Untended Graves is a Location in Dark Souls 3. It is reached through the Consumed King's Garden and is an optional area. Shrouded in darkness, but will upon further inspection reveal a familiar place.

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Untended Graves is a hidden, optional area in Dark Souls 3. The area can be accessed via an illusory wall behind a chest after Oceiros, the Consumed King's boss room. The area is a replica of Cemetery of Ash, but shrouded in total darkness and occupied by different enemies. Click here to go to the speedrun section.

Ravenous Crystal Lizards & NPC Invasion

From the Bonfire, proceed forward and head down the path to the left. You will encounter a group of Corvians that you first encountered in Road of Sacrifices guarding an Ashen Estus Ring. Head back in the opposite direction to find Soul of a Crestfallen Knight 1x on a corpse in front of a vessel.

Take a left up the stairs to engauge a fire casting hollow and dog. A corpse ahead will have a Titanite Chunk 1x. Ahead further you will find a another Titanite Chunk just past the stairs. If you head right into the pool here you will encounter some Undead dogs and Cathedral Grave Wardens.

Head to the right section of this area, where you encountered a Ravenous Crystal Lizard in Cemetery of Ash. There will now be two in this location after wading through the water.

Head out the center path, following it to the left up the hill. This will trigger invasion by dark spirit Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild. Defeat her and proceed down the path to the left. Down the drop in the corner, you will find a corpse with Hidden Blessing 1x. Defeat the remaining hollows and step into the arena. The Sword Master can be summon at the arena entrence for the Champion Gundyr boss fight.

The area boss, Champion Gundyr will be crouched, surrounded by candles. Approach him to start the battle. Defeating him earns you Soul of Champion Gundyr

Loot the Dark Firelink Shrine

In this arena you can find the Black Knight Glaive on a corpse by the broken wall. Light the Bonfire and exit via the closed double doors. Take the path to the right up to find a Black Knight with a greataxe, and beyond another with a greatsword. 

To the left of the Shrine's entrace, head up the series of stairs and another Black Knight will attack from the right. Kill it and head to the top of the stairs to find the Chaos Blade where the Sword Master spawned in the normal Firelink Shrine. Head back down the path hugging the left to go up some stairs. At the top you will find a corpse with Soul of a Crestfallen Knight 1x. In the graves in the grass in front of this area (where the dog spawns in normal Firelink) you will see a Black Knight guarding a Hornet Ring on a corpse.

Make your way into the entrance to dark Firelink Shrine. Approach the vessel where the bonfire would be to find Coiled Sword Fragment 1x. If you head down the hallway you will find an alternate version of the Shrine Handmaid. She has a unique inventory: Wolf Knight Set, Priestess Ring, and 2x Ember. Inside the shrine you can find the Blacksmith Hammer where Andre would be. If you head down the hallway where Irina had been you will come to an Illusory Wall. Beyond you will find Eyes of a Fire Keeper. You can also find Hollow Ashes  on the hollow sitting where Yoel is located (if you have not progressed Yoel's Quest line). Upstairs and outside, there may be a Seed of a Giant Tree.

When you are finished exploring, you may port out via a bonfire, Homeward Bone, or your newly found Coiled Sword Fragment to continue your journey.


Lore Notes:

  1. This seems to be a alternate version of the cemetery of Ash where the Flame has already been extinguished and the Age of Dark is already upon the world. According to Champion Gundyr's soul description it seems like he was the unkindled one destinted to link the Flame, but awoke too late and the world had already plunged into the Age of Dark. Perharps this place serves as a warning for future unkindled champions of what would happen if they choose to extingush the flame.
  2. After talking to the Alternate Shrine Handmaiden return to Firelink Shrine and when you talk to her again she will ponderingly say "Wait,  haven't I met you before?" before continuing with her regular dialog. 

