Ember is a Multiplayer Item and a consumable in Dark Souls 3.



No Unkindled can ever truly claim the embers that burn within a champion’s bosom, which is precisely what makes their yearning for warmth so keen.

Gain the strength of flame and increase max HP until death.

With the strength of fire, the summoning signs of Unkindled become visible, and seekers of embers can be summoned to join in co-operation. But beware the embers may also attract invaders."


Ember Usage

In order to summon other players, an Ember must be used to obtain the power of the Lord of Cinder. It is the equivalent of Humanity or Human Effigy in other Souls games. Using an Ember allows one to become a multiplayer host. When in Enkindled mode, the character's appearance will change, and the following effects will be available until death:

  • Maximum HP boosted by 30%.
  • Able to summon other players via soul sign
  • Able to be invaded by other players
  • Icons next to gauges change
  • Restores to full HP as long as you do not already have an ember equipped.


Ember Locations


  • 2x at Cemetery of Ash:
    • 1x behind a dog on a path to the right of the entrance of Firelink Shrine (video location)
    • 1x directly above the shrine entrance, on a corpse behind two sleeping hollows.
  • 5x at High Wall of Lothric:
    • 2x guaranteed drop from the two Pus of Man enemies, 1 from each, after they transform.
    • 1x on a body in front of the unlocked tower entrance, underneath the fire-breathing dragon.
    • 2x near the fountain and the dead remains of Lothric Knights, in the area where you fight the Winged Knight. (video location).
  • 5x at Undead Settlement:
    • 1x on a small hill behind the burning tree with worshipping undead crowd (video location).
    • 1x in front of the white birch tree in the graveyard ahead of the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire.
    • 1x near a dog at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the Curse-Rotted Greatwood shortcut.
    • 1x on the small stone bridge next to the sewer entrance, beneath the Cliff Underside bonfire.
    • 1x at the very bottom of the tower, in the room, you encounter the Boreal Outrider Knight.
  • 2x at Road of Sacrifices:
    • 1x on a corpse on a mound next to a Corvian Storyteller, at the entrance to the Halfway Fortress bonfire.
    • 1x on a corpse by the campfire next to the ruins, after where you can summon mad phantom Holy Knight Hodrick.
  • 4x at Cathedral of the Deep:
    • 1x outside near the first unlocked cathedral entrance, in front of a crowd of worshippers.
    • 1x up a ladder on a balcony above the first giant, behind a crossbow sniper.
    • 1x in the room with the Deep Accursed ambush.
    • 1x on a balcony above the giants, behind some worship benches, near the boss entrance.
  • 4x at Farron Keep:
    • 1x next to the white birch, close to the Keep Ruins bonfire.
    • 2x found on 2 corpses close to the Stray Demon.
    • 1x in front of a sitting Ghru, close to the Abyss Watchers entrance.
  • 3x at Catacombs of Carthus:
    • 1x on a corpse in the middle of the staircase with the rolling Skeleton Ball. (video location).
    • 1x on a corpse in a room to the left of the second skeleton ball is, guarded by 2 shotel-wielding skeletons. It is behind a hole in the floor that leads down to some wheel skeletons. (video location).
    • 1x on a corpse near the barred gate, in the room Knight Slayer Tsorig invades. It is after the room with the giant rats / bonewheel enemies, under the second bonfire (video location).
  • 4x at Smouldering Lake:
    • 1x on a corpse against the fence, straight ahead of the entrance in the first room you get to after the Demon Ruins bonfire. (video location)
    • 1x on a corpse at the end of a small one-way corridor below the Old King's Antechamber bonfire. (video location)
    • 1x on a corpse reached through an illusory wall next to Old King’s Antechamber bonfire. In the corridor behind the wall, head left, and then jump over the hole behind the Estus Shard to reach it. (video location)
    • 1x in the lava pit where the Sacred Flame pyromancy is located, beneath the black knight who's guarding the ladder to the ballista.
  • 5x at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley:
    • 1x on a corpse by a tree, reached by heading down the stairs on the left side, just before the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fog gate (video location).
    • 3x on 3 corpses in the area with all the giants, past the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight.
    • 1x on a corpse next to the elevator lever near the Darkmoon tomb.
  • 2x at Irithyll Dungeon: On 2 corpses on each side of the bridge support, in the middle of the room with all the patrolling Jailers.
  • 1x at Profaned Capital: In a chest at the bottom of the staircase, outside the entrance to Yhorm the Giant.
  • 0x at Anor Londo, 1x if Anri of Astora quest followed - drops from Aldrich, Devourer of Gods in Anri's world only.
  • 0x at Consumed King's Garden.
  • 0x at Untended Graves.
  • 8x at Lothric Castle:
    • 1x on a corpse right next to the Dragon Barracks bonfire.
    • 1x on a corpse at the top of the first short staircase right beneath the dragons.
    • 1x on a corpse hanging over the railing near the main portcullis, beneath the dragons.
    • 1x on a corpse on the left side of the staircase inside the portcullis.
    • 4x guaranteed? drops 2 from each of the "pus" that have infected the dragons.
  • 1x at Grand Archives: On a corpse beside the Undead Bone Shard, inside the broken window after going through the gargoyle roof section.
  • 4x at Archdragon Peak:
    • 1x on a corpse right next to the Archdragon Peak bonfire.
    • 2x on 2 corpses at the dead end on the right-hand side stairs of the Ancient Wyvern.
    • 1x on a corpse directly beneath the Great Belfry bonfire.


