Rare Items are weapons, consumables, and other items that are easily missable or can only be obtained once per playthrough.

All boss soul items may only be obtained once per playthrough (see this page for a chart organized by boss). A nearly complete set of them can be obtained after two playthroughs. However, the Soul of the Nameless King can be traded for three items, so that extends the timeline to three playthroughs to obtain all items. Furthermore, the Twin Princes' Greatsword requires two playthroughs to complete, as it is obtained by fusing Lothric and Lorian's swords, each of which must be transposed from the Soul of the Twin Princes. Also, there is one non-boss soul which may be transposed by Ludleth - the Soul of Rosaria, used to obtain the Bountiful Sunlight miracle. Rosaria's soul may only be obtained by completing Leonhard's questline. While the Catarina Set is not that hard to get, it can only be acquired once during various steps of the Siegward of Catarina questline.

There are numerous items which can only be obtained by trading with the crow. The items that are exclusive to the crow are: the entire Armor of the Sun set (including the Sunlight Shield), Lucatiel's Mask, the Porcine Shield, and all five Carvings. The crow only makes each trade once per playthrough, so these items each become one per playthrough.

All of the covenent rewards can only be obtained by leveling up in the corresponding covenant.

Almost all rings can only be obtained once, except for a few which can be purchased or found in multiple locations. This is also made more complicated by the presence of +1, +2, and +3 rings, most of which are only available in NG+ and NG++. Please consult the list of rings for details on all rings' availability.

The following list includes one-time weapons and armor, as well as notably rare drops. While most starting equipment can be purchased, some starting items can only be obtained by finding them in specific places (unless the player started in the corresponding class). These are included in the list as well.

Rare Weapons & Armor






Unique drop Dropped by Sword Master outside Firelink.  
Longbow One-time treasure On top of the tower at the dead end near the first High Wall of Lothric bonfire.  


Starting equipment / One-time treasure If you don't start the game as Deprived, you can obtain this on the High Wall of Lothric, on the battlement where the dragon is breathing fire.  

Battle Axe
Starting equipment / One-time treasure If you don't start the game as a Warrior, the only Battle Axe you can obtain is the Deep Battle Axe, which is found on the High Wall of Lothric, in a Mimic inside the tower that has a fire-breathing dragon on top of it.  

Astora Straight Sword
One-time treasure In a chest on a balcony on the High Wall of Lothric, above the room where the Cell Key is found. Powerful early-game weapon, especially with the raw infusion

Mail Breaker

Starting equipment / One-time treasure If you don't start the game as a Sorcerer, you can obtain this on the High Wall of Lothric, in the passages leading to Greirat's cell.  

One-time treasure Found on the High Wall of Lothric, in the courtyard with a Winged Knight.  
Lucerne One-time treasure Outside Emma's church, on the High Wall of Lothric.  

Hand Axe

Starting equipment / One-time treasure If you don't start the game as a Pyromancer, you can obtain this on the roof where Cornyx is imprisoned in the Undead Settlement.  
Partizan One-time treasure Found on a corpse hanging from the roof where Cornyx is imprisoned in the Undead Settlement.  
Flamberge Rare drop Only drops from flamberge-wielding enemies, found in the Undead Settlement, Cathedral of the Deep, and Grand Archives.  
Saint's Talisman One-time treasure Found in the sewers of the Undead Settlement.  

Red Hilted Halberd

One-time treasure Found in the sewers of the Undead Settlement.  
Caestus One-time treasure Found in the sewers of the Undead Settlement.  


One-time treasure In the alley full of ambushes in the Undead Settlement.  

Great Scythe

One-time treasure Found in the Undead Settlement, in the second story of the house directly after running past the area where great arrows are being shot at you.  

reinforced_clubReinforced Club

One-time treasures In the Undead Settlement, in the graveyard around the white birch tree.  

Large Club

One-time treasure In the Undead Settlement, near where the Demon is found after following Siegward up the elevator.  
mornes_great_hammer-iconMorne's Great Hammer Unique drop Dropped by Eygon if you kill him, or when he is found dead in Irina's cell later in the game.  

moaning_shield-iconMoaning Shield

 Unique drop  Dropped by Eygon if you kill him, or when he is found dead in Irina's cell later in the game.  
bloodlust-iconBloodlust Covenant reward Obtained as a Mound-Makers member, by handing in 10 Vertebra Shackles.  
Butcher Knife
Unique drop Dropped by the Madwoman on the Road of Sacrifices.  
Brigand Axe
One-time treasure On the Road of Sacrifices, found on a path near the NPC with the Butcher Knife.  
Brigand Twindaggers
One-time treasure On the Road of Sacrifices, on a path past the NPC with the Butcher Knife.  
Anri's Straight Sword
Unique drop / Quest reward Obtained by either killing Anri, or by completing his/her questline. If you're going for the Lord of Hollows ending. it'll be in the Darkmoon Tomb. If you help Anri defeat Aldrich, you receive it from Ludleth afterwards. Has luck scaling and can be obtained very early by killing Anri
sellsword_twinblades-iconSellsword Twinblades Starting equipment / One-time treasure If you don't start the game as a Mercenary, you can pick them up in the ruins that a Black Knight is found in, past the lake on the Road of Sacrifices.  