Other Notes

  • Interestingly, and perhaps with lore significance, messages left here - be it in the graveyards, boss arena, or dark shrine - show up in the 'regular' versions as well, and vice versa. For example, leave a message in the dark shrine, and return to the Firelink Shrine. You will find this same message in the same location.
  • Geographically, the area is still in the correct location. In this case, you have merely walked to the graves, rather than "woke up" or bonfire-warp to them.
  • The tower key can be bought in this dimension, but the tower behind the dark shrine cannot be accessed; the door is noninteractive. Also the ladder is absent.
  • You can still jump onto the shrine's roof using the tree behind the shrine. The Crow's nest on the rafters is absent.
  • If you havent previously gone through the illusory wall or gotten the Silver Serpent Ring, doing so in Dark Firelink will do the same in normal Firelink.
  • In the menu to quit the game where the character's profile appears with time played, the location will be "cemetery of Ash" and not "Untended Graves".
  • From technical point of view Cementary and this location are the same. If you "noclip" (cheat allowing flying and ignoring collison) from your starting location in Cementary of Ash you will arrive at Oceiros boss room. If you try to return from there you will arrive at Untended Graves. Do note that under normal circumstances you can leave Cementary of Ash only through bonfire warping.

Untended Graves Map

Untended Graves Map

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TheGadgetAddicts: Untended Graves Video Walkthrough


Speed Run Walkthrough

Starting from the Oceiros bonfire, follow the hallway until you find an item on the ground. pick it up, as it will allow you to access Archdragon Peak. Keep going and roll into the illusory wall immediatly behind the chest. follow the wall to the left to prevent fall damage, and then light the bonfire. Keep running, and if you need 4 titanite scales take a right where the ravenous crystal lizard was in Cemetary of Ash. keep going straight as if you were going to the Iudex fight. Enter the arena, and kill Champion Gundyr. Afterwards, open the door and head to where firelink shrine would be. In the bonfire pit, you will find the coiled sword fragment.


    • Anonymous

      31 Jul 2019 11:49  

      The Untended Graves Shrine is the one you can walk to from the rest of the world, while the Cemetery of Ash Shrine can only be reached through warping. I think this means that when you leave Firelink Shrine and venture out into the world, you're traveling back in time. I think Firelink Shrine exists in the future, after countless ages of fire, when enough ash has accumulated to create creatures like the Unkindled. Maybe we have to go back in time to correct an error that led to our own creation.

      • Anonymous

        26 Jun 2019 17:09  

        If you go to the edge of the map, and look down, theres a bright glow directly below. Anyone know what this is?

        • Anonymous

          21 Feb 2019 09:10  

          i've seen a lot of theories about the past future and alternate timelines. and i think altogether each has merit, but i've yet to see a single mention of a small but glaring hint in the ringed city DLC. while i doubt im hardly the first person to realize this or point it out elsewhere. has anyone tried to factor in the possibility that this place...this hub for dark souls 3, isn't the real firelink shrine at all. and i don't mean that the CoA version is fake and the untended graves is real. i mean that both are just ...fake. early in the ringed city DLC we find a very interesting location. the demon prince's boss room. and vets from dark souls one will most likely recognize a few structures here. the ORIGINAL firelink shrink is found here. which honestly might actually make a WHOLE lot more sense. only. im just not sure what that actually means. further more. there's yet another firelink shrine that i haven't seen mentioned. once the lords of cinder have been returnded to there thrones, you get the option to warp to the flameless shrine, yet another lookalike of the place this game referes to as firelink shrine. someone smarter than me would have to put all of this together in a more cohesive fashion but i can lay out what he know for sure. 1. there's a firelink shrine that seems to exist in a world where the flame still exists. 2. there's another firelink shrine in a world where the flame has gone out. 3. there's a THIRD firelink shrine called the firelink shrine. if i had to take a guess. this one exists in a version of the world that has come to a stalemate between light and dark. one might even call it the age of ash, or, perhaps given other hints in the game, the age of gray, such as in the time of the dragons, before disparity. 4. finally, there exists another, disused firelink shrine which appears to be the original shrine. whether this IS the original shrine and the world just warped its physical location away to a less important location, and the new firelink shrine is actually where the original used to be, or if the new firelink shrine is a flat out fake shrine, is uncertain. after having written this all out. i have an hypothesis. the original fire link shrine is dead. the flame went out and all went dark. the age of man actually did come and gundyr was awoken too late to do anything about it. this happened BEFORE the lords of cinder were roused from their graves. in a final last ditch effort to save the age of fire. the curse rouses the lords of cinder from their graves to link the fire (which is already out, so it would be more like, rekindling). but even if all the lords willingly came back and sacrificed themselves, it wouldn't have matter, because the fire was already gone. cinder in and of itself cannot beget flame. the lords are like logs that have been put on a fire and remain as nothing more that that fire aftermath. sure, if you had more logs to put on the fire it could have kept going, but you don't have any more loges. just the cinders you already burned. you can't 're-burn' a log that's been reduced to cinders. that's not how fire works. in other words.(SPOILERS AHEAD) IN OTHER WORDS, your quest was doomed from the start. you already lost and people were just clinging to the last embers of an already dead world. Filianores duty was to hide that truth. to hide the fact that the world was all been burned up, and that nought but ash remained. the only real way to proceed forward, is the lord of hollows ending. which sees the fire take a new form, something that uses the inexhaustible fuel of the dark soul of man to stay alight. so then what was the firelink shrine of this game? just a charade. what we see at the start of the game is little more than an illusion designed to give us hope. but the truth is that the untended graves version for the shrine is its real state. their is no fire there because the fire died long ago.

