a heavy armor. Hyper armor is NOT the poise we grew up with.

          • Anonymous

            13 Nov 2020 11:18  

            I need help with the master of rings Achievement if anyone wanna help and give me the ring my steam friend code is 222228147 and thanks in advance

            • Anonymous

              08 Sep 2020 11:18  

              I need the unupgraded version for the all rings achievement, its the last eing and achievement I need. If anyone has this ring and is willing to let me pick it up and give it right back to you please let me know. PSN: WhitestMexican7

              • Anonymous

                25 Jul 2020 20:32  

                i find this usefull agains people with the same weapon, this ring can help a bit to make the diference and trade 1 hit for 2.
                still not very usefull but if you have a extra ring slot use this ring is not that terrible but very specific

                • Anonymous

                  01 Jul 2020 01:19  

                  +3 Version (The Ringed City): Dropped by Seeker of the Spurned. (Video Location)

                  He will not spawn if playing offline. You must be embered and online.

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Jun 2020 17:50  

                    Actually, this ring a good choice for PvP-arena or duels. When you think what's better: Wolf ring or Havel's Ring, you already know answer: Havel's better, but... When u wear Havel's Ring and get heavier armor, u get more defence and with heavier armor u SHOULD to wear Havel's ring everytime. And wolf ring u can just swap for more suitable ring (if u fight against light weapon, like straight swords or curved swords and u know you have enough poise to trade with them without Wolf ring), that's a very good option. Also, if u know poise breakpoints of your weapon and weapon of your opponent, u can just surprise him with extra poise points and win the trade. This ring definetly not necessary for "mail ring slot", but just keep it in your inventory for duels.

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