Giant Avelyn

Enemy Type Tower
Weakness Its lever, cover, safe spots
Resistances Change
Immune Everything (except its lever)

Giant Avelyn is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • A colossal ballista that aims to destroy all invaders of Smouldering Lake.
  • Can be taken advantage of to kill the Giant Carthus Sandworm. There is a small outcropping of rocks on the side of the worm opposite the ballista. If you stand in the sweet spot (likely denoted by player notes if you are playing online), the ballista's bursts will continue to alternate between hitting the worm and the rock in front of you until the worm is dead. 
  • It is self-operated, as it continues to fire at you as you approach but with no external operator.
  • Its name is a reference to Avelyn, a hand-held, rapid-firing triple crossbow that first appeared in Dark Souls 1. (Found in the Grand Archives, Dark Souls 3)
  • If you stand near the sections of brick wall in the back of the level and bait the crossbow into firing at them, it will destroy them, allowing you access to an item behind one of them. The same tactic can be used to break open the lone section of tile floor on an island in the middle of the level. This gives you  access to the underground catacomb portion of the level (and serves as a shortcut if you are unable to defeat or sprint past the Carthus Sandworm to get to the Demon Ruins bonfire.


Combat Information

  • Always fires in bursts of 3
  • At its base there are Skeleton Wheels, Grave Warden Skeletons, and Carthus Swordsmen Skeletons defending it.
  • Can be shut down by turning the handle directly underneath it.
  • Cannot be Rapported


Notes & Trivia

  • May have been installed or maintained by several now-dead giant slaves who appear next to it.
  • If you forgot or didn't know about needing the ballista to shoot open the floor and/or the section of wall that holds the Speckled Stoneplate Ring, you can go back and reactivate the ballista if needed.



Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops



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    • Anonymous

      05 Jul 2017 08:25  

      This kind of reminds of that arrow turret in Demon Souls. And this is its brother who is bigger and harder.

      • Anonymous

        Forgot to break the wall22 Sep 2016 06:06  

        But there sure as hell aint any way i'm gonna go through the trouble of turning that accursed ballista back on.

        • Anonymous

          Hidden body16 Aug 2016 11:17  

          If anyone's wondering, hidden body does NOT hide you from the ballista. I found it out in a painful way...

          • Anonymous

            This page09 Jul 2016 17:41  

            I just love this page because it reads like the author is really frustratedly trying to explain to the reader that the Giant Avelyn is, in fact, a turret. I think the part: "Immune: Everything (except its lever)" just sums up my point wonderfully. It's just a hilarious page and I will weep on the day someone changes this.

            • Real HEAVY BUILD17 May 2016 12:40  

              If only by some miracle, we could pick it up, equip it and hit stuff with it. I bet we wouldnt fit through the door, but we would be bad ass. I dont think we would roll at all, even at 99 vit w rings. On another note, would had been interesting if players could enter it and turret a boss. Not like the demon souls dragon fight where the turret is a cinematic, but a real thing we can aim with and can get hit off.

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