          • Anonymous

            01 Feb 2019 15:27  

            watched the video part,my eyes hurt,this is why i personally use only bucklers for the counter and not the bigger shields.you constantly hide behind them and you take no dmg as a result your skills are not challenged and you dont become good at the game,you die more but thats the point,as you get to know both your and your oponents limits in a fight.Her battles against the phantoms are the proof.

            • Anonymous

              22 Nov 2018 09:14  

              If Sirris's questline is completed, you can loot her talisman in the untended graves. No other items, just her talisman. Maybe it has to do with it being called "Sunless."

              • Anonymous

                21 Nov 2018 09:07  

                TIL that if you summon Phantom Sword Master, and then try to go back to get the invasion, Sword Master will inevitably fling himself off the cliff and die.

                • 04 Oct 2018 17:16  

                  This guy is a troll when it comes to punishing your attacks. Whenever I try and hit him he ends up kicking me in the face, when I finally beat him it was because he's so easy to parry.

                  • 02 Sep 2018 21:18  

                    I just noticed a hole in the time travel theory concerning the Dark Firelink Shrine. When you start the game and fight Iudex, his skin indicates he is Ashen. In addition, there is only one door standing between his arena and the Shrine interior, and the Handmaiden isn't surprised to meet you. Fast (forward?) To the Untended Graves. There are 2 doors standing, the Ashen aren't mindless, Iudex isn't Kindled, and the Handmaiden doesn't recognize you. My dudes, Untended Graves take place in the PAST. This changes everything

                    • Anonymous

                      31 Aug 2018 11:14  

                      As far as the lore for these Graves goes, I think the untended graves is an alternate reality in which, *possible spoilers* the heir of fire (you) had all the boss weapons and sold all the cinder souls during the life ring ++ run through, too the shrine maiden (because it's quicker then using them) who then betrayed the heir of fire after the lord of cinder fight and became the next lord of cinder and proceeded to just completely annihilate everyone for their ashes in some blood crazed frenzy, literally cut out the Fire Keepers eyes, and made the eyes see everything, so the next fire keeper has to watch the shrine maiden teabag the true heir of fire... The great betrayal!

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Jul 2018 11:32  

                        And an edit recommendation: there is a grave warden in the archway straight ahead, you can snipe him into a lure and kill him. Then you can take the grave warden/dog to the left. Then it's just the dogs to the right that are left to kill, and you needn't even kill them unless you want to fight the crystal lizards or access their area. Again, two grave wardens, about 6 dogs, no fire wielding hollows at all

                        • Anonymous

                          14 May 2018 00:51  

                          Just as a tip not that it matters other than free souls but if you buy the priestest ring and murder the shrine handmaiden here she will drop a second priestest ring.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Mar 2018 01:42  

