Peasant Hollow

peasant hollow enemies dark souls 3 wiki guide
General Info
hp  souls bonfire indent 24x
121 60 Undead Settlement

Worker Set
Four-Pronged Plow
Fire Gem

Charcoal Pine Bundle
Charcoal Pine Resin

Titanite Shard

Enemy Type Hollow
Weak All Status Effects
Resistant None
Immune None
alluring skull yesno 64 Alluring Skull attracts this enemy, making it vulnerable for a few seconds.
rapport yesno 64 Rapport charms this enemy, making it a temporary ally.

 Peasant Hollow is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Peasant Hollow Enemy Description

  • Fork wielding peasants utilize the range provided by their weapon with thrusts and swings.
  • Cleaver wielding peasants tend to engage in combat with chained, wild swings.
  • Red eyed peasants with sickles (?)


Peasant Hollow Location

Undead Settlement

Combat Information

  • It is possible to back stab them if you circle around them before they attack.
  • If you block an incoming attack successfully, preferably with a 100% Phys. Dmg reduction shield, they will stagger for 2 seconds making for an easy kill.
  • Avoid fighting them in groups of 3 or more if you're low level.
  • They can be lured but their walking speed is slow.
  • Can be staggered when rolled into. 


Peasant Hollow Notes & Trivia

Drops Worker Set, Four-Pronged Plow, Harpe (Very rare), Fire Gem, Firebomb, Charcoal Pine Resin, Charcoal Pine BundleRubbish, Great Wooden Hammer, Titanite Shard.



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    • Anonymous

      Making a cosplay lvl 30-35 build based around these guys. Went knight class so I would have the min requirements to two hand both the four pronged plow and wooden hammer which are both fire infused +3. I invested all my levels into vigor but you could level up your endurance too, just make sure you have 23 vigor and life ring equipped so you can get that 1k hp unembered. I use life ring, fire clutch ring, Flynn’s ring (u can replace flynn’s ring for either pontiffs left eye or chloranthy ring) Lloyd sword ring to prioritize my damage, but if I want more defense I’ll use prisoner’s chain, fap ring (no +3 cuz I don’t feel like having to go through the dlc lol), Lloyd shield ring, and pontiffs right eye. For some extra cosplay points I won’t be using shields, I also went hollow and got myself a shitload of black firebombs/firebombs to chuck at hosts and invaders alike.

      • Anonymous

        I got a Fire Gem drop from one of those yielding a cleaver and a lattern in the area with the burning corpses and the evangelist kneeling in fron of the fire, I have been fighting them a lot so I guess its a FEXTRA very rare drop.

        • Anonymous

          Took me SO damn long to get the harpe... Don't know why I bothered, because it's not even that great of a weapon fml

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