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Stamina in Dark Souls 3 is the green bar and stat that appears on the player's HUD and stat screen respectively. It is used for most of the actions that the player character perfoms with the exception of walking. Stamina can be increased by investing points into Endurance when leveling up or by equipping certain items.

  • Stamina has a soft cap of 160 at 40 endurance. You will only gain 10 more stamina (170 total) at 99 endurance.


Items That Increase Stamina

Items That Increase Stamina Regeneration

Items That Decrease Stamina Regeneration


Stamina Notes

Endurance 11  12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 29 30 31 32 33 38 39 40
Stamina 95 97 98 100 102 104 104 106 108 112 132 134 136 139 141 154 157 160


NOTE: Unlike Dark Souls 2, Stamina regeneration does not increase when equipment load is under 50%. I tested it with a stopwatch, and with 97 Stamina it takes exactly 2.5 seconds to regenerate regardless of equipment load.


Stamina regeneration

At 0-70% equipment load stamina regenerates at standard rate, at over 70% load regeneration rate is decreased. Standard rate apears to be 45 stamina/second. Chloranthy ring +2 adds plain 8 stam/sec, not percentage. Galvanize skill apperas to add plain 10 stam/sec. Other boost sources may be percent based, not sure.


0-70% equipment load


Over 70% equipment load



Regen rate, stamina/sec

Regen time, sec (160 stamina pool)

Boost Regen rate, stamina/sec Regen time, sec (160 stamina pool)
Standard 45 3.6 0% 37 4.3 0%
Chloranthy ring +2 53 3 +17.8% 45 3.6 +21.6%
Grass Shield 48 3.3 +6.7% 39 4.1 +5.4%
Green Blossom 50 3.2 +11.1% 40 4 +8.1%
Galvanize 55 2.9 +22.2% 43.5 3.7 +17.6%
Deep Protection 48 3.3 +6.7%      
Power Within 73 2.2 +62.2%      
Grass Shield + Chloranthy ring +2 57 2.8 +26.7% 46 3.5 24.3%
Grass Shield + Chloranthy ring +2 + Green Blossom 63 2.5 +40% 50 3.2 +35.1%
Grass Shield + Chloranthy ring +2 + Green Blossom + Galvanize 73 2.2 +62.2% 60 2.7 +62.2%
Grass Shield + Chloranthy ring +2 + Green Blossom + Power Within 94 1.7 +108.8%      
Grass Shield + Chloranthy ring +2 + Green Blossom + Power Within + Galvanize 102 1.57 +117%      

Stamina Trivia

  • Stamina can go into negative values if you overuse your remaining stamina. This means that it will take longer for your stamina to recover to its maximum. [source]
    • Negative stamina recovers at the same rate as positive stamina.
    • Negative stamina has a cap of -60.
  • Stamina regeneration can be negative
    • Starting at base 45 stamina regen, having the following effects and shield equipped in an active slot can reduce stamina regeneration to -15 (stamina goes down, not up).
      • Greatshield of Glory (-20)
      • Toxic (-15)
      • Frostbite (-15)
      • Impact (-10)
    • When regen is negative ("stamina degeneration"), it decreases until reaching -60 stamina, and will remain there until stamina regeneration becomes positive.
    • Blocking reduces the rate of negative regeneration, like positive regeneration.
  • Stamina regeneration can be zero
    • Have 45 stamina regen (base)
    • Equip the Greatshield of Glory (-20)
    • Have EITHER toxic or frostbite, not both (-15)
    • Be under the effects of Impact (-10)
    • Stamina will neither degenerate or regenerate when at zero. If the bar is halfway full (for example) it will remain there unless the stamina regeneration increases or decreases, or if the player consumes stamina, in which case the stamina will remain at the new value until consumed further.


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    • Anonymous

      09 Apr 2021 04:04  

      I wish there was info about the stamina costs of everything, but if there were some easy way to find that out I'm sure people would have done it by now

      Wouldn't it be nice to know if 160 stamina meant you could swing x more times than 140?

      • Anonymous

        30 Oct 2020 17:57  

        Now, Does the stamina regenaration happens all the time ? Like is stamina regenerating even while attacking, but at a lower rate or does consuming stamina block the regen totaly ?

        • Anonymous

          20 Aug 2019 14:19  

          Is negative stamina recovery still possible for enemies? I watched a video awhile back where someone stacked stamina debuffs against bosses, like Sister Friede, and she just stood there motionless.

          • Anonymous

            23 Sep 2018 12:23  

            Noticed in this game, using spells now costs stamina. Might've been more viable if using spells halted stamina regeneration but didn't cost stamina. Also after finally playing Bloodborne and getting into the rhythm of it, then coming back to DkS3, I'm finding I'm having a lot of trouble watching my stamina. Bloodborne was way faster and more forgiving with it so I think I lost my mojo. Any tips?

            • Anonymous

              08 Apr 2018 22:33  

              HERE are the stamina upgrades beyond level 40, if anyone else here is curious, since this site FAILS to give the FULL results. The game's only been out for 3 years guys.... Embarrassing. Update this crap. Okay... You get one point of stamina at these levels of endurance... Lvl 46, Lvl 52, Lvl 58, Lvl 64, Lvl 70, Lvl 76, Lvl 82, Lvl 88, Lvl 94 and Lvl 99. All are in increments of 6 levels except for the last which is in 5.
              Who runs this site???

              • Anonymous

                27 Feb 2018 10:06  

                OK so iv got my Knight at level 95 and I'm wondering if anyone can let me know if I'm doing things right.

                Vigor 31
                Endurance 32
                Vitality 30
                Strength 38
                Dexterity 18

                These are the stats that I felt were the important ones for me to increase.

                Weapons I'm using are great shields and great swords combined with the Irithyll Streight sword or another Streight sword as an extra weapon. I have my UltraGreatsword at level 7

                Iv put in 30 hours on Demon Souls but im very certain I levelled up wrong in that and now Dark Souls 3 is my next game which iv now played for close to 90 hours. If anyone can explain to me what iv done wrong (if I have) and how I should continue, I will be very grateful

                • Anonymous

                  02 Jan 2018 14:14  

                  Stamina regen is stupid in this game. You waste a ring slot and use a shield with mout 100% physical reduction and buff and consume an item just to get one point something less time to regen and you cant make use of that the opponent needs only to roll away to avoid confrontation until they too are at max stamina again. I would only consider the shield if you dont mind some dmg (bcz it has high stability and needs only 10 str) and the power within which is a great buff. Other than that fromsoft can stick their ring and blossoms in their ass

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Jun 2017 02:46  

                    does it take more stamina to use a weapon you can only use two handed? lets say a weapon that requires 28str and we use it 2 handed with 20str? Have the feeling it does.

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Aug 2016 13:28  

                      Does anyone know how blocking lowers the recovery rate? Like is it a percentage, or a flat ammount? If it's a percentage is it applied before or after items that increase recovery?

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