Enemy Type Skeleton
Weakness Strike, Blessed
Resistances Physical, Thrust, Fire, Lightning, Dark
Immune ??

Minor Skeleton is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description



Combat Information

  • Has similar moveset as their Dark Souls 1 counterpart.
  • A headless minor skeleton is capable of parrying player, which may lead to a riposte.
  • The ones with glowing white eyes will resurrect themselves once upon death,  unless killed by a blessed weapon (the infusion, spell buff or certain weapons considered blessed Anri's Straight Sword).
  • The two wearing Worker Hats control the Skeleton Balls. Killing them allows for the corresponding ball to be shattered.
  • The Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords initial two handed L1 attack may knock down the skeletons without dealing any damage.






Notes & Trivia


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    • Anonymous

      Don't think I've ever been killed by one, but the amount of times I've hit a wall while trying to fend one off and knocked myself off a cliff is painfully high.

      • Anonymous

        I don't know if this is the right page, but the skeleton at the beginning of the catacombs dropped a vertebra shackle. Did this happen for anyone else or just me?

        • Anonymous

          The headless ones will auto-parry when they are "blocking". Two-handed ultra weapons will still be unparryable, though. These "crownless parry kings" are a good way to test if an attack is parryable.

          • Anonymous

            Both Faron Greatsword and the Wolf Knight Greatsword do no act as blessed weapons. White eyed skeletons will still resurrect when using this weapon. These weapons do +20% damage vs. Abysal type enemies though.

            • Anonymous

              I was going through the catacombs to check for anything I missed before I headed into ng+, and was surprised that the headless falchion skels can parry and riposte. There wasn't a windup or anything, it just parried me

              • Anonymous

                Anyone else get parried by the headless, one-armed skeletons? Seems a bit silly to me, since they hardly have any stance change when they do.

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