                            To be honest, I feel like firelink shrine is more like the Nexus from Demon Souls, or the Dream from bloodborne. A place disconnected from "reality", but something that can be entered under special conditions.
                            The untended graves are the "real" thing. A dead flame, slowly spreading the abyss, just like Lothric and Lorian wanted. And it does spread, as seen by the area in front of oceiros. It even spreads as far as into the firelink shrine, when it spreads out of gundyr.
                            Stuff happening affects the NPC's in the shrine. The handmaiden recognizes us, because she is still linked to her "real" self in the untended graves, but the "spell", probably that of filianore, prevents her from realizing that she isn't the real handmaiden. After all, she respawns, while the one in UG does not. Same thing goes for the firekeeper, who is already dead in the UG. And if you give her the eyes, she comes to realize, that the Firelink shrine she is in, is not real - that she herself isn't real. Other characters can enter and leave the shrine, but they all are the real deal and not involved in the shrines "spell", that copied the handmaiden, the firekeeper and Andre.
                            Also, there is no character that joins the firelink shrine unless he made contact with you, despite Leonhardt, who is a notorious invader.

                            It's not a question of past, future or present, it's a question of real or not. A theme all dark Souls games inhertied at some point:
                            Dark Souls one had Gwyndolins spell on Anor Londo, to keep up the illusion of everything being fine.
                            Dark Souls 2 had Drangleic being entered through a weird maelstrom.
                            Dark Souls 3 has Filianore, te firelink shrine, and possibly the arch dragons peak, wich we enter much like we enter the memories in Dark Souls 2.

                            The only thing unclear to me is, who created the alternate firelink shrine. If it was Filianore, then how far did her spell reach? Was it only the ringed City? Firelink shrine? The whole game?
                            We find her hidden behind not one, not two, but three obstacles: Either inside the painted world or the Kiln of the first flame. Then in dreg heap. And after that, in the ringed city. Places normally unreachable, if not for the ashen one who linked gathered the lord souls.
                            Maybe she created one Nexus to protect herself (ringed city), and another one to protect the ashen one (firelink shrine).

                            • Anonymous

                              19 Mar 2018 21:41  

                              I found an interesting (albeit surely discovered) fact. I died to one of the BK (one guarding Chaos Blade) and since it was the only remaining item there and I grabbed it before he launched me to the moon, I did not bother to return for mere 4K souls. But when I returned to original Firelink Shrine, I found my souls laying down on the spot where I died in the Untended Graves. Neat feature :)

                              Champion Gundyr is quite amusing fight, Dynamic, brutal and overwhelming. However since I'm "filthy casul" anyway, I summoned the phantom of Sword Master, who proved himself to be amazing help. Mostly by distracting Gundyr so I can heal. The fight was rather short as I have almost 1400 HP, so I could afford to trade a blow there and there, basically spamming regular attacks with my Refined Dark Sword +9 (remember, filthy casul style) and under a minute or two, Gundyr fell down without me dying or using more than 6 estus sips.

                              • Anonymous

                                22 Feb 2018 10:17  

                                There is an interesting theory that the shrine we see in the Untended Graves is neither in the past, nor the future, but both. Or possibly more accurately, neither. Of course there's the handmaiden recognizing you, Ludlith's comment on the eyes, and Gundyr's armor description that all point to it being in the past, but there's also evidence for the opposite. The Coiled Sword Fragment's description says that it's "A fragment of the coiled sword of a bonfire which served its purpose long ago." (assuming the fragment isn't from a different bonfire) In addition to that, if you reach the dark shrine before defeating the Abyss Watchers, you won't find the Hornet Ring and the handmaiden won't have Artorias's armor, which raises the question of how something in the present can affect the past. But the most interesting part of this is in the Repair spell's description, which says "Light is time, and the reversal of its effects is a forbidden art." As we know, the Untended Graves are shrouded in darkness. It's quite possible that without the light of the flame, time simply doesn't exist. I wish I could also count the fact that whether you place a message in the normal cemetery/shrine or the dark one, it also appears in the other, which would further cement the idea. However, in terms of the level design, both areas are physically in the same place. For example, if you use noclip and back out of the Cemetery of Ash, you'll find yourself in the Consumed King's boss room, and if you try to go back in, you'll be in the Untended Graves. So, in short, I don't think the message thing is in any way lore-based.

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