Heysel Pick

xanthous_crown-iconXanthous Crown

Unique drop Dropped by Yellowfinger Heysel when she invades in the Road of Sacrifices or in Farron Keep. Also can be dropped by a non-aggressive Man-Grub found in Rosaria's Bed Chamber later in the game. If you get both of these, you can obtain two picks and two crowns per playthrough.  
heretics_staff-iconHeretic's Staff One-time treasure Found near Orbeck, on the Road of Sacrifices.  
Exile Greatsword

Great Club
Unique drops Dropped by two NPCs across the lake on the Road of Sacrifices, just before the ladder down to Farron Keep.  
greatswordGreatsword One-time treasure Found on a ruined bridge in Farron Keep  
Sunlight Talisman
One-time treasure Found in Farron Keep, near the Estus Soup.  
Black Bow of Pharis

phariss_hatPharis's Hat
Unique drops Dropped by the group of three Elder Ghrus in Farron Keep, far over toward the wall near the Keep Ruins bonfire. They are facing a poison gem and can be hit with a bow from just outside the room with the bonfire.  
Stone Greatshield
Rare drop Dropped by Elder Ghrus in Farron Keep.  
Manikin Claws
Unique drop Drops from Londor Pale Shade when it invades you in either Farron Keep or Irithyll.  
Old Wolf Curved Sword
Covenant reward Obtained as a Watchdogs of Farron member, by handing in 10 swordgrass to the Old Wolf.  
Dark Sword
Rare drop Dropped by Darkwraiths, which are only found in the cell under the High Wall of Lothric (using the Lift Key), or in Farron Keep in a couple of locations. Notably high AR
notched_whip-iconNotched Whip One-time treasure In the Cleansing Chapel bonfire room.  

Astora Greatsword
executioners_greatsword-iconExecutioner's Greatsword

One-time treasures Found in the graveyard past the Cleansing Chapel bonfire, outside the Cathedral of the Deep.  
Saint-Tree Bellvine
One-time treasure On the lower level of the graveyard outside the Cathedral of the Deep, between the water full of maggot creatures and the room with the ladder shortcut.  
Barbed Straight Sword

