Havel Knight

Enemy Type Knight 
Weakness  Backstab, Bleed, Toxic
Resistances  Physical-type, Fire, Lightning, Dark
Immune  Rapport

The Havel Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description


Combat Information

  • Medium/high resistance to most type of damage.
  • Can use his Shield's Skill, making him able to tank hits and raising his defense, while forcing him to fat-roll. Skill decrease defense towards Lightning Damage.
  • Attacks deals massive Strike Damage.
  • One-handed attacks can be parried, two-handed can't.
  • Can be guard-broken, flattered and pinned down.
  • Weak to Bleed.
  • Most of his attacks is slow, what makes backstabbing him easy.
  • Resistant to most types of damages.
  • Immune to Rapport.
  • Can be lured using Alluring Skulls.

Notes & Trivia



Archdragon's Peak

Location Drops
  Archdragon Peak  2048  4,000 Dragon Tooth
Havel's Greatshield



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    • Anonymous

      18 Sep 2018 06:02  

      I'm on NG++. 10 poop throws later I'm toxic'd and he's just charging at me like "LOL you thought THAT was gonna work*****ty.

      • Anonymous

        05 Jul 2018 05:24  

        this was imo the most boring enemy to deal with. just a tedious chore. literally two shots you on one slip up and the health to make the nameless king jealous...fuck the havel knight

        • Anonymous

          24 Jun 2018 02:47  

          Strat I used involved either Lothric Knight Greatsword or Profaned Greatsword/something similar with a thrust as the heavy attack. The heavy can knock the knight down if he doesn't have his shield up and the weapon art + heavy will knock them up into the air. If you can start charging your heavy attack just outside of his range, he will do that jumping attack, and you can release your heavy attack to knock him down and then get a free light attack in. Good luck, skeleton!

          • Anonymous

            04 Mar 2018 19:07  

            One strategy I found is that if you get his attention, run to the ladder, but then keep your head poked up so he attacks you, you can make fly over the edge, causing major fall damage, he only climbs back up when your not on the ladder though.

            • Anonymous

              08 Feb 2018 02:43  

              i was doing a 'speedrun' of the main content and i did it without dying too many times, I died maybe 7 times (noob). I finished the game and decided to try archdragon peak, i beat pretty much everything without a problem (even nameless king) but when it was time for havel I died to him 49 times fun game

              • Anonymous

                06 Jan 2018 11:10  

                He should be the real Havel, not a comrade, as he wields his weapon and his greatshield.
                I'm not 100% sure about this, but in the original game it is said that Havel was the only one who wielded a dragon tooth.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Jan 2018 01:55  

                  Because Havel's character models is based off human "player" models, I tried using Acid Surge to break his equipment.

                  Sadly, this did not work. In fact, this does not seem to work on any NPCs of any sort.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Jan 2018 18:22  

                    If you have a pyromancer friend (or you are one), Profaned Flame can be used to knock down Havel. Doesn't do a lot of damage but gives you roughly 3 seconds to do whatever while Havel is still down and is getting back up. Havel is also unable to get away from the spell in time when cast and therefore will always be hit if locked on.

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Dec 2017 05:01  

                      If you're having trouble fightng Havel as a melee build, remember Dunkey's words of advice: "Try a ranged battle". More specifically, just whittle his HP with a crossbow and roll away when he starts swinging (more often than not, he'll go into a combo, giving you more time to heal or get some distance).

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