Ringed Knight

Enemy Type Knight
Weakness Frost, Dark
Resistances Fire, Lightning, Standard, Slash, Thrust, Poison/Toxic, Bleed
Immune Rapport, Alluring Skull

Ringed Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • Powerful knights that guard the streets of the Ringed City.
  • Their armor and fighting style are both very reminiscent of Darkwraiths.


Combat Information

 Known Drops

Notes & Trivia

  • Can be used to farm Filianore's Spear Ornament for the Spears of the Church covenant. From the Ringed City Steets bonfire, four can be found around the massive crumbling building partially in the swamp. One can run out the gated shortcut and jump off the cliff to the left careful not to agro the Judicator. Now, at the base of the crumbling building where the roof is submerged in the swamp and a cliffside, three ringed knights can be lured out and taken on one by one. Finally, the fourth can be taken out with a falling attack from above on the far side the crumbling building. With their resistances in mind Morne's Great Hammer is a great weapon to take them on with especially for its weapon art. Though they are quite the enemy, having all item discovery/soul farming gear on and Homeward/Homeward Bones makes the enemy not only a great source of Filianore's Spear Ornaments but also Titanite Chunks, Scales, Embers and souls themselves (efficient runs take about 2 minutes netting 68,000 souls and the items discovered).
  • When the straight sword variant holds its blade upwards and lights it, it will either do a Soul of Cinder-esque 5-hit combo or a lunging thrust from long range.
  • The spear variant's shield roar can knock players back, so be careful when fighting them near cliffs.
  • Bearing similarities to Darkwraiths, it is possible that Darkstalker Kaathe (from Dark Souls 1) was once associated with the city that these knights guard.



Ringed Knight - Sword user

Location Drops
 The Ringed City      

Ringed Knight - Pike user

Location Drops
 The Ringed City      

Ringed Knight - Greatswords user

Location Drops
 The Ringed City      



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    • Anonymous

      17 Aug 2018 08:32  

      Holy shot this is going to be way fun to kick these guys around. I just got done recording part one of the Ringed City. Killed the two scary fire breathing gargoyles down the large pit. I am so pumped to find all the rings. I already found two cool rings and a full pyro set. Guise who I am and win a tuna can.

      • Anonymous

        04 Jul 2018 00:17  

        So twin sword corpse went tumbling off a cliff and now I can't get the swords?
        Sweet. Shit like that's why I don't like autosaves.

        • Anonymous

          30 Apr 2018 15:43  

          You can interrupt the poise buff of the spear version by doing the 'stance' guard break, you can then punish the move further by riposting.

          • Anonymous

            07 Mar 2018 09:45  

            DS3 version of the Old Hunters basicaly. With Friede beeing Maria 2.0 it seems FROM was really out of new ideas...

            • Anonymous

              01 Mar 2018 09:54  

              If you pick up the +3 gold serpent ring, these guys drop embers by the dozen. Not literally, but the drop rate was absurdly high for me.

              • Anonymous

                28 Feb 2018 00:54  

                Can these guys use combos that we can't cuz I saw a paired gs knight do a triple ignited combo from weapon skill

                • Anonymous

                  16 Feb 2018 22:00  

                  The dual-greatsword one in front of the chapel can be easily cheesed: send the elevator up to the bonfire so you have a pit. Aggro him and run back to the pit, stand on the other side. He will attack and fall down, worked for me every time.

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Jan 2018 15:38  

                    The first time I encountered the dude with the paired greatswords, I ran past him and on to the outcropping on the left of the church to see if he would come down into the narrow, confined space of the cliff edge, where it would be easier for me to kill him. All was going well until he did his arc of fire weapon art thing and fell off. Cheated/10 would not go hollow with

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Dec 2017 11:57  

                      Ringed Knight: I have the power of the flame, behold my mighty shield roar that will send you fly to the Moon and fear my mighty spear that wi...
                      *Dragonslayer Greathaxe L2*
                      Me: Shut up and get pancaked like the others you fancy ass weeb.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Dec 2017 23:30  

                        sacred flame completely destroys these dudes. dodge their first combo (roll next to them) and use sacred flame. for the time the get up u will have casted a second one, which they cant dodge. repeat. enjoy.

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Sep 2017 22:49  

                          just want to say, and people can check for themselves, there is a second ringed knight with the paired greatswords. go to the fillianores rest bonfire and when you leave the room go around the wall to your right and straight back you should see him roaming in the distance. I think he has less health than the first one and drops a slab when killed and does respawn.

                          • Anonymous

                            15 Sep 2017 16:31  

                            Good enemies to farm souls. ... With the Symbol of Avarice, the Covetous Silver Ring +3, the Shield of want and the Medicant's Staff, I get 45k on NG++. I always go to the Ringed Inner Wall Bonfire and from there through the tunnel to the garden where you meet the one Ringed Knight. Killing the 5 enemies on the way plus the Ringed Knight and returning back to the Bonfire will result in about 80k in one minute resp. 4.8m in one hour. And you get a lot of Dunge Pies, Lightning and Hollow Gems as well as Ringed knight armor.

                            • Anonymous

                              10 Sep 2017 20:09  

                              Has anyone else noticed how the spear and straight sword movesets are both VERY similar to soul of cinder's moveset for that weapon type? You could do a really good SoC cosplay by holding those two weapons in right hand with firelink gs, and a pyro flame in left.

                              • 24 Aug 2017 16:11  

                                Their attack range is large, they have little to no opening i.e if you move in for a hit you'll get hit no matter what, their physical attacks (non-fire) cannot be blocked 100% with a medium shield and they always have their shields up unlike other spear using enemies, making them a pain in the arse for Dex and lighter builds.

                                Whereas Heavy STR & high VIT builds would have a field day with them though as their attacks are pathetically weak against greatshields.

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