spiked_shield-iconSpiked Shield
Unique drops Dropped by Kirk when he invades you in the Cathedral of the Deep.  
Saint Bident
One-time treasure Found on a balcony outside the Cathedral of the Deep, after opening the large double doors behind one of the giants.  
Drang Hammers
One-time treasure Found at the feet of one of the giants in the Cathedral of the Deep.  
arbalest-iconArbalest One-time treasure Found on the way to the rafters of the Cathedral of the Deep.  
heavy_crossbow-iconHeavy Crossbow Rare drop Dropped by a Cathedral Knight in the rafters of the Cathedral of the Deep.  
Moon Sword
Unique drop Dropped by Leonhard when you fight him at the end of his questline.  
Black Blade
One-time treasure Inside a Mimic near the Demon on the way from the Catacombs to the Smouldering Lake.  
llewellyn_shield-iconLlewellyn Shield Unique drop Dropped by Horace.  
spotted_whip-iconSpotted Whip Quest reward If you summon Great Swamp Cuculus for the Old Demon King fight, and you defeat the Demon King with Cuculus still alive, this item will appear in Cornyx's cage in the Undead Settlement.  
Black Knight Sword
One-time treasure Found in the ruins in Smouldering Lake, in the room where a Black Knight is fighting a Ghru.  
White Hair Talisman
One-time treasure In the lava room in the ruins in Smouldering Lake.  
Izalith Staff
One-time treasure In the ruins in Smouldering Lake, behind an illusory wall that's behind ANOTHER illusory wall hiding a chest.  
Fume Ultra Greatsword
Unique drop Dropped by Knight Slayer Tsorig in the ruins in Smouldering Lake.  
dragonrider_bow-iconDragonrider Bow One-time treasure On the way to the ballista in the ruins in Smouldering Lake.  
witchtree_branch-iconWitchtree Branch One-time treasure Behind the illusory railing midway between the first Irithyll bonfire and the Church of Yorshka.  
dragonslayers_axe-iconDragonslayer's Axe Unique drop Dropped by Creighton when he invades in the graveyard outside the Church of Yorshka in Irithyll. For Creighton to invade, you must return to the bridge into Irithyll, touch Sirris' summon sign, be summoned into her world, and help her defeat Creighton there. After that, when you return to the graveyard while embered (but before defeating the Pontiff), he will invade you.  
Sunless Talisman
Quest reward Found at a grave outside Firelink Shrine, after completing Sirris's questline.  
Yorshka's Spear
One-time treasure Found in a chest in the rafters of the dark room full of Irithyllian Slaves, after the Church of Yorshka bonfire.  
Unique drop Dropped by Alva when he invades on the path from Irithyll to Irithyll Dungeon.  
Smough's Great Hammer
One-time treasure Found on the upper floor inside the building with the paintings in Irithyll.  
Golden Ritual Spear
One-time treasure In a Mimic on the balcony above the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire.  
Drang Twinspears
Unique drop Dropped by one of the NPCs who attack after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire.  
Archdeacon's Great Staff
Covenant reward Obtained as an Aldrich Faithful member, by handing in 30 Human Dregs to Archdeacon McDonnell.  
Washing Pole
One-time purchase Unlocked by giving the Shrine Handmaid the Easterner's Ashes, which are found on a balcony under the Silver Knight archers on the way from Irithyll to Anor Londo.  
Painting Guardian's Curved Sword
One-time treasure Drop down inside Yorshka's tower in Anor Londo, and land on the beams to pick it up.  
Yorshka's Chime
Unique drop Drops from killing Yorshka.  
One-time treasure Found in Irithyll Dungeon, near the giant.  
Court Sorcerer's Staff
One-time treasure In a Mimic in the building in the Toxic section of the Profaned Capital.  
Onislayer Greatbow
One-time treasure On the lower platform in front of Yhorm's room in the Profaned Capital.  
Sacred Bloom Shield
One-time treasure Behind an illusory wall in Lothric Castle. Spell parry
One-time treasure Found in Lothric Castle, near the Dragon Barracks bonfire.  
Sniper Crossbow
One-time treasure Found in Lothric Castle, near the dragons.  
Sunlight Straight Sword
One-time treasure Inside a Mimic in Lothric Castle - you must drop off a ledge above the dragon that's closer to the Dragonslayer Armour bridge.  
Caitha's Chime
One-time treasure In Lothric Castle, from the chapel next to the start of the Dragonslayer Armour bridge (which also contains the elevator shortcut to the Twin Princes), you can exit onto a balcony. From here, drop down to the roof below to pick up this item.  
Gotthard Twinswords
One-time treasure Found (along with the key to the archives) on a corpse outside the Grand Archives, between the bonfire and the front door. Only appears after you've defeated three Lords of Cinder.  
Crystal Chime
One-time treasure On the first floor of the Grand Archives, in a room guarded by a Lothric Knight.  
Witch's Locks
One-time treasure In the Grand Archives, behind a secret door opened by a lever in the very dark room.  

One-time treasure Grand Archives, from the first bonfire climb the first shortcut ladder or pass through the very dark room. Then go up the first flight of stairs and across the balcony with a broken railing at the end where a single Scholar is standing. Drop down onto the bookshelf below and then roll off these onto bookshelves even further below. 3-bolt burst crossbow
Onikiri and Ubadachi

Sage's Crystal Staff

Golden Wing Crest Shield
Unique drop Dropped by the three hostile NPCs at the top of the Grand Archives.  

Morion Blade

Quest reward

Obtained from Yuria after giving her Orbeck's ashes. You may accomplish this by killing Orbeck, or completing his questline and picking up his ashes in the Grand Archives. You will be unable to complete this if you do not recruit Orbeck, if you fail to give Orbeck a scroll after recruiting him (causing him to leave Firelink), if Orbeck dies before Yuria asks you to kill him, or if you kill Yuria. Looks really cool

Dark Hand

One-time purchase

Sold by Yuria. Essential for full Darkwraith cosplay


Unique drop

Obtained by killing Yuria, or by summoning her for the last boss fight and succeeding. It's invisible


Unique drop

 Profaned Capital, dropped by a certain Monstrosity of Sin near the toxic swamp in Profaned Capital. At the bottom floor of the church, it is the one that first comes after you. The only axe with the Feast Bell skill.

Irithyll Straight Sword

Unique drop

Dropped by the Outrider Knight at the bottom of the tower where Siegward is found, just before the Road of Sacrifices bonfire.  

Irithyll Rapier

 Irithyll Rapier

Unique drop

Dropped by Outrider Knight in Lothric Castle. This knight can be found in a room underneath the twin dragons, down some stairs before you cross in front of the large gate where the dragons breathe fire. Almost directly beneath the white dragon. One of the few Weapons that causes Frostbite


One-time treasure

Found under a bridge in Consumed King's Garden.  

Chaos Blade

One-time treasure

Found in Untended Graves, outside the darkened Firelink Shrine, at the same place where Sword Master is normally.  