Notes and Trivia

  • Embers - in terms of effect - are a combination of Humanity from Dark Souls I and Human Effigies from Dark Souls II but are most similar to Stones of Ephemeral Eyes from Demon's Souls
  • A single ember is granted every time the player successfully aids another in a critical battle. In addition, the player will become Enkindled if he is not already in this mode.
  • The player enters Enkindled mode whenever he/she defeats an Heir of Fire (boss).
  • If you invade another player while embered and succeed you will be rewarded with an ember in addition to the usual invasion reward.
  • Lothric Castle's first bonfire is the ideal farming location for Ember, as Lothric Knights there are extremely vulnerable to parrying, backstabbing, and Great Chaos Fire Orb.
  • Can be sold to Shrine Handmaid for 1000 souls, so it makes a decent earning if obtained during soul farming on Lothric Knights.


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    • Anonymous

      05 Jun 2021 09:13  

      can someone explain to me why i always have 99 embers? i consume one goes to 98 then i die and i have 99 again

      • Anonymous

        05 May 2021 18:00  

        Had a random thought: maybe you get an ember after killing the host because you TAKE theirs? It’s not “given” to you for no reason, you’re literally taking their ember from them, which is why they lose it upon death? Maybe a teeny bit of lore to add there... thoughts?

        • 29 Apr 2021 10:26  

          You're right. It took me 4 1/2 minutes of farming with SoA, +3 gold serpent, and sage's rapier just to get 1 ember. I changed the wiki page because it seems no one else cares enough to.

          • Anonymous

            23 Apr 2021 03:07  

            I just spent QUITE a while trying to farm embers from lothric knights in lothric castle. Not a single one dropped, even after I got multiple copies of literally every item they drop. Either it's absurdly rare, contrary to how it's described here, or it doesn't drop at all. Either way, this needs edited.

            • Anonymous

              18 Apr 2021 07:11  

              One time, the host I invaded as Aldrich Faithful gave me 5 embers on the greatbow silver knights balcony, then I jumped off.

              • Anonymous

                02 Jan 2021 13:53  

                I remember one time I left my summon sign at Farron Keep and when I got summoned the host gave me 20 embers

                • Anonymous

                  29 Oct 2020 11:15  

                  Kind of sad how inactive the wiki community is in 2020. No offense to the wiki workers. They are doing what they can. Just that these new comments aren’t getting a lot of replies. So is the Dark Souls community slightly shrinking, or is it just my impression? I don’t really do anything online. So maybe the community is really active, and this question is kind of ridiculous. Either way, wiki seems a little quiet.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Aug 2020 21:48  

                    Man never feels alone with fire. The flame can keep company - this is where the basic connection between flame and soul lies.

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Aug 2020 22:01  

                      3 knights outside dancer... Get your item discovery u******ot... I get about 10 per 10 runs... Skip the knight to far away... Been doing it since I got to them before boreal ony pyro.. I stay embered.. so it's a must like say after Gael smacked me around or I cliff fall to often

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Jul 2020 22:45  

                        To people talking about not having unlimited supply: Either farm enemies that can drop them, or do some online play. They are supposed to be a reward, not handed to you on a silver platter when you want. I don't know what else to say.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 May 2020 15:05  

                          I hate when people try to have a fair 1v1 with you when they are embered, my man, you have +30% HP, this is not fair, if you are going to touch my red sign to have a Fair and Honorable Duel, don't be embered, Yes, you can use red signs if you are not embered, you just can't be invaded or summon friends.

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Apr 2020 14:36  

                            I like to pop these when HP is very low, to maximize their use as a healing item. A couple of times that I have done this, I thought I had an opening before the boss strikes again, only they hit me before my health gets restored, but I still get the"ember restored" message, which I'm pretty sure means that an ember was used up from my inventory. "Feature", or a bug?

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