Deep Accursed

Enemy Type ??
Weakness Fire
Resistances ??
Immune Rapport

Deep Accursed is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Deep Accursed Enemy Description

  • The Deep Accursed is a rare and powerful enemy that resembles a large spider with a monstrous head.
  • Only two of them exist in the game, and they do not respawn after death.


Deep Accursed Locations


Deep Accursed Drops


Deep Accursed Combat Information

  • The Deep Accursed in Cathedral of the Deep can be safely killed with a ranged weapon from the doorway.
  • The Deep Accursed in Anor Londo can be safely killed with a ranged weapon from the stairs on either side of the chamber.
  • The Deep Accursed in Anor Londo can also be safely killed with any weapon by baiting it back to the bonfire and standing by the spiral stairs, it will not be able to enter and will (mostly) just let you attack it.
  • Spits petrifying gas and even the simple bite attacks pile up Curse when blocked. Suit up in light, Curse-resistant clothing and dodge for your life.
  • Vulnerable to bleeding, assuming you can get hits in fast enough.
  • It's fairly easy to break its poise, by hitting it in the head, which leaves an opening for a critical attack.
  • Can be poisoned. (storytellers staff with hidden body)


Deep Accursed Notes & Trivia

  • Its neck is lined with skulls, like it's wearing a large necklace of skulls.
  • The posture of their legs and feet resemble the horselike limbs of Ludwig the Accursed from Bloodborne
  • They can also jump, and attach themselves to the ceiling in a manner that resembles Ludwig's fighting style.
  • The form of the creature may be the result of it being possessed by the evil spirits in its neck (read more).


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    • Anonymous

      06 Oct 2020 13:39  

      I don't think the Deep Accursed have anything to do with spiders. I think they look more like cats, hence the numerous cat engravings in the cathedral. And as neither Deep Accursed respawns, it could be assumed they're real characters - Alvina and Shalquoir would be the most likely candidates. The reason they look so monstrous now is because Aldrich shared his 'appetite for flesh' with them, as evidenced by the sapphire/ruby rings they drop.

      • Anonymous

        17 Sep 2020 06:58  

        Casting Pestilent Mist while using Hidden Body and having the Slumbering Dragincrest Ring equipped is top tier cheese for these guys.

        • Anonymous

          31 Jul 2020 03:50  

          I almost **** my pants seeing him the first time in cathedral of the deep. Should've listened to the message saying "Beware, Spider-like creature"

          • Anonymous

            05 Jul 2020 04:35  

            In the cathedral it can be cheesed like the wiki says, in Anor Londo open the big gates and let the damn thing follow you back to the bonfire direction and to the spinning tower, it cannot leave Anor Londo.

            • 20 May 2020 21:54  

              In the cathedral, run to the item but don't pick it up yet, run back to where this thing drops down and charge an R2. If you land it right on his head, he'll stagger and the riposte usually kills him.

              • Anonymous

                19 Jan 2020 15:03  

                Not sure if it's normal since this is my first playthrough, but in Anor Londo this enemy dropped to balcony and not the main floor. It then proceeded to glitch trough railings and fell to its death and the ring spawned mid air making it impossible to pick up.

