Deep Accursed DKS3

Enemy Type ??
Weakness Fire
Resistances ??
Immune Rapport

Deep Accursed is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.

Enemy Description

  • The Deep Accursed is a rare and powerful enemy that resembles a large spider with a monstrous head.
  • Only two of them exist in the game, and they do not respawn after death.



Combat Information

  • The Deep Accursed in Cathedral of the Deep can be safely killed with a ranged weapon from the doorway.
  • The Deep Accursed in Anor Londo can be safely killed with a ranged weapon from the stairs on either side of the chamber.
  • The Deep Accursed in Anor Londo can also be safely killed with any weapon by baiting it back to the bonfire and standing by the spiral stairs, it will not be able to enter and will (mostly) just let you attack it.
  • Spits petrifying gas and even the simple bite attacks pile up Curse when blocked. Suit up in light, Curse-resistant clothing and dodge for your life.
  • Vulnerable to bleeding, assuming you can get hits in fast enough.
  • It's fairly easy to break its poise, by hitting it in the head, which leaves an opening for a critical attack.
  • Can be poisoned. (storytellers staff with hidden body)

Notes & Trivia

  • Its neck is lined with skulls, like it's wearing a large necklace of skulls.
  • The posture of their legs and feet resemble the horselike limbs of Ludwig the Accursed from Bloodborne
  • They can also jump, and attach themselves to the ceiling in a manner that resembles Ludwig's fighting style.
  • The form of the creature may be the result of it being possessed by the evil spirits in its neck (read more).


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    • 18 Jan 2019 02:20  

      Ever wonder what those depictions of a bushy tailed squirrel-like creature among branches were supposed to represent on the walls inside Cathedral of the Deep? It's these guys. In Norse mythology, which the game's lore is riddled with, Ratatoskr is a squirrel creature that carries messages up and down the world tree, hence why we see one lower down in the Cathedral and one up above in Anor Londo. Take a closer look at it's features beyond its spider-like legs, they even make a chittering sound while idle.

      • Anonymous

        27 Dec 2018 02:30  

        Deacon: So since Aldrich already has one in Anor Londo, we figured you might want this one. Sulyvahn: Hmmm... sounds pretty neat. Let me take a look. *Walks in cathedral, comes out immediately.* Sulyvahn: Burn it down. Deacon: What? S: The cathedral. Burn it down. Whole thing. All of it. Bye. *leaves* Cathedral knight: Now what? We can't burn this place down. Deacon: I know. I have a better idea. *Rings bell* *Old Hunter Henryk appears.* Deacon: So we figured since you are better equipped to deal with these types of creatures, you could probably get rid of this thing without burning the entire cathedral down. Henryk: Hmmm... I'll take a look. *Goes inside, comes out immediately.* Deacon: So? Henryk: 'Scuse me a sec. *Comes back with flamesprayer and oil urns.* Deacon: Did you figure something out? Henryk: Uhh, sure. "Walks into cathedral as knight walks out. Knight looks back, then walks up to deacon.* Knight: Is that a teapot?

        • Anonymous

          11 Dec 2018 17:07  

          I accidentally saw a glimpse of it because I had to lure that stupid Cathedral knight that didn't want to move, so as I fought him, I saw a leg. The second one actually got me. I wasn't prepared for the lava slimes either. 8.5/10 scariest monster.

          • Anonymous

            11 Dec 2018 01:19  

            yall can call them "deep accursed" if you want im still calling it spider f####er for dropping in on me for no reason

            • Anonymous

              18 Nov 2018 23:46  

              I went into that one room in the Cathedral Of The Deep and nearly died when it just suddenly dropped down from the ceiling.

              • Anonymous

                07 Jun 2018 19:03  

                I don't think any game has scared me as much as when this thing dropped from the sky in the Cathedral. The initial jumpscare followed up by the sight of the terrifying...thing.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Jun 2018 14:35  

                  If you take a greatsword, and do a two-handed fully-charged R2, you can poise break them immediately (tested with a Refined Flamberge +3 at 20 strength and dexterity, kills them on riposte)

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Mar 2018 16:17  

                    I don't know if this actually holds any water, but I hit both of their heads with a falchion using Blessed Weapon and they were put in riposte state immediately. Is Blessed Weapon another weakness or do they just get staggered crazy easily?

