Bonfires in Dark Souls 3 are safe points within Locations where players can rest, repair equipment, recover estus and travel to other already discovered bonfires. From a bonfire you select the following menu options:

  • Travel
  • Attune Spell
  • Organize Storage box
  • Burn Undead Bone Shard
  • Begin journey X (X = amount of times played through on character + 1. This will progress you to a new game cycle. Option only available once an ending has been reached).
  • Leave

The bonfire in Firelink Shrine can be upgraded (marked as bonfire level) using undead bone shards, thus increasing the amount of health regained per Estus. You can give an Estus Shard to Blacksmith Andre to increase the amount of Estus Flasks available.

In addition to bonfire checkpoints, there are rare healing stations along the way called Estus Soup where you can drink from a cauldron to restore your HP and FP gauges.

The Ember icons to the right of the Location names indicate the presence of a Host of Ember. The location tabs in the travel menu also highlight themselves with a faint glow around the edge if there is any Ember presence there.


List of Bonfires: 

Cemetery of Ash

High Wall of Lothric

Undead Settlement

  • Foot of the High Wall
  • Undead Settlement
  • Cliff Underside
  • Dilapidated Bridge
  • Pit of Hollows

Road of Sacrifices

Cathedral of the Deep

Catacombs of Carthus

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Irithyll Dungeon

Lothric Castle

Archdragon Peak

Kiln of the First Flame

The Painted World of Ariandel

The Dreg Heap

The Ringed City

  • Mausoleum Lookout
  • Ringed Inner Wall
  • Ringed City Streets
  • Shared Grave
  • Church of Filianore
  • Darkeater Midir (Boss Bonfire)
  • Filianore's Rest
  • Slave Knight Gael (Boss Bonfire)

    • Anonymous

      20 Nov 2018 08:04  

      Stupid-ass question: if you use WSS to set a co-op marker, it doesn't go away if you rest at a bonfire, but can you still be summoned or does the bonfire dialogue break it?

      • Anonymous

        04 Jun 2018 20:37  

        My bonfire locations aren't showing on the travel menu, at least irithyll of the borreal valley locations arent showing

        • Anonymous

          05 May 2018 19:08  

          Darksouls should add little things you can do to interact with the environment,besides killing ,like beast raising and beasts pvp

          • Anonymous

            29 Apr 2018 14:37  

            The Grand Archives bonfire location is the worst in Souls. It was proven that even if you had toxic, without 90% of your health gone, you could still edgewalk over to that bonfire, alive. I mean, I get it, boss=bonfire, new area=bonfire, but why didn't they take a page out of the Catacombs and put the bonfire a little later? It does make a good wallpaper though, sitting near one bonfire, with the other one in the background.

            • Seriously FromSoft? Nice role model skills16 Sep 2016 05:28  

              Why do you use Bonfires as the teleportation marks around the map? I don't want my child playing this game and thinking sitting around Bonfires is okay.. Because we all know bonfires lead to marijuana. Why couldn't you have used something more family friendly, like a board game? I'm tired of you guys over at FROMSOFT pushing drugs on my children!Sincerely, concerned parents everywhere

              • Anonymous

                What do I do??15 Jul 2016 06:07  

                So, I killed the giant guy boss first try, had a name that started with a y, forgot how to spell it. Then I'm summoned to some wierd place. A lady dies, a cutscene starts, and I try to fight the dancer guy. I die. I didnt get a bonfire there, so how do i get back to it??

                • Anonymous

                  Dont understand the bonfire connection chart04 May 2016 12:34  

                  What are you trying to show with this? You can warp anywhere, or walk if you really want. I really dont understand the "connections" ... please explain?

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