Iron Dragonslayer


Enemy Type Reanimated Armour

icon-wp_frost Frost

icon-strikedef Strike

Wolf Knight's Greatsword

Farron Greatsword

Resistances Lightning, Dark, Slash
Immune Poison/Toxic, Bleed

Iron Dragonslayer is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Iron Dragonslayer Description

  • Remains of Dragonslayer Armour, which was possesed by the memory of hunt and thus reanimated.
  • Serves as a mini boss.


Iron Dragonslayer Combat Information


Iron Dragonslayer Notes & Trivia


Iron Dragonslayer Variations

Variation Name

Location Drops
The Ringed City   4,154  64,000 Iron Dragonslayer Set


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    • Anonymous

      28 Aug 2021 11:45  

      He was dominating me for about an hour. I decided to be a wild man and go toe to toe with him and just lothric GS and stomp R2 him to death. Took about 5 estus, but came out on top.

      • Anonymous

        20 Jul 2021 12:40  

        For sorcerers, I would recommend using Pestilential Mist, and just circling around it while he is trying to hit you. As long as you are staying within attack range, he will stay in the mist, and you can focus on dodging instead of trying to find openings to attack.

        • Anonymous

          11 Jul 2021 09:09  

          I made him run at me. Everytime I got too far, I looked back at him. The very second he saw me looking at him, he started to run at me again. When he got too near, I run again away from him. I made him follow me until the back side of the roof of the half submerged building, then I tried to make him follow me down, on the rocks. My plan was to made him follow me to the bridge, where Midir was ready to barbecue us. Of course, I had my Dragon Crest Shield ready for the occasion... However, the Iron Dragonslayer jumped down from the roof, and for whatever reason, he stopped there, standing there looking at me like an idiot. I pincushioned him with arrows. Whenever I hit him at the head, it moved a little, but still didn't stop to just stay there just glaring at me.
          That was really anticlimatic...

          • Anonymous

            20 Jun 2021 17:49  

            I had no idea this intimidating badass was lingering in the swamp, and once you stumble on him he will not give up pursuing you until one of you is dead. Very fun fight where seemed to be constantly on the brink of death but eventually triumphed. This is why we play souls games

            • Anonymous

              19 Mar 2021 02:01  

              First time playing DS3 so I'm not good at the game by any means, but I found the best way to beat him legit was just circling to your right (his left/shield side) and just keep rolling that way during his attacks while continually circling right around him. I found I missed getting hit from almost all his attacks except the occasional shield ability which is much easier to tank and recover from. This tactic got me close enough so I could punish his small openings where he wasn't swinging. I found that he mostly does a set of 3 attacks, the last of which he stops for a moment after a powerful attack so you can get either 1 hit in with a slow weapon like a UGS, or 2-3 hits in with a faster lighter weapon like a SS or twinblades or something. I was taken by surprise the 1st time I came across him playing the game blind and only had 4 pots left and lost, but easily beat him my 2nd try only using 2 pots doing the above. Just keep rolling through his attacks, always circling his shield side trying to bait him into using all his attacks for your opening. Playing closer to him in this way makes it so you don't have to stay at such a long-range where he has immense reach and distance closing abilities. At range he WILL close the distance fast, but you can't close the distance on him fast enough for the small windows where you could get a hit in. There are probably way easier ways to cheese him or better strategies, like I said I'm a new player, but this way I found him pretty easy once I knew he was there. Also yellow bug pellets and green blossoms help. The bug pellet I took just before I was in aggro range then as he stands up and comes towards you, you have time to use your blossom to get the most out of it since they don't last long. Goodluck!

              • Anonymous

                20 Dec 2020 15:02  

                Lead him to the suspicious bridge that I heard roars coming from. I rolled through the fire, he face-tanked it with lethal consequences. Dragonslayer my ass.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Jun 2020 01:37  

                  I noticed there isn’t any mention of this guy being worth a heck of lot of Souls, especially with Shield of Want, Silver Covetous Ring +3, Symbol of Avarice (SoA), and the Mendicant’s Staff equipped. Equipping any Shield with 65 Stability, or higher, and using Great Magic Shield (GMS) spell on it will let you take his punishment easily. Just whack him with the Irythil Straight sword until desired outcome is achieved., paying close attention to health depletion from SoA and also when GMS runs out.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Jun 2020 18:04  

                    Feel like they upped the damage but toned down it's resistances. Makes sense, considering how the armor was "left ages to rust"

                    • Anonymous

                      26 May 2020 23:41  

                      dunno if its mentioned or already known, another cheese method i found (only tried first time, but it let me win even w/ no estus) is to lure him to the area where the locust priest is, and go up the rocky side towards the steps as if you are planning to fall back to the steps and to the bonfire. u can head-shot him all day from there as he just runs up a ways then backs off slowly... must be out of bounds for him? sorry if it doesn't make sense...

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Mar 2020 20:07  

                        If he still alive in the bridge in lothric castle you will find the harald knights alive instead or he still there and in the bridge at the same time?

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Feb 2020 23:57  

                          There is an easy cheese method I use that can be found here: After I killed all the enemies in the area, I felt this might have been a tough fight with my SL 35 character and I did not want to risk having to re-clear the area if I died. Also you can bait him to the area where midir breathes fire and he will usually fall off the cliff, kinda like the sword master cheese right at the beginning of the game.

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Nov 2019 05:55  

                            The fight is basically him using cheap attacks over and over because he doesn't want to be humiliated by you again like at the castle

                            • Anonymous

                              01 Nov 2019 20:52  

                              I was brutally raped by this guy countless times. My self-esteem suffered greatly and the wife stopped showing interest. Recently though, I revisited the Iron Dragonslayer with my upgraded Farron Gratsword and L1'd is butthole wide open. He's weak against the FG, but what really tore him open was the breakdancing. This guy is unable to land most of his attacks on a skilled breakdancer. Dodge the shield bashes and he fell to my FG so quickly. My confidence is back, along with my wiener's ability to get harder than a banana. Thank you Farron Greatsword. I am once again able to please my wife, though i choose not to.

                              • Anonymous

                                30 Oct 2019 17:51  

                                There are easy cheese methods for this guy if you google it. You can make him fall off a cliff, or my favorite, luring him over to where all the ring knights were and in the far right hand corner and if you get him to drop down you can circle back and turn him into a pin cushion with your arrows. With my sL 35 character this helped a lot, as I did not want to have to clear the area again, especially with that summoner guy respawning every time. I have seen videos of people baiting him over to the ringed knights and they fought each other, but I have never been able to get this result.

                                • Anonymous

                                  23 Sep 2019 16:09  

                                  Found this dude even harder than the boss armour. Keep throwing his two handed move set since the begining.

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