Hollow Cleric


Enemy Type Hollow
Weakness Strike, Frost, Vow of Silence
Resistances Poison/Toxic
Immune ??

Hollow Cleric is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3 DLC: The Ringed City.


Hollow Cleric Enemy Description


Hollow Cleric Combat Information

  • From range, they cast a spell that summons a damaging aura where the player is standing.
  • At close range, they may attack with their hands to deal a small amount of physical damage.
  • When attacked, they will often hide under their shell to cast a healing spell that is accompanied by a damaging AoE arround their body.
  • When they hide behind their shell, the player can kick them or strike a few times to flip them on their backs. They'll writhe for a few seconds before returning to their feet and continuing to attack. Attacks that hit them while they're on their back deal significantly increased damage.
  • One specific Hollow Cleric (guarding a ladder nearby the Ringed City Streets bonfire) will perform a highly-damaging miracle spin charge at you with knockdown. The attack causes the Cleric to fly across the ground with a Way of the White Corona-like aura around them, covering a significant area. The attack will only be done once, after which the Hollow Cleric will continue to fight as normal.
    • Managing to land a hit on the Cleric while they do this attack will knock them onto their back, but the extreme damage of the attack makes it inadvisable to do, even if you have enough poise to withstand the hit.
  • Can be Rapported and is affected by Vow of Silence.


Hollow Cleric Notes & Trivia

  • A simillar type of shell can be seen on the Cleric Set and the backs of Pilgrims.
  • Although  they are coloquially referred to as "Turtles", their movement speed is actually quite formidable.


Hollow Cleric Variations

Variation Name

Location Drops
       Twinkling Titanite (Rare)
       Blessed Gem (Rare)

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops


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