Endings for Dark Souls 3 refer to the events that ocurr leading to and after the final boss battle, before initiation New Game Plus cycles. There are four endings in the game and three trophies/achievements available to unlock. Endings "2" and "3" listed belong are the same achievement/trophy, as they are simple variations of each other.


Ending 1: To Link The First Flame

  1. Kill the Soul of Cinder and link the first flame.


Ending 2: The End of Fire

  1. Obtain the Eyes of the Firekeeper from the Untended Graves' Firelink Shrine. 
  2. Give them to the Firekeeper and exhaust her dialogue. Make sure to select "yes" when prompted.
  3. Kill the Soul of Cinder, and summon the Firekeeper via the summoning sign. It's next to bonfire.
    1. Can either watch the cutscene, or attack the Firekeeper in the final moments . Each has different results and you will NOT unlock the ending achievement if you kill the Firekeeper.


Ending 3: "Unkindled Ending" (Variation of ending #2)

  1. Complete the steps above but kill the fire keeper during the last moments of the cutscene.
  2. No achievement for this ending


Ending 4: Usurpation of Fire

  1. Find Yoel of Londor  near the Foot of the High Wall bonfire. Recruit him and talk to him at the Firelink. 
  2. Request his "strength" by allowing him to level you up. Do this all five times. One level per two deaths. Must be done before killing the Abyss Watchers. Doing this will cause the door to the catacombs to open, and upon entering kills off Yoel. This will cause a premature ending to the questline. Also NEVER cure your Hollowing, by talking with Firekeeper after obtaining Soul of the Firekeeper. Purging stone and Velka Statue are OK. You should receive 5 dark sigils from him. Note: You can "cure" your hollowing via Purging Stone. This gives you your human appearance whilst keeping your dark sigils. This doesn't impact this path. So long as you DO NOT cure the dark sigil via Firekeeper.
  3. Find Anri of Astora  at the Halfway Fortress bonfire. Exhaust all dialogue.
    1. Speak to them again at the Firelink Shrine after killing the Deacons of the Deep.
  4. Find Anri in the Catacombs of Carthus in a hallway next to the first rolling skeleton ball. Exhaust all dialogue. 
    1. Choose dialogue option "no".
    2. Never tell Anri of Horace's whereabouts.
  5. Enter the  Smouldering Lake and kill Horace in the cave. 
    1. To find the cave, hug the right wall when entering the lake.
  6. Find Anri on the path near the wooden bridge before the High Lord Wolnir boss.  Exhaust all dialogue. 
    1. If you killed Horace beforehand, choose dialogue option "Tell Anri of Smouldering Lake" will have Anri setting up a gravestone for Horace.
    2. Otherwise, choose "say nothing", if Horace was Alive and Anri headed to Smouldering Lake, Anri will be found dead.
  7. Find Anri at the Church of Yorksha fire. Exhaust all dialogue. DO NOT kill the pilgrim/assassin in the corner of the room disguised as a statue.  (NOTE: Even after Anri leaves, the pilgrim/assassin may still be there disguised as one of the statues.  Don't attack anything in that area until you have progressed past number 8 (wedding)).
  8. After killing Pontiff Sulyvahn, speak to Yuria at the Firelink Shrine. Exhaust all dialogue options using talk. 
    1. If done correctly she will tell you your spouse awaits you at the Temple of the Darkmoon. (If she won't mention the wedding, try warping to the pontiff's bonfire and using that to warp back to Firelink Shrine).
  9. Perform the "wedding" ceremony in the Darkmoon tomb. The tomb is located behind a false statue in the room before the rotating tower to Anor Londo.
    1. Talk to the Pilgrim NPC and accept the sword. Use the sword on your spouse and receive 3 dark sigils. You should have 8 Dark Sigils by now.
  10. After talk to Yuria one last time at the Firelink Shrine, She will congratulate you on your ceremony and tell you to link the fire. (She will tell you to link the fire if you've put all four remains of Lords of Cinder and unlocked the final area even if you haven't performed the wedding rites with Anri; this does not mean you can skip the wedding rites).
  11. Kill the Soul of Cinder and touch the fire. Enjoy. (Do not summon the Firekeeper if you gave her the Firekeeper Eyes as it will activate the "End of the Fire" ending.)
  12. BONUS: Go where Yuria stood to collect her gear (Black set and Darkdrift). (Only if you summoned her for the final boss).


How to get all 4 endings in one playthrough ( Can only choose one in the end though )

  1. Obtain the Firekeeper Soul and give it to the Firekeeper. This will allow her to heal your Dark Sigils.
  2. Do Step 1 and 2 of Ending 2.
  3. Do Step 1-10 of Ending 4.
  4. Kill the Soul of Cinder. You should be able to see the Firekeeper summon sign. You can safely exit the Kiln without disrupting your progress.
  5. Obtain enough souls to heal the Dark Sigils.
  6. At this point, you have all the prerequisites to do any of the endings. You can freely choose one and continue to NG+
  7. Follow these steps to obtain any of the endings:
    1. Ending 1: Heal your Dark Sigils, then interact with the first flame.
    2. Ending 2: Summon the Firekeeper.
    3. Ending 3: Summon the Firekeeper, then attack her.
    4. Ending 4: Simply interact with the first flame.

