Sun Princess Ring

Ring associated with Gwynevere, princess of sunlight and eldest daughter of Gwyn, the First Lord.

The ring is vaguely warm, like a beam of sunlight, and gradually restores HP.

Gwynevere left her home with a great many other deities, and became a wife and mother, raising several heavenly children.

Sun Princess Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Sun Princess Ring Effect



Where to Find Sun Princess Ring






  • Can be equiped/unequiped for fast hp regeneration.



  • This ring is found in front of the bed on which Gwynevere lays in the original Dark Souls.



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    • Anonymous

      If you have a problem deciding between Hornet Ring or Sun Princess Ring on a regen build because you can only afford 1 ring slot like me, pick Hornet Ring. The diff in HP regen isn't much, only 120HP.

      • Anonymous

        If you're wearing this, the person you're fighting is going to hate your guts even though he/she is using one too.

        Beware hypocrites of DS3. I give no ****s about your playstyle, I will regen the **** out of you.

        • Anonymous

          This is good for "no bonfire" playthroughs, right? Maybe along with Aldrichs saphire, ruby, and or estus ring with a replenishment spell to stretch your estus out nice and wide.

          • Anonymous

            Just a handy heads up is that when I got this ring then returned to Firelink, Siri spawns and you get another chance to get the darkmoon emote again. I even got her to respawn and she spoke to me as if I had joined Roseria's Fingers at all. I even had the covenant on and she returned as a neutral npc!

            • Anonymous

              [insert your favourite +10 infuseable weapon here] infused with blessed gem + ancient dragon greatshield + sun princess ring + any chime with the gentle prayer chant = health regeneration build with tiny FP cost and sometimes no FP cost at all

              • This ring is good for conserving Estus flasks in prolonged PvE. Stacked with a blessed off hand the regeneration is tangible. Armor further its value since absorption changes the effectiveness of hitpoints. It is a good choice for PvP as well.

                • Anonymous

                  Excessively passive players hate this ring. As soon as you notice a lack of offensive strategy, simply slip this ring on and do what they do: play the waiting game. They'll notice the health regeneration and instantly become aggressive... you may even get some hatemail.

                  • Anonymous

                    What does it mean with "Eldest Daughter of Gwyn"? Gwynevere is the ONLY daughter. The Nameless King and Gwyndolin are both man and we know the first child to be born is the Nameless King

                    • Anonymous

                      Love the ring for pvp people become so ***** aggressive when they see your health regan, perfect for my bleed parry dex build.

                      • Anonymous

                        It still has some uses. Its more of a band-aid than a ring you'd wear all the time. It's greatly helpful in the farron swamp. Wear this ring alongside a +6 blessed dagger and you completely nullify the poison damage while quickstep dashing through the entire area. Also rather than equipping the ring and waiting for your health to regen; just rapidly equip/unequip it on the ring menu. Since the HP regen starts the moment you equip the ring, you can just keep doing this to rapidly regen with it. A decent way to heal up little scratches when you don't want to waste estus during a long trek though an area.

                        • Anonymous

                          The sun princess ring also stacks with weapons infused with a blessed gem( which regens for 3 points per 2 or 3 seconds)

                          • Anonymous

                            I see the hate butThis ring is useful against slower bosses like yhorm and abysswatcher and other simply bosses where you can run and dont need to be afraid about being hit

                            • Anonymous

                              For the sake of just 2hp per second, I can think of a tonne better uses for the slot. Would make far more sense for the devs to add in +1, +2 and +3 versions. 5hp/sec from a +3 ring can hardly be called OP even if stacked with blessed weapon + shield for 9HP/s. At the very least it might be abit fun to use on a gimmick build

                              • Anonymous

                                Im assuming it will be like the ring of restoration in number 2 where there aren't any plus 1 or 2 versions to my knowledge, but kts worth asking if anyone has seen this ring in a plus 1 or higher version.

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