Crystal Sage


Enemy Type Mage
Weakness Poison/Toxic, Frost, Physical
Resistances Magic
Immune N/A

Crystal Sage is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Crystal Sage Enemy Description


Crystal Sage Combat Information

  • It will twice teleport to a new locations after being damaged.
  • On long and medium range attacks with sorceries - Crystal Soul Spear, Homing Crystal Soulmass and White Dragon Breath. Those sorceries deals magic damage.
  • At short range attacks with Estoc, dealing either Thrust or Slash damage. Can be parried.
  • After teleporting it will still stay and snipe you with missiles.
  • Weak to Physical-type damage, Frost and Poison/Toxic.
  • Resistant to Magic.
  • Cannot be lured or rapported.


Crystal Sage Notes & Trivia

  • The Crystal Sages are connected to Logan and may be his descendants.
  • Drops the Crystal Scroll upon death
  • Can be cheesed with Sacred Flame, which makes it possible to kill him before he can teleport.
  • He can be killed with Pestilent Mist without triggering his teleport.

Crystal Sage Variations

Crystal Sage(mob, twin of boss)

Location Drops
Grand Archives  4090  22000 Crystal Scroll


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    • Luck build: 40 Luck, 40 D*x, +10 Hollow Warden blades, +10 Fire Dagger, Hornet Ring, Pontiff's Right Eye ring.

      Threw the Dung Pies to start, then baited an attack for parry/riposte. Swapped to Wardens and L1 spammed for bleed build-up. Got a stagger so teleport avoided, and the bleed popped right at the end for a quick kill with the Toxic draining throughout the fight.

      • Anonymous

        I decided to parry him this time. Worked. Long as you don't damage... but not enough to outright kill em. But any thing can make short work as long as your fast enough

        • Anonymous

          BIG TIP : Buy or collect 4 dung pies.

          Throw 2 at the sage.

          Hide behind the wall on the right.

          Wait until they take 2340 damge

          Throw the other 2 dung pies.

          Let the sage die, you still get the scroll and 20'000 souls.

          Really handy if you don't want to deal with the bastard.

          • Anonymous

            I just threw 2 dung pies at him to inflict toxic and waited until he died. No magic required at all, just a bit more patience I guess

            • Anonymous

              use, toxic mist then poison mist and then spam sacred flame. with sacred flame being spammed she wont go away

              • Anonymous

                Dice him up with frayed blade heavy attack over and over, you should be able to stop him from teleporting and kill him as soon as you get in the archives.

                • Anonymous

                  As a sorcerer, you can hide behind a corner as soon as it spawns, get close and cast pestilent mist. It wont teleport away, and dies after 5 casts.

                  • Anonymous

                    Parry riposte with a +10 elemental dagger (magic is a bad idea against her) and hornet ring equipped, then charge up a Ultra Greatsword or Greataxe heavy attack. If she aint dead yet one more R1 should do it.

                    • Anonymous

                      HP is slightly off for NG. I used toxic mist cheese on him and dealt 1560 two times and an additional 910 with a 3rd use, totaling to 4030 instead of 4090.

                      • Anonymous

                        Using the Pestilent Mist sorcery is a useful way of taking down the sage without chasing it. Since attacking them is, for some reason, the trigger that enables enemies to advance into phases (bosses) and to teleport/etc., using a health-draining ability that doesn't actually "attack" them is effective. I just used it myself so I could get the Crystal Sorceries a bit earlier without chasing the mini-boss through the Grand Archives. Very handy. I considered it to be kind of useless until I came across Havel and realized it could do way more damage to him than my sword ever could and left me far less open as long as I cast it far enough away from his attacks before luring him in.

                        • Anonymous

                          just throw 2 dung pies for toxic status on him/her/it. kills him/her/it easier than other methods and doesn't require a special build

                          • Anonymous

                            You can cast pestilent mist and kill him in the beginning without him teleporting. Just cast it and dodge his spells. It's what I have been doing with my sorcerer build.

                            • Anonymous

                              frayed blade with blindfold mask, dark clutch ring, 45/45 str and dex, and dark blade buff killed ng+5 crystal sage in three R2 WA

                              • Anonymous

                                2 dung pies thrown fast enough afflict him with toxic which takes away two thirds of his hp. hide in the corner and refresh. he wont teleport.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Yes, somebody, write about Sacred flame strategy. I'm a swordsman (just got 10 of INT/FTH), and yet thanks to Sacred Flame I managed to kill this guy at the Archives Entrance. It's an amazing pyromancy.

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