Drakeblood Knight

Enemy Type Hostile NPC
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune Rapport

Drakeblood Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Drakeblood Knight Enemy Description


Drakeblood Knight Combat Information

  • Has around 1300 health on NG and deals high amounts of damage.
  • The combination of lightning and magic damage bleeds through shields. Dodging and parrying become a necessity instead of blocking and countering.
  • A very methodical, knightly fighter. Frequently switches his shield in and out and loves using the Skill stance. Dodging around his sword arts gives you the widest window for a backstab.
  • Very high endurance. Can rapidly swing that sword 6 times in a row, if given an opening.
  • Killing the Man-Serpent Summoner will not kill him but you'll at least be able to kill him permanently.
  • Can be kicked off the map. He'll still drop his sword if you do this.
  • Immune to the Pyromancy Rapport


 Drakeblood Knight Gallery



Drakeblood Knight Notes & Trivia

  • Drops 4000 Souls
  • Drakeblood Knights appeared in the Dark Souls 2 DLC "Crown of the Sunken King". The errant knights upon Archdragon Peak either appear to have found a way to indulge their worshipful obsession with dragon blood without the dragon-hunting part or were otherwise spellbound by the man-serpent cult after their intrusion.
  • The corpse in Consumed King's Garden, from which you learn the "path of the dragon" gesture, is also clad in Drakeblood Armor.
  • Farming Method:
    Go to the Dragon-kin Mausoleum bonfire and wait near the summoning spawn point for the enemy.
    Your character should have 45 Strength, a Yhorm's Great Machete +5, Lloyd's Sword Ring, and a Hornet Ring, with a Dragon Torso Stone in your Quick Items.
    With these items equipped, you should be able to kill the knights with one backstab, make sure that you have enough time to use the Dragon Roar before backstabbing them, or else the AR buff will wear off.
    It is recommended that you equip the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and the Shield of Want to gain 5280 Souls with each kill. 
  • You can further boost the souls earned by equipping mendicants staff, the staff of the snake summoner, gained by farming it. This item also boosts souls earned from kills. If you cant use staffs, simply switch to it w the shortcut key right on the killing blow. You should have enough time to get the extra buff as it takes a little while for souls to pop out after death. Then switch back to your normal weapon for the next knight.
  • NG+: If you don't feel like farming for their armor, the corpse where you obtain the Path of the Dragon gesture gives you the full Drakeblood armor set.


Drakeblood Knight Variations

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops


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    • Anonymous

      13 Mar 2020 22:51  

      Each new spawn shares the same resistance bars and fill up amount as the prior. This makes bleed very effective against them.

      • Anonymous

        05 Feb 2020 17:31  

        pretty sure drakeblood doesnt drop his armor, ive killed him millions of times for souls on first journey, you just go to path of dragon gesture spot and its there after killing him once, no need to NG+ as wiki says, fix this*****.

        • Anonymous

          22 Oct 2019 02:15  

          The ultimate sparring partner. Whenever I try a new set up or new weapon that I need to figure out the range on, I always come back to this guy. Good sir, my hat is off to you.

          • Anonymous

            23 Aug 2019 10:10  

            There is honestly no point in farming unless you want souls from him or a second set of armour. You don't need to be on Ng+ for the path of dragon corpse to have the set, just kill the drakeblood knight once and it'll be there.

            • Anonymous

              17 Aug 2019 14:21  

              Wow. Was really struggling with these buggers at first. Then got my +5 Wolf Knight Greatsword. Two handing it + using the WA absolutely DEMOLISHES these guys.

              • Anonymous

                01 May 2019 23:44  

                Found in the Consumed King's Garden, on the corpse that teaches the Path of the Dragon gesture. For it to appear, the player must first defeat at least one Drakeblood Knight at Archdragon Peak.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Mar 2019 16:50  

                  A good strategy is to just use the charged stab with the zweihander it will commonly throw them back and then you can just repeat to stun lock them, but be wary of using it towards the stairs because they will sometimes get glitched and will be floating.

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Dec 2018 11:27  

                    No mention of the stronger version who pops up every now and then and gives way more souls than the regular ones?

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Jun 2018 20:24  

                      The armour appears on the corpse after Oceiros in NG when you defeat him for the first time, you don't have to wait until NG+ or waste time farming him. Not sure why this wiki hasn't been updated in the years since release.

