Cathedral Evangelist

Enemy Type Undead
Weakness Frost, Bleed, Thrust, Backstab
Resistances Fire, Strike
Immune N/A

Cathedral Evangelist is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Cathedral Evangelist Enemy Description

Commonly referred to as Evangelists, after the name of their armor set.

Often mocks you or chants, even when not actively attacking.


Cathedral Evangelist Locations


Cathedral Evangelist Combat Information

  • The color of the glow from her spellbook shows which spell is coming, pale yellow for Gnaw and smoldering orange for the fiery grab attack.
  • The mace is very dangerous if it connects, but slow and leaves openings. The bible thump comes out much faster and is mostly used in self-defense to interrupt your combo.
  • Deals Strike Damage, Standard Damage, Fire Damage and Dark Damage. May also cause Blood Loss.
  • When using grapple attack or casting Gnaw, she can easily be backstabbed.
  • Weak to FrostbiteBleed and Thrust Damage.
  • Resistant to Strike Damage and Fire Damage.
  • Mace and book attacks can be parried and followed up with a riposte.
  • Evangelists have more poise than most enemies, raising the appeal of using heavy weapons in melee combat.
  • One of the only enemies to call out their attacks with spoken words, as introduced in Bloodborne. Specifically the immolation hug, the rest is just mad cackling and mumbling.
    • "Oh, child... [FWOOSH] ...come to me!"
    • "I'll cleanse the- [FWOOSH] ...bastard's curse!"


Cathedral Evangelist Notes & Trivia

  • The Cathedral Evangelist bears a striking resemblance to the Fat Officials from Demon's Souls.
  • Best taken out at range - grapple attack often triggers during your combos, and mace has powerful knockdown/stamina effect.
  • Knocking her down very close to the player will occasionally knock down the player as well, dealing very little damage and causing a long wakeup animation.
  • On her belt are several real-life torture implements, including a pear of anguish Undead_Settlement_Enemies_Concept_Art_Evangelist_Peasant_Thumb2.
  • The Evangelist in front of the big tree in Undead Settlement, where the Estus Shard is located, is praying with her hat off.
  • The Evangelists are voiced by Clare Corbett, who also voiced many other characters in the Souls games, such as Saint Astraea, Gwynevere, Priscilla, and Alsanna.


Cathedral Evangelist Variations

Cathedral Evangelist Gallery


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