Skeletons are enemy variations in Dark Souls 3.

Enemy Variations

Combat Information

  • Skeletons with glowing white eyes will return to life after their first death. This can be countered with blessed weapons.

Notes and Trivia

  • Were once warriors of Carthus, a sand kingdom. They serve and protect their lord, High Lord Wohlnir
  • The Carthus Warriors were known for their agile and quick, fluid fighting style. They dazzled their opponents with their prowess. The carthus swordsman skeleton shows this.



    • Anonymous

      06 Aug 2017 10:41  

      Is there a name for the spirit bombs that they throw at you? I think it would be an excellent item in the game. Too bad they didn't add it into the game.

      • Anonymous

        Dead for till you rest01 May 2016 04:56  

        I'm fairly certain that when you kill a skeleton of any kind with a deep infused weapon, they stay dead until you rest at the next bonfire, One of my play-throughs I was using the Deep Battle axe From High Wall Mimic, And they would not get up after defeat

        • Anonymous

          Glowy eye skeletons are not immortal.25 Apr 2016 21:39  

          Glowing eye skeletons only respawn once, losing the shine in their eyes. Killing them normally twice will leave them dead. No need for blessed gear.

          • Anonymous

            This should be two pages19 Apr 2016 09:10  

            Carthus skeletons should be separated from regular skeletons, and perhaps the bonewheel skeletons should be moved to their own page as well.

            • Anonymous

              Flipping ninja skeleton17 Apr 2016 05:12  

              Crazy flipping ninja skeleton, I came here from some strategy and this is what a get

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