Hollow Cleric

Enemy Type Hollow
Weakness Strike, Frost, Vow of Silence
Resistances Poison/Toxic
Immune ??

Hollow Cleric is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3 DLC: The Ringed City.


Enemy Description


Combat Information

  • Casts "Miracles" that damage the player.
    • Can use a Way of White Corona spell to spin towards the player.
    • Healing spell can seriously damage player. Spell can be broken.
  • If the player approaches them, they may use their hands to deal medium physical damage.
  • Can heal themselves. Damage is greatly reduced while casting.
  • When they hide behind their shell, the player can kick them or strike a few times to "flip" them. Hits in stomach deals extra damage.


Notes & Trivia

  • Simillar type of shell can be seen on Londor Pilgrim back.
  • Although coloquially termed as "Turtles", their movement speed is quite formidable.



Variation Name

Location Drops
       Twinkling Titanite (Rare)
       Blessed Gem (Rare)

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops



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    • Anonymous

      03 Sep 2018 19:24  

      Looks like a Kappa from Japanese folk lore. It fits the environ of an abyssal swamp and general comparisons between the abyss and a body of water.

      • Anonymous

        27 May 2018 03:09  

        I can imagine a player cleric whom has avoided concepts of dark and curses looking at their brethren and wondering why their raw faith didn't protect them, and worrying that if their faith didn't protect these poor souls then whats stopping them from turning mad as a hollow any minute...?

        • Anonymous

          02 Aug 2017 21:43  

          Silencing works well. They can't cast damaging miracles or heal. They still turtle up, but just without the healing.

          • Anonymous

            30 Apr 2017 10:13  

            I just lost 80000 souls (did play the DLC once on NG+, but I lost the save so I am playing the whole game again now) to one of this piece of*****, his miracles could appear while I was on a ladder WTF!!!

            • Anonymous

              11 Apr 2017 01:02  

              Okay tested this run:

              Starting from the Ringed CIty Streets bonfire, there is 12 clerics to kill. The run takes between 02:30-03:00 min (02:00 if you're fast af) and with my gear (Avarice, GSR+3, SSR+3, Crystal Rapier, Shield of Want) i managed to get 1-3 Twinkling titanites each run and 45k souls. I have never to farm the Archdragon rock lizards, but this aint too bad imo!

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