Ascended Winged Knight


Enemy Type Knight
Weakness Dark, Magic, Frost, Thrust
Resistances Standard, Strike, Slash, Fire, Lightning, Bleed, Poison/Toxic
Effective Items Rapport
Immune N/A

Ascended Winged Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Ascended Winged Knight Enemy Description

  • Winged Knights with actual, functional wings. They wear golden armor.
  • They have the same variants as the normal knights; Halberd and Twin Axes
  • They can be found atop the roof directly opposite to the room with the Twin Princes. From the Grand Archives bonfire, use the elevator, go right then circle left to reach the roof.


Ascended Winged Knight Combat Information


Ascended Winged Knight Notes & Trivia

  • Killing all of the Ascended Winged Knights nets a Titanite Slab, but only one per playthrough.
  • Drops Large Titanite Shards, Titanite ChunksBlessed Gems, and their respective weapons.
  • Using the Shield of Want, Symbol of Avarice, and Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, repeatedly killing the three knights can net you souls at a very fast rate. After 2-3 runs you can buy enough upgrade materials to take a weapon from base strength to +9.
  • The trio in the Grand Archives are great for soul farming.  One fast and low risk strategy is to attune Hidden Body and Rapport and equip the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring (or use Spook, though it is cumbersome to keep casting). From the Grand Archives use the elevator, go right then circle left to reach the roof.  Run up the stairs and head slightly left near the doorway to the building. This will trigger to the trio to drop down, once they trigger, cast Hidden Body.  They will land and you should be between the group of 2 on one side and the single Knight on the other side. Cast Rapport right away on one of the two grouped together before the roaming one walks off and they will start fighting. Depending on your placement and timing, this will typically trigger the single knight to join the fray as well. If the single knight doesn't join, you can cast a spell to lure him over to the two knights that are fighting. Refresh Hidden Body and watch the trio destroy each other. Keep up Hidden Body and re-cast Rapport on the knights as needed. Once the knights have killed each other and only one is left, re-cast Rapport on him and you can freely attack him with your weapon to finish him off.  If you are having troubles getting the third knight to join the fight,  then just let the two duke it out together, finishing off whichever one wins. Then, cast Hidden Body and Rapport the single knight, freely attacking him with your weapon to kill him. Then, cast Homeward or use your Coiled Sword Fragment to start over. 
  • An easy strategy is to simply walk straight up the long stairway until you reach the final arch before the tower the knights drop down from. Carefully walk forward while watching the top of the tower and as soon as they jump down, back up to behind the arch. Slowly creep up towards the double axe knight. If done correctly, only he should aggro you and you can lead him down the stairway to fight him alone (if he's too close to the other halberd knight just hit him with a throwing knife or similar item). Once he's dealt with, go up that same stairway and fight the halberd knight in front of you. As long as you don't get too close to the third knight on your left he will not aggro (if you're worried about accidentally aggroing the third Knight just bait the second knight down the stairs like the first one). Finally finish off the lone third knight.
  • For melee builds, the best strategy is to immediately rush to the stairs on the right side of the roof, then wait for the twin axes-wielding Knight to distance himself from the other two. He is the only one that patrols the area, so it is recommended that you take him out first to avoid being swarmed. Like with regular Winged Knights, it is recommended that you keep close distance when fighting them while constantly moving to their side.
  • Using a greatbow, it's possible to lure each Knight one by one to the area at the bottom of the stairs. Fire the greatbow from the first dome roof, starting from the right most Knight. Once hit, the Knight will jump down and approach the archway to the stairs. From there, lure it again with a spell/bomb/knife and it will come down the stairs to fight.
  • I've found a good strategy is to rush immediately into the interior of the tower at the lowest entrance. The Knights will jump down once you get inside, and the double-axe wielder will begin patrolling from the left (once you've turned around and are facing back out the door). I like to cast Spook, or you can use the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring, and walk out of the building and backstab the right-most halberd knight. With a decent weapon you can dispatch this Knight reasonably quickly, in time to meet the axe wielder as he comes around. Once he has been defeated, recast spook and backstab the other halberd Knight and fight him in much the same way as the others. No luring required and you get clean 1-on-1 fights. The only downside I've found, is that if you get unlucky and die, it's quite hard to regain your souls without them leaping down onto your head and ganging up on you. 
  • Onyx Blade decimates these Knights. Use the Hornet Ring and bait their slow moves, circle back, backstab = win. Symbol of Avarice, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3, Mendicant's Staff and Shield of Want combo nets you 75,816 souls PER Knight on NG+.
  • The Ascended Winged Knight likely pays homage to Father Mozgus' band of executioners.


