Peasant Hollow (Cleaver/Fork)

Enemy Type Hollow
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??


Enemy Description

  • Fork wielding peasants utilize the range provided by their weapon with thrusts and swings.
  • Cleaver wielding peasants tend to engage in combat with chained, wild swings.


Undead Settlement

Combat Information

  • Easy to backstab them is you circle around them before they attack.
  • If you block and incoming attack succesfully, preferably with a 100% Phys. Dmg reduction shield, they will stagger for 2 seconds, making them easy to kill.
  • Avoid fighting them in groups of 3 or more if you're low level.
  • They can be lured but their walking speed is slow.
  • Can be staggered when rolled into. 

Notes & Trivia

Drops Worker Set, Four-Pronged Plow, Harpe (Very rare), Fire Gem, Firebomb, Charcoal Pine Resin, Rubbish, Great Wooden Hammer

  • ??





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