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Jan 2018 20:59  

                      What i did was just bring it to the stairs and jump off and do the RB fall attack and then rolled REAL quick to the stairs again

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Jan 2018 23:18  

                        I didnt know about this and it was my first playthrough so my bro guided me into this thing (cathedral of the deep) and now i dont think i should listen to him anymore...

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Jan 2018 10:45  

                          Its attacks are pretty well telegraphed. Took it out my first time bare-handed with only a Loincloth and Desert Pyromancer Garb on, because I was running most of Cathedral of the Deep bare-handed.

                          They're more intimidating than difficult. Not cheap like some enemies.

                          • Anonymous

                            07 Dec 2017 12:31  

                            Recommend cheesing them with boundaries. The one in cathedral of the deep, dodge roll past it to the doorway, and either melee backstep or range it as it's unable to harm you in the doorway. As for the one in Anor Londo, spawn it, run back towards the steps, draw its attention, run to the mechanism to open it, once door is opened, lure it down to the twisting tower and kill it. There's an invisible boundary it as well as the knights cannot pass through.

                            • Anonymous

                              30 Nov 2017 11:52  

                              Just killed the giant bastard a minute ago. Low on heatlh... First time Enter the room.

                              "Ooo, nice item ahead. Let's go"
                              *Hears growling from behind*
                              *Turn around*
                              *Spawn of fking nightmares*
                              "AWWW HELL NAH. FK THIS"
                              *can't lose my souls now*
                              Smash that space bar. Get out! get out! get out!...
                              *Jumps on top of me* Bites me to death.

                              DS teaching me the only place safe, is the bonfire.

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Nov 2017 04:17  

                                * First encounter with one of these *
                                Uhm, yeah you see, I have to go find a boss to kill, so I'll come back later.

                                • 08 Oct 2017 21:06  

                                  Does the one at Anor die if the doors are opened? A couple of times I've walked by, opened the doors, and it just turns into remains immediately. I've also seen it drop and die instantly.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    02 Oct 2017 15:07  

                                    Came up with a lame but safe strategy for the one in Anor Lando:

                                    1. Kill the deacons immediately to your left and down the stairs from when you enter on the top floor, as well as the deacons on the next lowest landing.

                                    2. Head back up to the top floor and to the balcony above the main entrance, where the Deep Accursed is supposed to drop down from. Look up in the direction of Aldrich's chamber, and you'll see it hanging from the ceiling, facing away from you. Shoot it with anything (I prefer Dragonslayer Greatbow), or lob a firebomb/black firebomb at it. It will descend from the ceiling to the bottom floor way below you.

                                    3. Head back down the steps where you killed the deacons, all the way to the last landing before reaching the ground floor. From here, the other deacons shouldn't be able to hit you with their fireballs if you didn't also kill the ones on the ground floor, and you won't have to deal with the Flesh of Aldrich enemies. Look toward the main entrance, and you should see the Deep Accursed waiting on the ground in front of the main entrance looking none the wiser, though you may have to reposition yourself to see it between all those pillars. Whip out your bow and fire a single arrow. (Aim for the face, since it's naturally the weak point.)

                                    4. The Deep Accursed will now approach you and try to attack you, but stand your ground. No matter what it does, it doesn't seem to be capable of hitting you from this vantage point, no matter how close you stand to the edge of the landing. Even the curse fumes and leaping attack are bound to miss. As you can guess, use this opportunity to carefully aim at it from this close range, or use some rope firebombs on it. It might move around quite a bit, but after about ten seconds of not being able to hit you, it should stop moving until you hit it again. Just be careful not to overstep your bounds and fall of the ledge, because you'll probably die instantly.

                                    5. Continue this method for about a minute longer, and it should drop dead pretty quickly, maybe even taking out some of the Flesh of Aldrich as it thrashes around. Congratulations! You never have to panic roll through that guy's Ludwig-esque attacks ever again!

                                    (It's also noteworthy that from this vantage point, you can more clearly make out the skulls lining its back, and you'll see that they're not just skulls, but full corpses fused into its hide, similarly to how the Messengers would be fused to certain enemies in Bloodborne. You can even make out frail little arms reaching out of the Deep Accursed, as if they were trying to escape being fused with this weird man-spider... Poor bastards.)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      15 Jun 2017 02:14  

                                      It dropped down and died instantly, got souls and the ring and didnt know what happened :D
                                      what i did maybe reproducible: go through the door on the left, take the right stairs down, jump from the plateau with the corpse, use the lever to open the door, face the pyromancers, it dropped down behind me an was dead

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