Grave Warden

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General Info
hp souls bonfire indent 24x
59-88 20 Cemetery of Ash
Firelink Shrine
Untended Graves
Drops Fading Soul
Cleric's Sacred Chime
Enemy Type Hollow
Weak hsgs indent Hollowslayer Greatsword
All Status Effects
Resistant None
Immune None
alluring skull yesno 64 Alluring Skull attracts this enemy, making it vulnerable for a few seconds.
rapport yesno 64 Rapport charms this enemy, making it a temporary ally.

Grave Wardens are an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Grave Warden Background

Grave Wardens are found in the Cemetery of Ash and Firelink Shrine, the game's beginning areas, and as such are rather weak. They wear dark-coloured robes and cloaks, appearing sluggish and disinterested in their surroundings. They wield various weapons, including: Light Crossbows with Exploding BoltsBroken Straight Swords, ShortswordsSpears, and Bandit's Knives (only in the Untended Graves).

Some Wardens appear docile and listless; they sit on the pathway, or lean against the mountainous walls adorning the graveyards and the arena. However, they will still attack the player once in proximity, and mindfulness is advised.


Grave Warden Combat Information

  • Grave Wardens wielding weapons such as spears or swords will promptly attack the player with the weapon's basic moveset. For instance, those armed with a shortsword will slash or lunge at the player, while light crossbow enemies will simply fire bolts.  Their attacks and behavior are identical to many of the enemies found in the next area, but they usually have lower health and defenses, making them a good warm-up for the High Wall of Lothric.


Grave Warden Notes & Trivia


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    • Anonymous

      If you want to look similar to these "Grave Wardens" use the ringed knight hood, worker armor, worker gloves, and robe of prayer leggings.

      • Anonymous

        The one on the side of the cliff that most people usually kick off, has a rare attack to throw a dud firebomb at you, or a rock of some sort with black sludge effect coming off it. I dont know why this one in particular, ir why it has such a hard tome attacking you, but its something to see for yourself when you get the chance.

        • Anonymous

          One threw something at me, like a firebomb, but no fire and I don't think it did damage-- it reminded me of an oil urn from Bloodborne.

          • Anonymous

            The dudes with the spears have a round shield, except it looks different from the one you buy from Greirat. A piece is missing and it looks more worn. Is it possible to get it that shield?

            • Anonymous

              Actually, the first "Grave Wardens" before the first bonefire, those who are around the big crystal lizard, give 24 souls. Those after the first bonefire give 20 souls. I don't know why. Not that it makes a big difference.

              • Anonymous

                They seem like the previous undead hollow firekeepers judging by the ones in the coffin room and "grave warden" wear the same robe.

                • Anonymous

                  If you manage to get the one on the cliff by firelink interested in you, it will just follow you around almost never attacking. I wonder if it can be lured to a certain spot like the pig.

                  • Anonymous

                    These are not grave wardens. I do not know why Pvt_Booger decided to randomly call them such. There is already an enemy type who's confirmed name is grave warden. This page need to be seriously edited.

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