Sewer Centipede

Enemy Type Unknown
Weakness Fire
Resistances Thrust
Immune ??

Sewer Centipede is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Sewer Centipede Enemy Description

  • Sewer Centipedes mimic the body of a drowned woman but they're actually spidery fiends.
  • Found in the sewer area of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, a group of them can be found in the area leading up into the kitchen where you may find Siegward of Catarina. Also found in Profaned Capital. There is also one in the Painted World of Ariandel, behind a gate in the Corvian Settlement.
  • In the river at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, several dead sewer centipedes give you a false sense of security in approaching the live ones.
  • The creature strongly resembles a house centipede.


Sewer Centipede Combat Information

  • They use a mixture of melee attacks and toxic spitting.
  • Can be hit by critical strikes from the front if poise is broken.
  • Cannot be Lured.
  • Cannot be Rapported.
  • Will go on patrol mode if you approach them using hidden body + spook, but will not attack you.


Sewer Centipede Notes & Trivia


Sewer Centipede Gallery


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    • Anonymous

      14 Aug 2020 04:39  

      It was really hard to sleep after seeing this first time for some time. I was doing blind run in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley because this thing is ****ing cursed. But oh my ****ing god when i seen this for first time in Profaned capital it was like 3am and my screaming was so loud i woke up everyone in the house.

      • Anonymous

        18 Mar 2020 13:34  

        I'd like to think that if i stay near the water in Irithyll for a few thousand years, they evolve into ariandel's tree women

        • Anonymous

          20 Oct 2019 12:54  

          The thing I hate is that they don't have a animation when you first hit them so they turn from a slug in the water to 2000 FUKING ARMS COMING OUT OF THE WATER WHAT THE FUK

          • Anonymous

            07 Jun 2019 06:04  

            Didn't know what these things were called, so I just started referring to then as scuttling***** monsters... Not sure if their real name is any better.

            • Anonymous

              29 Oct 2018 16:29  

              I don't like spiders irl but I usually don't have a problem with spiders in video games. And that thing isn't even a spider but those long limbs are what's getting to me, I think. After getting mault by one of those I just want to get rid of my character and make a new one

              • Anonymous

                22 Jun 2018 23:42  

                Whether they are creepy or not, they are the only enemy that drops Budding Green Blossoms, so if you want to maximize your PvP experience, you'll need to farm these guys.

                I can understand being afraid of them because you have a fear of spiders, but I also have a fear of spiders, and they don't freak me out that much... oh well, I'll never know.

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