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Apr 2018 09:23  

                        Did some testing and he appears to be staggered rather easily (I used a base-level rotten ghru sword) and he was able to be staggered with it.
                        As for weaknesses, he appears to not be entirely resistant to most elemental forms of damage (for testing i enchanted a base-level astora straight sword with miracles pyromancies and sorceries);
                        Normal Astora's Straight sword - 38 Damage
                        Lightning - 64 (+26) (It might just me being lucky but lightening staggers him an awful lot, even mid-attack sometimes).
                        Fire - 64 (+26)
                        Blessed - 44 (+6)
                        Frost N/A (I know that Vordt's hammer procs frost crits on him because I kill him in roughly 3 hits with a +5 vordt's hammer criting on the second or last swing).
                        Dark - 62 (+24)
                        Magic - 57 (+19) (please bear in mind that my intelligence is lower than my faith)
                        (I didn't test bleed or poison because it requires a proc to activate and i kept dying while trying to.)

                        So, it appears that he generally can be hit with anything. If I had to use the categories of Weak, Resistant, and Immune then it would go like this;
                        Weak Against;
                        Magic (my int is probably just not high enough to see similar results)
                        Frost (although still untested properly)

                        Resistant to;

                        Immune to;
                        Probably none (If not, bleed and poison)

                        Here are my character's relevant stats to give you an idea of how i came to those conclusions above;
                        Strength 32
                        Dexterity 18
                        Intelligence 20
                        Faith 30

                        • Anonymous

                          18 Jan 2018 16:32  

                          "NG+: If you don't feel like farming for their armor"

                          But you can't farm their armor, they don't drop it. You can get their armor yes, but they don't drop it.

                          • Anonymous

                            02 Jan 2018 03:44  

                            So the info about the Drakeblood set being on the corpse in NG+ is false. I found the set on the corpse in Consumed Kings Garden in NG after killing the Drakeblood Knight.

                            • Anonymous

                              28 Dec 2017 02:57  

                              Hey if anyone still posts information lol in NG that have low health is there any weapon that can deal 1300+ dmg with the backstab alone to farm fast as possible?

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Aug 2017 15:04  

                                Backstab damage vs Drakeblood Knight w/ Lloyd’s Sword Ring & Hornet Ring:

                                weapon (+10/+5) backstab eq. screen total damage % increase
                                Lightning Longsword 612 461 132.75%
                                Chaos Longsword 572 445 128.54%
                                Dark Longsword 609 457 133.26%
                                Sunlight Straight Sword 467 360 129.72%

                                Looks like he's weak to Dark and Lightning (or resistant to Fire and Physical).

                                • Anonymous

                                  07 Jul 2017 18:50  

                                  After some testing
                                  Clutch Ring (for each respective element)
                                  Lloyd Sword Ring

                                  Weapon and attack:
                                  Falchion (+6) R1

                                  Crystal Chime (+5)
                                  Pyromancy Flame (+10)

                                  Int and Faith: 31
                                  18 Str 16 Dex

                                  Fire weapon:
                                  Normal Atack: 115
                                  Riposte: 315

                                  Lighting Blade
                                  Normal Atack: 124
                                  Riposte: 335

                                  Blessed Weapon
                                  Normal Atack: 91
                                  Riposte: 321

                                  Dark Blade
                                  Normal Atack: 120
                                  Riposte: 331

                                  Crystal Magic Weapon
                                  Normal Atack: 127
                                  Riposte: 338

                                  • Anonymous

                                    01 Jun 2017 17:19  

                                    The armor can't be farmed, just kill the first one that was summoned and the corpse you got the path if the dragon emote from has the full set.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      12 May 2017 04:08  

                                      Does he get replaced by a dark spirit if invaded. I died a couple times to him, reembered the third time instead of him a Havel Knight appeared and killed me for the third time. I do not know if this is a glitch or what.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        03 Apr 2017 00:12  

                                        Cosplaying these guys is actually viable in PvP. The sword deals decent enough damage and is quite fast for a greatsword when twohanded. The shield is great against mage builds and the spell parry works wonders at increasing survivability. Once parried multiple CSS before dying cos I screwed up the timing on the last one and got finished off by another invader. The armour is pretty decent as well.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          13 Mar 2017 05:29  

                                          The drakeblood knight spawn has been moved to the top of the stairs nearest the summoner so you can no longer one-shot backstab farm him. Easiest way to farm him now is to draw him out to the long area where the Nameless King bonfire is (Obviously you need to have beaten NK first) It doesn't take long to down him, he's crazy weak when it comes to parries.

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