Hidden Blessing is a consumable in Dark Souls 3. It is one of the Burial Gifts available to players.


Hidden Blessing

Holy water blessed by the Queen of Lothric.

Fully restores FP.

There is a grave in Lothric that sees no visitors, a dark place where rootless warriors rest. The Queen of Lothric alone cared to wish the poor souls good fortune.

Hidden Blessing Usage

  • Fully restores FP.


Where to Find Hidden Blessing




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    • Anonymous

      This page is out of date. By the end of my third playthrough I had a total of 21. Three were added with the ringed city. The first NPC sells one, One is in a tomb below the first judicator, The Swamp Judicator drops one.

      • Anonymous

        more one sale after gave Greirat's ashes to Shrine Handmaid when Greirat third outing in Lothric Castlemore one sale by patches after told him Greirat third outing in Lothric Castle

        • The description states there is a grave in Lothric that sees no visitors. I can recall only two such "graves" one after Dancer's bonfire with red-eyed knight and elevator in the room and the other one after the huge gate with two wyverns. If that grave is neither of these, then we have a speculation about an upcoming content piece contained in future DLCs.

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