                • Anonymous

                  06 Oct 2019 06:25  

                  Found a very cool exploit allowing you to "tame" the second Deep Acursed in Annor Londo henceforth refered to as "Accursed Fuzzy". There are similar exploits with Sulyvahns Beasts, (especially the first one if you run away and save the fight for the lake). Black Knights in general and even letting the Darkwraiths kill the undead legion for you. Unfortunately none of these actually every drop aggro for you and you can only frantically kite them around hoping something or someone else hits them. This is the only one where you can pretty much sick a serious fight on an invader from a creature you can stand right next to in plain sight of seemingly on your side. You can walk right up to Fuzzy and pet it even (Use the wave gesture scratch the skulls behind it's ears, it likes that). Fuzzy actually goes docile under very specific circumstances. Remain unembered or you risk invasion mid exploit. No co-op either and I don't know what effect a summon will have once this works. Kill all the Silver Knights so they don't screw everything up or give away your game. Equip the slumbering dragon crest ring as it's sound or damage that really triggers Fuzzies continuos aggro outside its designated attack zone not sight. Lure Fuzzy out and into the nook where the switch is to the giant platform. Let Fuzzy use leaping or large charges and just run around onto the actual lift then stay close so it can't quite get to you. Don't hurt Fuzzy as it chases you down either but do play it close and let it rage and spam lots of curse smoke and leap attacks. If you have to, use a wooden bolt, but if you injure it usually won't ever calm down. You want max aggro with "The Fuzz" right on your tail without attacking it. It will just barely go over the invisible line the game sets but rather then leave it will just sit there. Once it's calm, walk, do not run back around the railing it wedged into (right over the lift switch) and if it ignores you, get as close as you like, it won't react to touch or proximity. Just walk silently. You can even wedge yourself between it and the railing assuring that an attacker must hit it or move it to get to you. Now use a seed of the giant tree and then ember, don't use a dried finger. You now have a Pokemon from hell for your Aldrich invaders to play with but one at a time as multiple Invaders won't boost it's health and while it will shred one invader on the narrow stairs with nowhere to hide and you pelting them with bolts or soul Spears. Ideally this is at a low soul level like 40 weapon level 5-6 where your aldrich Invaders will top out at 60 geared up for pvp, not curse spamming minibosses. Really whatever best nets ordinary players not SL 20 nameless king soloing Havel Monsters or SL1 NG+2 four rings of +9 noob doom, duel dark hand wielders. In any case they almost always come for a closer look as you frolic via gestures with you pet nightmate fuel - Accursed Fuzzy. Just keep it between them and you and when they get too close or hurt it sit back watch as a good time is had by all and aldritch lawn orniments pile up. - You should risk equipping a bow, crossbow or fast moving spell with the archery or sorcery ring to help protect your new pet while it plays with Aldrich Invaders. It may re aggro either way but remember when it's dead it's dead so probably best to back it up especially if you see a competent invader spamming fire. You may have to black Chrystal and homward bone to save it. -

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Jun 2019 00:36  

                    "The Deep Accursed is a rare and powerful enemy". Rare? Sure. Powerful? Lol no, these things are disappointing easy to fight.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Apr 2019 21:06  

                      ffffffuuuuuuuuuck these things. almost gave me a goddamn heart attack when he first appeared out of nowhere

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Mar 2019 18:42  

                        don't be afraid, just take his hits like a man as you slap his face until he gets knocked down, crit him, loot and smile but yeah the terror this thing invokes in me every single time...

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Mar 2019 15:33  

                          Was coop'ing with a friend in Anor Londo, an as I died my friend killed this beast, but I didn't get the ring. Will I still be able to get it in ng+?

                          • Anonymous

                            10 Mar 2019 20:24  

                            There's some jank when you riposte the Anor Londo one on the giant stairs. It's possible to clip into the ground during the riposte, then pop back out once it's finished.

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Mar 2019 13:11  

                              i killed the abyss watchers early to get the wolf knight great sword then went to cathedral of the deep and i was scared of the deep accursed there but i did a one-handed running attack into its face and it was in the riposte state in one hit then the riposte it self did around 1100 damage at base stats and +1i layer learned of the 20% extra damage applies to the deep accursed, the wolf knight great sword is now my favorite weapon ;)

                              • 18 Jan 2019 02:20  

                                Ever wonder what those depictions of a bushy tailed squirrel-like creature among branches were supposed to represent on the walls inside Cathedral of the Deep? It's these guys. In Norse mythology, which the game's lore is riddled with, Ratatoskr is a squirrel creature that carries messages up and down the world tree, hence why we see one lower down in the Cathedral and one up above in Anor Londo. Take a closer look at it's features beyond its spider-like legs, they even make a chittering sound while idle.

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Dec 2018 02:30  

                                  Deacon: So since Aldrich already has one in Anor Londo, we figured you might want this one. Sulyvahn: Hmmm... sounds pretty neat. Let me take a look. *Walks in cathedral, comes out immediately.* Sulyvahn: Burn it down. Deacon: What? S: The cathedral. Burn it down. Whole thing. All of it. Bye. *leaves* Cathedral knight: Now what? We can't burn this place down. Deacon: I know. I have a better idea. *Rings bell* *Old Hunter Henryk appears.* Deacon: So we figured since you are better equipped to deal with these types of creatures, you could probably get rid of this thing without burning the entire cathedral down. Henryk: Hmmm... I'll take a look. *Goes inside, comes out immediately.* Deacon: So? Henryk: 'Scuse me a sec. *Comes back with flamesprayer and oil urns.* Deacon: Did you figure something out? Henryk: Uhh, sure. "Walks into cathedral as knight walks out. Knight looks back, then walks up to deacon.* Knight: Is that a teapot?

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