Clawed Curse

Clawed Curse new

Enemy Type Claws
Weakness N/A
Resistances N/A
Immune N/A

Clawed Curse is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Clawed Curse Enemy Description

  • A traplike enemy that can emerge from walls and the floor.
  • Causes light damage and Curse buildup.
  • If the player covers their head in wax, the will be able to freely walk through the hands without taking damage or curse buildup.
    • You can cover your head in wax at several "tubs" in the Grand Archives.


Clawed Curse Combat Information

  • The Cursebite Ring is recommended to better resist them should the wax wear off.
  • Clawed Curses are often positioned to support Grand Archive Scholars.
  • Cannot be lured
  • Cannot be Rapported


Clawed Curse Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Trash for Casul. Pick up pkcs and become great pro, beat Lorian and Lothric so easy you get An early free copy of Elden ring from Miyazaki who is pkcs user

      • Anonymous

        I want to get naked and stand between dozens of these bools. Sends shivers down my spine at the thought of it

        • Anonymous

          You can kill the books on the ground! I first discovered this while plunge-attacking an enemy in the archives, but as long as you specifically hit the books themselves, they will die in a single strike. I'm not sure if you can kill them with spells or projectiles, but I would assume so.

          • Anonymous

            The hands all come shooting out of a book, has anyone tried shooting the book with arrows or spells? I know the arms won't take real damage

            • Anonymous

              In my game, a bolt from a scholar was absorbed by a clawed curse. I stood where I was and fired heavy arrows at the scholar while being protected from bolts fired by the scholar. A health meter showed above it but did not show damage being taken.

              • Anonymous

                Dipping your head in the wax vats within the archive keeps these from attacking and cursing you.Also, they emerge from open books.

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