Devout Of The Deep

Enemy Type Hollow
Weakness Physical, Frost
Resistances Dark, Magic, Poison, Toxic, Bleed
Immune ??

Devout of The Deep is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3. They usually are slow moving creatures, that cast flame spells and have a short melee swing. This creature has a few different variations: one being a stocky fat pope, and another being the regular that you see in the image above.


Devout of the Deep Enemy Description


Devout of the Deep Combat Information

  • Has a range fireball spell.
  • Can be lured. Has a melee swing, as well as a dark AOE spell once within melee range.
  • Best spot to farm Human dregs for the Aldrich covenant. 
  • Weak to Frost and Physical damage.
  • Resistant to Poison, Toxic, Dark, Magic, Bleed.


Devout of the Deep Notes & Trivia

  • Have roots growing out from under their skirts. This happens to the Deacons as they live. Archdeacons have roots in their eyes.


Devout of the Deep Variations

Variation Name

Location Drops
 Above Pontiff's Room 670-1000 (NG+)  2700, 3240 (Both NG+)  Deacon Robe, Deacon Skirt, Human Dregs, Deep Gem

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops



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    • Anonymous

      24 Nov 2020 19:48  

      "Easy to farm, right above Pontiff's bonfire"

      Wtf i wear the ring but its not "easy to farm" since 3 hours i fight against this bastards and only got 5 human drags...

      • Anonymous

        08 Nov 2020 03:40  

        If you go to Yotobi's gameplay of DS3 (it's in italian), sometime after defeating Aldritch he sits at his bonfire in the arena, and right after that a fireball hits him. That's how annoying these ****heads are

        • Anonymous

          17 May 2020 09:46  

          I'm convinced that the summoning rules are different for this area. There are far more summons and it's feels like everyone I'm summoned against has a ocean of health here. Realistically it's because of the "arena" that's nearby but god damn.

          • Anonymous

            07 May 2020 22:21  

            there is actually a difference between a deacon and a devout, a deacon is standard, only firing fireballs every so often, but much rather interested in poking you with his candle, a devout on the other hand is/are ganky pieces of sh*t that will spam gank you with fireballs like your pinned down on a war zone with 4 M16's on you

            • Anonymous

              14 Sep 2019 22:14  

              For anyone wondering which is the fastest farming method, these are some quick test results. Each type of run was performed 10 times, with a melee weapon and a warp back to the bonfire. YMMV, but here's the data I got: Aldrich Bonfire, first 3 only: 32-33 seconds/run, 10.8 seconds/enemy (very consistent) Aldrich Bonfire, first 3 + 5 upstairs: 60-70 seconds/run, 8.1 seconds/enemy (inconsistent, some deaths) Pontiff Sulyvahn Bonfire: 90-100 seconds/run, 10.6 seconds/enemy (somewhat consistent) Water Reserve Bonfire: 100-105 seconds/run, 11.4 seconds/enemy (consistent) TLDR; Aldrich bonfire w/ all 8 Devout is the fastest, but it's somewhat difficult and you may die sometimes. All other methods are roughly the same, so go by personal preference!

              • Anonymous

                03 Feb 2019 16:42  

                I’m trying to get human dregs, I have the gold ring and I’m crushing coins and they’re not dropping a single thing. Help

                • Anonymous

                  Devout within the Cathedral21 Jul 2016 03:47  

                  4 Devout of the Deep can be found just outside the Deacons Boss gate. Others are scattered in and around the Cathedral.

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