Crystal Sage

Enemy Type Mage
Weakness Poison/Toxic, Frost, Physical
Resistances Magic
Immune N/A

Crystal Sage is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Crystal Sage Enemy Description


Crystal Sage Combat Information

  • It will twice teleport to a new locations after being damaged.
  • On long and medium range attacks with sorceries - Crystal Soul Spear, Homing Crystal Soulmass and White Dragon Breath. Those sorceries deals magic damage.
  • At short range attacks with Estoc, dealing either Thrust or Slash damage. Can be parried.
  • After teleporting it will still stay and snipe you with missiles.
  • Weak to Physical-type damage, Frost and Poison/Toxic.
  • Resistant to Magic.
  • Cannot be lured or rapported.


Crystal Sage Notes & Trivia

  • The Crystal Sages are connected to Logan and may be his descendants.
  • Drops the Crystal Scroll upon death
  • Can be cheesed with Sacred Flame, which makes it possible to kill him before he can teleport.
  • He can be killed with Pestilent Mist without triggering his teleport.

Crystal Sage Variations

Crystal Sage(mob, twin of boss)

Location Drops
Grand Archives  4090  22000 Crystal Scroll


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    • Anonymous

      13 Nov 2020 14:46  

      As a sorcerer, you can hide behind a corner as soon as it spawns, get close and cast pestilent mist. It wont teleport away, and dies after 5 casts.

      • Anonymous

        03 Oct 2020 11:35  

        Parry riposte with a +10 elemental dagger (magic is a bad idea against her) and hornet ring equipped, then charge up a Ultra Greatsword or Greataxe heavy attack. If she aint dead yet one more R1 should do it.

        • Anonymous

          09 May 2019 19:30  

          HP is slightly off for NG. I used toxic mist cheese on him and dealt 1560 two times and an additional 910 with a 3rd use, totaling to 4030 instead of 4090.

          • Anonymous

            22 Apr 2019 09:42  

            Using the Pestilent Mist sorcery is a useful way of taking down the sage without chasing it. Since attacking them is, for some reason, the trigger that enables enemies to advance into phases (bosses) and to teleport/etc., using a health-draining ability that doesn't actually "attack" them is effective. I just used it myself so I could get the Crystal Sorceries a bit earlier without chasing the mini-boss through the Grand Archives. Very handy. I considered it to be kind of useless until I came across Havel and realized it could do way more damage to him than my sword ever could and left me far less open as long as I cast it far enough away from his attacks before luring him in.

            • Anonymous

              20 Jan 2019 00:15  

              just throw 2 dung pies for toxic status on him/her/it. kills him/her/it easier than other methods and doesn't require a special build

              • Anonymous

                14 Jan 2018 19:47  

                You can cast pestilent mist and kill him in the beginning without him teleporting. Just cast it and dodge his spells. It's what I have been doing with my sorcerer build.

                • Anonymous

                  16 Aug 2017 01:50  

                  frayed blade with blindfold mask, dark clutch ring, 45/45 str and dex, and dark blade buff killed ng+5 crystal sage in three R2 WA

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Apr 2017 15:03  

                    2 dung pies thrown fast enough afflict him with toxic which takes away two thirds of his hp. hide in the corner and refresh. he wont teleport.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Mar 2017 23:41  

                      Yes, somebody, write about Sacred flame strategy. I'm a swordsman (just got 10 of INT/FTH), and yet thanks to Sacred Flame I managed to kill this guy at the Archives Entrance. It's an amazing pyromancy.

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