Ravenous Crystal Lizard

Type Dragon Lineage
Weakness None
Resistances Magic, Lightning, Fire
Immune Poison, Toxic, Bleed, Frost

Ravenous Crystal Lizard is an enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Ravenous Crystal Lizard Background

These imposing beasts, larger versions of the lizards seen scurrying across perilous Lothric grounds, offer quite a challenge with their large health pool and swift, erratic attack patterns. Their dorsal surface is almost entirely covered by glittering crystals, resembling the familiar spiny defence of a hedgehog, and these crystals are used in some of the creature's most deadly attacks.

Ravenous lizards are just as sought-after as their smaller counterparts, if not more, due to the precious upgrade materials dropped. However, killing one is no small feat and players will need to pay attention or use a particularly stable shield. This beast is present in the game's tutorial area, as tradition calls; there is usually one very difficult creature (see the tutorial Ogres in Dark Souls 2) and this lizard is likely to claim many stubborn lives in the Cemetery of Ash.


Ravenous Crystal Combat Information

  • Its attacks are somewhat varied. They include a rolling attack, which is a similar poise-breaker to the Skeleton Wheels and can be deadly.
  • Will jump at the player, or use its front legs (it has eight, four of which are unused) or tail.
  • Uses a crystal-breath attack, which deals Magic Damage.
  • Resistant to Lightning DamageMagic Damage  and Fire Damage.
  • Immune to Poison/Toxic, Bleed and Frostbite.
  • Repetitive blows will break its poise, what allows to perform a critical strike.


Ravenous Crystal Notes and Trivia

  • These enemies will not respawn after slain.
  • All of the enemy drops are fixed.


Ravenous Crystal Variations & Locations


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    • Anonymous

      23 Dec 2018 21:57  

      I love how these guys look! They're awesome! The fight with it was amazing, took some time but i didn't rage. First i was stupid and thought it was part of the tutorial- Haha... Great design as always. And the souls he gave were realy needed at the point! I beat it with losing 2 Estus Flasks. It was fun though! -JPuppet

      • Anonymous

        26 Feb 2018 13:34  

        How to cheese the first Great Crystal Lizard in the cemetary of Ash - This strategy requires nothing more then a weapon and keeping a cool head. First, agro the lizard to chase you and lead it to the edge of a nearby ledge (ledge not cliff), try to get the lizard to follow you down into the water, run around but up onto the ledge and simply fall onto his head. DON’T DIVE STRIKE! Just simply walking onto his head will instantly trigger a riposte opertunity and when that happens, let the lizard have it, run around back up onto the ledge a repeat over and over until it dies. It’s quit simple and is far better then wasting time hitting R1 all the time. It’s temping to do power dive but I strongly urge you not to for it takes too long to recover and you’ll most likely miss the riposte.

        • Anonymous

          28 Oct 2017 21:31  

          The Titanite Scale item info says Ravenous Crystal Lizards are created when normal Cystal Lizards consume souls, which makes me think, HOW DID A NORMAL CRYSTAL LIZARD MANAGE TO KILL ANYONE TO CONSUME THEIR SOULS? No wonder these things didn't make an appearance until now, lol.

          • Anonymous

            21 Oct 2017 06:18  

            I didn't know I could riposte these guys (as well as the giant crabs) until I did one today. This seems to be a different kind of riposte compared to other enemies, and I've seen a similar moved pulled on the Demon Prince. Can this stun attack be triggered deliberately?

            • Anonymous

              29 Aug 2017 07:01  

              This guy was difficult in the first stage, though with determination, dodge rolling, keeping the shield up, and examining moves, despite being new to the franchise, I beat 'em. Maybe all that early game giant killing in Skyrim boosted my ability to quickly change playstyles, cheese, and generally take on more difficult enemies

              • Anonymous

                15 Jun 2017 11:24  

                Am i the only one who have yet to lose against the first crystal lizard in the tutorial level, despite being completely new to the souls series (back then)?

                • Anonymous

                  18 May 2017 12:59  

                  Well, I'm new to dark souls ant the sense of adventure got the best of me. At the start of the game I thought the game was easy, until I stumbled into this monster and it utterly destroyed me. I haven't tried to beat him since.

                  • Anonymous

                    12 May 2017 16:03  

                    This guy in the Cemetary of Ash practically taught me, the beginner of this series, how to fight. I lost uncountable times against him (about an hour and a half) before finally beat him with a good wooden club. Though he also shaped the way I fight in the entire game, which is to stay the hell away from every enemy all the time, and sneak hits in, instead of roll-dodging like a pro.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 May 2017 12:11  

                      I killed it very easily by sneaking to it and casting Pestilent Mercury and then sneaking back.
                      the lizard didn't even wake up\aggro.

                      • Anonymous

                        Easy kill method09 Aug 2016 17:06  

                        You do t even need to attack, bait it through the big, up the steps towards the cliff, if you do this correctly he will roll of the edge giving you an insta kill. It's a good way to get about 2 levels immediately and, if you choose to rerun it you can get about 2-3 levels per kill the longer you farm. You can probably make your way to the closer side of level 20 before this goes stale and you want to continue on. It's also a good way to fast track your levels if you start deprived (not enough challenge until your naked and afraid)

                        • Anonymous

                          Help with one of these guys04 Jun 2016 17:43  

                          Theres a lozard behind a locked door juat past the halfway fortress, how do i get to it?

                          • Anonymous

                            this was me12 May 2016 14:33  

                            What the hell? Is this the crystal lizard? Did they grow up or something? (later finds a tiny one) oh thank god the cute ones are still here, ( proceeds to rape and collect its guts)

                            • Anonymous

                              The meme master02 May 2016 21:07  

                              There is an easy way to kill this boss as a low level, how ever it will take a couple of try's.First agro the beast and then retreat back the way you came through the small river. It would be best to roll through the bog as the bog slows you down but the creature does not. Once out of the bog, the beast can be trapped in the small boxlike courtyard just to your left. From there tun up the stairs on the left of the court yard and hide behind the graves on your right. The beast will attack the graves and not you. The beast however can get out of this little trap. If it does then agro it and make it circle around the out side of the court yard and back to where it was before. Keep on railing at the beast then you can have a nice drop after it dies.Enjoy.

                              • Anonymous

                                Untended Graves26 Apr 2016 14:47  

                                If you are having trouble with these, you can aggro them one at a time. If you are still having trouble, you can summon Sword Master as bait.

                                • Not so hard to kill26 Apr 2016 06:00  

                                  They have pretty slow attacks with well defined moves before attack goes. Simply evade attacks and attack by yourself when possible. Also, most of those seem to have constant health values, so one on Cemetery of Ash and one in Cathedral of the Deep have mostly same stats, and second one should be much easier. Even those on Untended Graves have not too high stats.

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