Horsehoof Ring

An old ring with a seal depicting a horse's hoof. Boosts kick effect.

Unbreakable Patches adored this ring and the feeling that it gave him when he kicked his marks into the depths of treacherous traps, but suffered no shortage of ridicule from his associates for relying so heavily on the tired old trick.

But who is the sorrier? The horse who knows only to kick, or the fool who approaches the old beast without thought?

 Horsehoof Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Horsehoof Ring Effect

  • Enemies lose 30% more Stamina when guarding against your kicks
  • Weight: 0.6



Where to Find Horsehoof Ring




  • For this to appear in Patches' shop inventory, Greirat must be in Firelink Shrine at the same time as Patches' at any point in the game.  Select Talk in Patches' menu, and if he mentions Greirat, then the ring will be added to his inventory.



  • Description likely a reference to the many incarnations of Patches' actions in Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, as well as Bloodborne, where he had a tendency to kick players off of ledges into traps.


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    • Anonymous

      28 Oct 2019 18:34  

      hehe, the little firebreathing stone lizards in archdragon peak will roll over twice instead of only once when you kick them with this ring equipped

      • Anonymous

        27 Jun 2019 15:27  

        Maybe, just a makeshift theory, based on the design, maybe this was an early/homemade design for Smough’s ring if he became the fifth knight of Gwyn? But after the bone incident and whatever happened to Smough, Patches came along and was, well he did what Patches does.

        • Anonymous

          14 Oct 2018 22:25  

          To be honest, it would’ve been cool if the animation changed for the kick. Like your kick has a much stronger push-off, or you just *****ing spin kick shields away.

          • 30 Jan 2018 23:20  

            Should be noted that this ring increases the stagger duration (on players at least). After landing a kick, I was able to hit my friend with an UGS with him spamming the roll key. It's a very noticeable difference.

            • Anonymous

              11 May 2017 23:29  

              Best ring in the game, personally. I've found it gives you so much hyper Armour I was able to kick three fume ultra Wielders off a cliff while being struck by them six times. Didn't get staggered whatsoever and actually I found out this ring has a sun princess effect and regent 15 health per tick. The thing is, only the one dropped by patches does this, so go out and kill him it's worth it.

              • Anonymous

                12 Feb 2017 11:28  

                Did this at least 30 times but for some reasons he does not sell the ring to one of my characters... yes I forgave him and yes cathedral gates are all open. Nothing critical, I don't plan to use it but it's weird how a result is different in DS3 when it shouldn't be.

                • Anonymous

                  2 rings09 Oct 2016 22:25  

                  It is possible to get 2 of these. First purchase the one in Pat's inventory. Then kill him, he'll drop another ring, his spear and ashes.

                  • Anonymous

                    Didn't get ring by talking to Patches18 Aug 2016 20:23  

                    It was not added to my inventory by talking. I had to buy it from him for 500 souls. (Version 1.10)

                    • Anonymous

                      Where is patches?17 Aug 2016 21:37  

                      I followed the questline, and when I told him greirat, was in irithyll, he wouldn't sell me anything, only talking about greirat. When I came back later, patches was gone and I didn't get the chance to buy the Catarina armor. Patches has not returned for a long time.

                      • Anonymous

                        Anti-greatsheild13 Aug 2016 23:49  

                        Goes without saying, but, great for guardbreaking those pesky greatsheild users both NpC and PvP.

                        • Anonymous

                          Um...03 Jul 2016 15:22  

                          I killed Patches for his ring, but he fell of the side up top, his item is floating in mid air... Does leaving the area reset the item drop location?

                          • Skeletons11 May 2016 20:52  

                            If you kick a skeleton with the Horsehoof ring, it'll fall apart for a bit and then re-assemble. Much like hitting it with a blunt weapon.

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