Great Swamp Ring

great swamp ring

Ring said to be chiseled from the bone of a flame salamander by blighted Pyromancers living in the Great Swamp.

Boosts pyromancies.

It is believed that salamanders are the descendants of demons, born of the Chaos Flame, from which Pyromancy is also said to have originated.

 Great Swamp Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.



 Great Swamp Ring Effect



Where to Find Great Swamp Ring









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    • Anonymous

      Why is it giving me 22% more dmg?

      Tested vs the crab next to crucifixion bonfire.

      At 148 spellbuff using the fireball.
      The dmg dealt is 66
      Using a fire clutch ring gives 76 dmg
      Using the great swamp ring gives 81 dmg
      Using both rings gives 93 dmg

      The boost here seems to be 22% or 22.5% or something like that.

      • Anonymous

        This can be acquired FAR easier by starting at the Farron Keep bonfire and climbing up the ladder, exiting the ruins, and immediately turning left (assuming you have access to this starting bonfire).

        • Anonymous

          I just started a Pyromancer character and I tested the ring on the giant rat in the Undead Settlement sewer. without the ring I was doing 129 dmg and with the ring it was 155 dmg. that a 20% increase. I also tested the fire cluth ring which did 148 for a 15% increase which is the same as before.

          • Anonymous

            I wonder if booster rings can ever be willfully removed from mages hands. Who would ever want less magic power? Maybe there are greater rings to come?!

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