Blacksmith Hammer

One-time treasure

Found in Untended Graves, inside the darkened Firelink Shrine, where Andre normally sits.  

Medicant's Staff

Rare drop

Dropped by the Man-Serpent Summoners on Archdragon Peak.  

Drakeblood Greatsword

Rare drop

On Archdragon Peak, dropped by the Drakeblood Knights summoned by the Man-Serpent Summoner near the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire.  

Ricard's Rapier

Unique drop

On Archdragon Peak, dropped by the NPCs summoned by the Man-Serpent Summoner before the Great Belfry bonfire.  

Dragon Tooth

Havel's Greatshield

Unique drop

On Archdragon Peak, dropped by the Havel Knight on the roof near the Great Belfry bonfire.  

Dragonslayer Spear

One-time treasure

Obtained from a gate, shortly after the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire.  

 DLC Weapons

Item Rarity Location Description
Valorheart Unique drop Dropped by the Gravetender & wolf at the bottom of the Painted World  Good trading weapon
Crow Quills One-time treasure Elevated platform in the Corvian Settlement  
Crow Talons One-time treasure Rooftops in the Corvian Settlement  
Follower Javelin One-time treasure In the Snowfields of the Painted World  
Millwood Battle Axe One-time treasure Found at the top of a tower in the Snowfields of the Painted World  
Millwood Greatbow One-time treasure Found near the ruins in the Snowfields of the Painted World  
Onyx Blade Unique drop Dropped by Sir Vilhelm in the Corvian Settlement  
Pyromancer's Parting Flame One-time treasure Secret door in the crypt with flies in the Ariandel Chapel  
Quakestone Hammer One-time treasure Past the Snowy Mountain Pass bonfire in the Painted World  
Aquamarine Dagger One-time treasure Down from the Dreg Heap bonfire  
Crucifix of the Mad King Unique drop Drops from Shira when you face her in the final area of The Ringed City DLC.  
Preacher's Right Arm One-time treasure From the Ringed City Streets bonfire head into the swamp and head straight. Head past a few Locust men and head to the right of the HUGE enemy in the middle. There will be a corpse hanging from a structure here. Be careful as it is surrounded by hidden Locust Men.  
Ringed Knight Spear One-time treasure Ringed City: Down the steps from Shira and to the right before the swamp. On a corpse behind the Ringed Knight.  

To be added here: Harald Curved Greatsword, Ledo's Great Hammer, Lothric War Banner, Murky Hand Scythe, Murky Longstaff, Preacher's Right Arm, Ringed Knight Spear, Ringed Knight Straight Sword, Sacred Chime of Filianore, Splitleaf Greatsword, White Birch Bow

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      I came here to find rare drops, because I currently have a character with 99 luck, and I wanted to grab anything rare I could before I respec back to a quality build.
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      Perhaps make a seperate list?

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        Pretty sure you have to get the gotthard twin swords in order to get the key to the archives, making them something you literally cannot avoid getting in order to complete the playthrough. There are a couple others like this on here that should definitely be removed.

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            • Not everyone would think of back tracking to the stray demon area after murdering havel. Items gained through the path of dragon gesture should be here too, Cataclysm ring and twinkling dragon head stone. How about covenant items?

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                  You can only get it once per play through (as with the above) and it is only attainable through sacrificing a vendor or at the end of his quest line... sounds pretty rare to me (considering the above).

                  • What's the definition of "rare" here? Those weapons can be easily obtained in each game cycle. I've got various copies of those, but I am still missing the Black Knight Greatsword (despite hours of farming). So I would consider the Black Knight Greatsword rare, but not Avelyn, Eleonora and Irithyll Rapier.

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                      What about the Blessed red and white shield hanging from a body in Undead Settlement (Right behind where Eygon sits) and maybe the Deep battleaxe found in the room under the Drake near the tower on the wall bonfire?

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                            irithyll dungeon there's two rare drops from the scary human flesh dragon things that are dragon weapons like the ones in DS1

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                              Wear lightest armor that has decent protection for light weight. Do not equip shield. Best bow you have and best arrows you. I suggest not to use crossbows as they have a reload time and this boss is quick.Evade dogde as necessary for stage 1. Fire off arrows whenever a window is open. Be sure to keep an eye out for the 2 watchers that resurrect. If you tine it well you can get them both to attack the boss. I van confirm that the 2 watchers can hurt and also kill the stage 1 boss which also kills them in the process. Stage 2. Now. Bow users. Be fast. Be ready and dont get greedy with shots. 1 shot per open window of oppoturnity then be on the move. Do not lock in on the boss. Keep the camera free so you can move around faster. Bosses attacks have more power. More range. And he is more aggressive. If you played it out right you should have nailed him. He is the toughest boss ive encountered. Not crazy hard. But timing of movements is crucial.

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