Ascended Winged Knight Variations


Location Drops
Grand Archives (on the roof)  2460  13000  


Location Drops
Grand Archives (on the roof)  2060  13000  

Winged Twinaxes

Location Drops
Grand Archives (on the roof)  2470  13000  


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    • Anonymous

      15 Aug 2021 09:07  

      Even with wings, I'm just surprised that they can fly. If they stored less souls in their body, I reckon they could fly freely.

      • Anonymous

        02 Jul 2021 21:38  

        If you dont have rapport, just use +9 deep dagger with hornet ring is enough to kill esch of them in 2 backstap(1293 dmg) which is easy since they have slow attack and recover animation, plus you usually have shield of wants(100%physical defense and weapon skill) so you can just shield up and circling around or use dagger WA to dodge.

        • 16 Apr 2021 20:53  

          >I use rapport on one of the knights
          >He and every other knight immediately turn around and beat the **** out of me
          >Get trapped in a small space with 2 of them

          • 10 Feb 2021 02:32  

            The Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring helps if you're looking to just get through or get the slab, because they seem to forget about you pretty easily to resume their post/patrol. Masking your sounds makes it pretty easy to get up on one, attack the back, then run enough away that they just lose sight of you.

            • Anonymous

              17 Jan 2021 04:40  

              My grind strategy with utmost efficiency:

              Equipment: Rapport, scholar ring, sage ring, lingering dragoncrest ring, silver serpent ring, Pyro flame, mendicant staff, Dragonslayer greataxe, shield of want, symbol of avarice

              1. When you reach the building, run directly to the third knight (the other 2 should not aggro you)
              2. Rapport 3rd knight (spell should end just after he hits the ground) (easier with sage ring)
              3. Rapport the other halberd knight quickly, so he starts fighting with the twinaxe guy
              4. Switch pyro flame to shield of want
              5. Quickly kill the first knight you Rapported (1 backstabbing + 2x WA with dragonslayer greataxe works best for me)
              6. the moment you land the finishing blow, switch your axe to mendicant's, so you get maximum value (avarice + covetous + shield + staff)
              7. If you did things right, 2 knights should die at generally the same time, giving about 70k souls
              8. Kill the last one standing with any method you see fit (usually twinaxes)
              9. Teleport to bonfire
              10. Repeat
              11. Moneybags ahead

              • Anonymous

                07 Oct 2020 11:38  

                Quick Farming tip: Equip SoA, CSSR+3, Mendicant's Staff, SoW and Pyro glove. Run halfway out on roof, let 2 knights jump down, cast rapport on the one with twinaxes, let them fight a bit, switch to staff (mendicant's) cast crystal soul spear to speed things along while they're aggro is on each other. After they die go to the one off to the side with a halberd, cast rapport, switch to staff and cast CSS until dead, use coiled sword fragment to return to Grand Archives bonfire. Repeat.

                • Anonymous

                  13 Aug 2020 17:23  

                  They aren't hard at all to kill, farmed something like 10 million souls on these big bois. Just fight them melee, at range, or right up backstab them.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Jul 2020 03:12  

                    Farming strat- Just run half way out on the roof and run back to the top of the stairs to let them drop, rapport twinaxe, and immediate go left and get into range of solo halberd, rapport him, then backstab to death while the other two duke it out, then finish off the winner of the battle - 225k souls in under 2 minutes NG+1

                    • Anonymous

                      08 May 2020 08:33  

                      If you are like me and only play PvE with no soullevel cap and want to farm these guys, here are some tips. Get a Dagger with Dark Infusion and 60 in all stats. Equip slumbering dragoncrest ring, hornet ring and Silver serpent ring. Left hand shield of want right hand Dark Dagger and Medicants staff. I'm currently on NG+6 and a +9 Dark Dagger is able to twoshot them with two backstabs. Rinse and repeat and hafe fun.

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Apr 2020 08:03  

                        Does anyone know how many souls they give on NG+7? I'm on NG+, and with silver serpent +3, the shield and avarice they give 63k souls each. I also don't have a mendicant staff yet

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