    • Anonymous

      17 Jan 2019 20:22  

      Ok so you said to tell Anri "Tell anri of smoldering lake" after I killed Horace and he says hes going to go to the lake as if Horace was alive. Please state the correct way in the guide, now I have to do it all over again..

      • Anonymous

        11 Nov 2018 12:23  

        Just a thought and a rant: So I thought giving firekeeper eyes may help our lovely firekeeper. Then she asked about the end of fire. I declined living in the dark, then she asked me to kill her. Wtf, man. why should I kill her because the horrifying vision that came from the eyes?

        • Anonymous

          17 Aug 2018 19:27  

          this endings sucks... So much trouble for that? a little cutscene... The gameplay ts laggi and unresponsive, and soooo slow paced. Really glad they will not make more DS games

          • Anonymous

            15 Aug 2018 03:12  

            Just a Tip for Newbies going for the UoF ending, it will say “Link the Flame” anyway, just don’t summon the Firekeeper and you’ll be fine

            • Anonymous

              10 Jul 2018 20:14  

              Honestly what does Anri have to do with the Usurpation of Fire ending, is he the one I stab to get the extra 3 hollow things, or is he just there and you have to do his quest line just because

              • Anonymous

                09 Jul 2018 01:16  

                do i kill Yuria to get her set because i summoned her for the battle but she never droped anything after i beat the SoC and she is still standing where she was in fire link

                • Anonymous

                  06 Jul 2018 00:37  

                  It's odd how letting the fire fade in DS1 resulted in the Dark Lord ending, yet letting the fire fade in DS3 makes a point that no lords will exist any longer, not even a Dark Lord. I guess 3 was building upon the narrative and improving it by adding the Usurpation of Fire ending to allow you to become the Lord of Hollows, implying the fire has been taken by the Dark, or possibly transformed into a blackflame that operates much like the First Flame. In fact, it looks very much like the Ashen One is pulling the flame into their Dark Sigil, and when they reawaken, they rise in the spot where the bonfire used to be, but has mysteriously vanished. This coincides with the former prediction, that the fire has been swallowed by darkness and stowed away. After all, without fire, there can be no shadows.

                  As for the "Unkindled" ending... Where does that leave us? Without a fire keeper, the flame cannot survive for long, so does the Ashen One intend to become both a fire keeper and a power source for the flame? Would this make the Ashen One a ruler of their own world, as the rest fades into oblivion? Will this prevent the flame from fading, and subsequently from being reignited? It's probably the most pessimistic ending, and I'm glad I don't have to murder the fire keeper to get an achievement...

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Jun 2018 02:15  

                    The Usurpation of Fire ending - does Yuria HAVE to survive as a summon to get her set? Did the whole thing, got the special ending and everything, but she remains at Firelink.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Jun 2018 15:18  

                      For the Usurpation of fire ending I defeated the Abyss watches and entered the catacombs before obtaining all fire dark sigials but Yoel still offered them all and he still died and he was replaced by Yuria, so should be ok?

                      • Anonymous

                        19 May 2018 11:40  

                        For the Usurpation of Fire ending, if you don't perform "step 8" , can you still get the ending. After killing Pontiff Sulyvahn, I went straight onto marrying Anri.

                        • Anonymous

                          11 Apr 2018 00:08  

                          I gave the eyes to the firekeeper, but didnt exhaust dialogue. Was that the reason why I didnt get a chance for killing her? I thought she would walk to the bonfire and I could kill her, but the cutscene started right away as soon as I touched the summon sign...

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Mar 2018 08:19  

                            For ending 4, it still says "Link The First Flame?" When you interact with it. I took the chance but it still gives you the cool ending.

                            • Anonymous

                              27 Mar 2018 18:48  

                              I did everything to get the usurpation ending, then I fucked it up by touching the damn fire keeper summon sign, god I feel like I could shoot myself in the face.

                              • Anonymous

                                21 Mar 2018 23:11  

                                "2. Never tell Anri of Horace's whereabouts."

                                That's actually not necessary to get the Ursurpation ending. I get it all the time, and I always tell Anri of Horace's whereabouts.

                                • Anonymous

                                  09 Mar 2018 14:36  

                                  After meeting Anri and Horace at the Halfway Forest bonefire and exhausting all dialogs, you can proceed on with the game however you want. The only requirement for Anri and Horace to appear at Firelink Shire is to kill the Daecons of the Deep, since you will find the doll there to acces Irithyll valley and proceed with the quest. After you leave Firelink Shrine and go down to Horace from the High Lord Wolnir bonefire and kill him. You can proceed on with the game from here and access the Church of Yorshka bonefire. You will not find Anri here however, but if you go back to the High Lord Wolnir bonefire and meet her at the rocky part of the bridge, you can tell her about the Smouldering Lake. She will give you the Ring of the Evil Eye there, after talking to her. After that, you can find her at the Church of Yorshka bonefire and proceed on with her questline.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    09 Mar 2018 01:11  

                                    Killing Highlord Wolnir has nothing to do with Horace. I got the following boss souls first in this order: Vordt, Rotted Greatwood, Blood of the Wolf, High Lord Wolnir, Old Demon King, Crystal Sage, Daecons of the Deep.
                                    The only thing you need to worry about is to get Daecons of the Deep last. After that, Anri appeared at Firelink Shrine together with Horace, inviting me to Irithyll. Then I went to the bridge in the catacobms, where Horace was waiting at the bottom and I got to kill him and he also dropped the shield.

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