Ravenous Crystal Lizard

General Info
HP Souls Locations
1200-2019 4000-10000 Cemetery of Ash
Cathedral of the Deep
Farron Keep
Untended Graves
Drops Titanite Scale
Enemy Type N/A
Weak   Fire
Resistant   Slash
Immune All Status Effects
 Alluring Skull does not attract this enemy, making it ineffective.
 Rapport does not charm this enemy, making it ineffective.

Ravenous Crystal Lizard is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Ravenous Crystal Lizard Background

These imposing beasts, being larger versions of the Crystal Lizards, offer quite a challenge with their large health pool and swift and erratic attack patterns. Their dorsal surface is almost entirely covered by glittering crystals, used in some of the creature's most deadly attacks.

These lizards are just as sought-after as their smaller counterparts, due to the precious upgrade materials they drop. However, killing one is no small feat and players will need to pay attention or use a particularly stable shield. This beast is present in the game's tutorial area and is likely to claim many stubborn lives in the Cemetery of Ash.


Ravenous Crystal Combat Information

  • Its attacks are somewhat varied. They include a rolling attack, which is a similar poise-breaker to the Skeleton Wheel and can be deadly.
  • Will jump at the player, or use its front legs (it has eight, four of which are unused) or tail.
  • Uses a crystal-breath attack, which deals Magic Damage.
  • Repetitive blows will break their poise, which allows you to perform a critical strike.


Ravenous Crystal Notes and Trivia

  • Does not respawn.
  • All drops are fixed.









Ravenous Crystal Variations & Locations

Location Drops
Cemetery of Ash 1200 4000 Titanite Scale (Fixed Drop)
Untended Graves (×2) 2019 10000 Titanite Scale (Fixed Drop)
Cathedral of the Deep 1231 5000 Titanite Scale (Fixed Drop)
Farron Keep 1231 5000 Titanite Scale (Fixed Drop)


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    • Anonymous

      01 Mar 2021 04:15  

      If they were bigger,they could've been a Kaiju. I mean look at that design! some of the coolest **** I've ever seen

      • Anonymous

        17 Jan 2021 01:35  

        Sees Crystal Lizard in Cathedral of the Deep.
        Me: I thought you were dead!
        Crystal Lizard: My death was... greatly exaggerated.

        • Anonymous

          26 Dec 2020 20:06  

          If you are really struggling you can bait it out of its area and to the cliff towards the north. If you can get lucky enough it will roll off to its doom and you get the drops

          • Anonymous

            20 Dec 2020 12:55  

            So my first real souls game(after Sekiro) and I got it first try. Knight build. Lol idk is it supposed to be tough fight? just wanna know.

            • Anonymous

              30 Nov 2020 16:57  

              I can't for certain confirm if it's true or not, but I do believe they are weak to strike attacks even though it's not listed. It only takes a few hits with strike weapons to stunlock them for a riposte, which is a lot less than other weapon types.

              • Anonymous

                16 Jul 2020 01:55  

                If you’re playing as a pyromancer I highly recommend using Iron Flesh, it lets you tank some of it’s heavier melee attacks and get in pretty good damage fairly quickly.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Jan 2020 03:55  

                  I remember finishing bloodborne and playing this for the first time. I was dodging like a madman and kept running out of stamina. I learned to manage it after him lol

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Aug 2019 21:35  

                    Hi, i tried with the Vordt great Hammer, even if the enemy is immune to Frost damage, the fight was pretty easy if you dodge wisely !

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Dec 2018 21:57  

                      I love how these guys look! They're awesome! The fight with it was amazing, took some time but i didn't rage. First i was stupid and thought it was part of the tutorial- Haha... Great design as always. And the souls he gave were realy needed at the point! I beat it with losing 2 Estus Flasks. It was fun though! -JPuppet

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