Havel Knight

Enemy Type Knight 
Weakness  Backstab, Bleed, Toxic
Resistances  Physical-type, Fire, Lightning, Dark
Immune  Rapport

Havel Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Havel Knight Enemy Description


Havel Knight Combat Information

  • Medium/high resistance to most type of damage.
  • Can use his Shield's Skill, making him able to tank hits and raising his defense, while forcing him to fat-roll. Skill decrease defense towards Lightning Damage.
  • Attacks deals massive Strike Damage.
  • One-handed attacks can be parried, two-handed can't.
  • Can be guard-broken, flattered and pinned down.
  • Weak to Bleed.
  • Most of his attacks is slow, what makes backstabbing him easy.
  • Resistant to most types of damages.
  • Immune to Rapport.
  • Can be lured using Alluring Skulls.

Havel Knight Notes & Trivia

  • While remaining in starting point, he can easily be poisoned or killed with Pestilent Mist.
  • Shield he uses doesn't seem to have the stability as wielded by player. It can be attacked with midweight weapons without having to use it 2-handed.
  • You can lure him to follow you down the ladder. That's your chance to chain some damage (mainly as a sorcerer) on him or use gravity against him.
  • Drops Dragon Tooth and Havel's Greatshield once, they even drop from the summoned version.
  • His armor set can be found on top of the bridge in Farron Keep, near the Stray Demon, after Havel Knight is defeated. Head to the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire.
  • The Soul of a Stray Demon can also be transposed into the Havel's Ring or the Boulder Heave pyromancy. This hints toward a connection between Havel and the Stray Demon, but it could also be some kind of rock joke.
  • Items related to Havel: Dragon Tooth, Havel's Greatshield, Havel's Armor, Havel's Ring, Great Magic Barrier.
  • His armor is the second heaviest armor in the  game.
  • "Weak" to miracles such as Force, Great Force, and Wrath of The Gods. These miracles can drain his stamina if he is blocking, or thrust him onto the ground, allowing the player breathing room if needed.


Havel Knight Variations

Archdragon's Peak

Location Drops
  Archdragon Peak  2048  4,000 Dragon Tooth
Havel's Greatshield


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    • Anonymous

      04 Nov 2019 17:24  

      For some odd reason I didnt get the Dragon Tooth after the fight with him at Archdragon Peak. I've been up and down to the ladder after many reloads/ bonefire warps to and from other areas etc etc, nothing. Im 100% sure I didnt sell it accidently either, as I always take my time when selling gear off, and pretty much NEVER drop anything.... weird.

      • Anonymous

        19 Oct 2019 08:51  

        Go for crits with this guy. His r1 combo onehanded can be parried, and when he combos with the tooth 2-handed, he'll frequently block right after, and most attacks will break his guard. Hornet ring is very helpful and no parry practice is really needed

        • Anonymous

          07 Oct 2019 16:11  

          manikin claws with rouge, wait for an opening then start wailing on him with those lovely lovely bleed procs coming in every few hits

          • Anonymous

            19 Sep 2019 18:12  

            I used profamed flamed on him and it worked like a charm. Knocked him down so you could run and get some hits on him real quick. Second phase he just staggers for a moment but you could still get some hits in and roll back.

            • Anonymous

              04 Aug 2019 22:57  

              I swear to God this *****er learns. I broke his guard once and he stopped turtling. I parried him once and he stopped one handing. I rolled through his attack and poked him and he started R1 spamming. Fromsoft plz

              • Anonymous

                27 Jun 2019 21:15  

                I just summoned hawkwood and faught him from a distance I used a +9 claymore and some artorias armor and it wasn't half bad

                • Anonymous

                  02 Apr 2019 19:39  

                  Personally, I just cheese the Havel Knight and get him to fall off the ledge by the ladder in Archdragon Peak.

                  • 06 Mar 2019 23:47  

                    Connection between Havel and Stray Demon may be more than rock puns. In DkS1, Havel was locked in the Tower between Darkroot Basin and Undead Burg. The key from the Divine blacksmith has an interesting description saying he was locked in for good or bad. In Anor Londo there's a hidden room with Havels gear and a "Occult" Club. Something he wouldn't have as a loyal follower, suggesting he at least partly knew the truth of the gods/fire. I'm kinda shocked I don't see people mentioning this more often. Anyways, the Stray Demon gaurded his route as well but was stuck there. Dunno if this was intentional but at the very least a Chaos Demon that wasn't a Winged one was serving Lothric castle, trapped there. I haven't gone searching for more info on him yet but that's at least one solid connection. Thanks for reading.

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Jan 2019 02:20  

                      I didn't have much luck with dung or poison breath. I was, however, able to use "Gnaw" on him. Each hit takes 8, the fourth hits for about 400 in the first playthrough without a heavy int/faith build.

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Sep 2018 06:02  

                        I'm on NG++. 10 poop throws later I'm toxic'd and he's just charging at me like "LOL you thought THAT was gonna work*****ty.

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