Halflight, Spear of the Church

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
3,350 80,000 The Ringed City

Filianore's Spear Ornament

Titanite Slab (once per NG cycle) 

Weak Resistant Immune

Halflight: Frost, Lightning

Guardian: Fire,  Frost, Lightning, Vow of Silence

Halflight: Bleed,  Poison/Toxic

Guardian: Bleed, Poison/Toxic

Halflight: N/A

Guardian: N/A

Halflight, Spear of the Church Information

Halflight, Spear of the Church is a Boss enemy in Dark Souls 3, added with The Ringed City DLC.

  • You can summon Unbreakable Patches for this fight if you have completed Lapp's questline.
  • Judicator Argo will summon players in the Spears of the Church as the Boss or Halflight if offline or there are no players available to summon.
  • Optional - must be defeated in order to reach Filianore and complete the DLC, but like all of the DLC bosses, is not neccessary to complete the main game.



  • Halflight, Spear of the Church is found in The Ringed City, inside the church down the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire shortcut.
  • After beating this boss, player can use souls to revive Argo and repeat this fight. He can do it at the Velka's statue or Purging Monument. See Show Your Humanity, how to reach Purging Monument. Note: Step connected with Velka's Statue can be achieved without finding Purging Monument.




Combat Information


Video Strategy

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

After entering the boss battle, Judicator Argo gives a speech, giving plenty of time to prepare with items, spells and/or buffs. Alternatively, you can take this opportunity to kill Argo, who is non-hostile unless approached. Then a Church Guardian appears, much stronger than Painting Guardian from Dark Souls I. Shortly after this a Spear of the Church appears. If Argo is still alive, he will disappear at this point. It is recommended to focus on the phantom (especially if it is a player phantom rather than Halflight himself), as his HP is relatively low for a boss fight.  

In offline mode, Halflight uses Frayed Blade and White Birch Bow. During his entry, and the rest of the fight, he is supported by various miracles and occasional Ritual Spear Fragment attacks that can make it dangerous to stay close. Dodging is essential.


Strategy 2 (Melee)


 Below is a playbook that will provide a checklist of things that need to be done in order for the fight to be successful. Other methods are possible, but with this particular method provided, it frames the fight in the proper way so the player can still be creative with his tactics.

  1. Get the church door open. When you approach it at a certain angle, after getting the necessary item to approach the door, near the Ringed Knight. It's not necessary to bother with him, as he can be avoided without damage, so if you feel the need to kill him every single time you run for the church, you are mistaken.
  2. Take out the Judicator Argo. He has multiple lock-on points on his body, so stay locked on the highest point, in his head area (no pun intended), so you can see his attack telegraphs, as they all come from his hands. He may summon a PvP invader, or an NPC. If he spawns a PvP player, and you find that he is about to cheese you, don't bother, and just reload the match in offline mode.
  3. Now let's assume that the Judicator summoned someone after being defeated. He will summon a Painting Guardian, and Halflight himself. The painting guardian has low reach, low health, low poise, throws projectiles and some periods of rest, so you can use those things to kill him quick. These will be repeatedly summoned, and they heal Halflight in a few seconds, so you want to take these guys out quick. Placing yourself so Halflight is behind a pillar can buy you time to get in extra hits, as the Guardian will always aggro towards you.
  4. The Guardian, like Halflight, is highly frenetic and hits hard, so it makes sense to watch him, and be at a certain distance so that you can close the distance, and hit him, without being hit yourself. He likes to extend his arm to increase the range of his Painting Guardian sword, so don't be fooled by the length of his blade!
  5. Now let's kill Halflight. Some of his attacks are short combos and other attacks that have a period of recovery. Use those moments to really beat his face in. You don't want to tank hits from him, because he hits very hard, for about 400HP per hit, and he is basically as fast as Sister Friede in subsequent playthroughs. That is a LOT of DPS. His miracles have a wind-up time, so it is easy to anticipate them, and punish. 
  6. Painting guardians die quick, and will spam very fast healing miracles on Halflight. It makes sense to kill these guys when they come up.
  7. Rolling attacks, flanking, and timing your punishments can net you all the damage you need to kill Halflight. There is no need to try desperation maneuvers, because the Painting Guardians that spawn are about as dangerous as a Ringed Knight, so ultimately you're not dealing with insane aggro. 


Strategy 3 (Magic/Pyromancy)

A strategy is to be provided here, be sure to add any equipment / build requirements and tips and tricks.


Halflight, Spear of the Church has 2 attack phases. In the first phase, Church Guardian appears, shortly after that moment Spear of Church. When his/her hp is lowered by half, another Church Guardian appears.

First Phase
Swift Sword attack (Guardian) Guardian uses his sword few times, dealing physical damage. Then jumps back to avoid retaliation.
Knife throwing (Guardian) Guardian throws few knives dealing magical damage.
Healing (Guardian) Guardian kneels and uses a healing spell that restores health in small area.
Homing Knives (Halflight/Phantom) Skill similar to spell Homing Crystal Mass. However, instead of magic projectiles there are knives. Deals low magic damage, but can break  attack.
Swift Sword attack (Halflight) Sheathes their katana, then unleashes a flurry of swings.
Dark Wave (Halflight) Sheathes their katana, then brings the katana down to release a wave of dark.
Jump attack  (Halflight) Halflight performs a katana running jump attack.
Bow attack (Haflight) Halflight uses bow and attacks from distance.
Ritual Spear attack (Halflight/Phantom) Spear of the Church uses Ritual/Divine Spear fragment - acts simillar to Black Serpent Spell. Such "serpent" stays for a few seconds acting simillar to "wall". Deals high lightning damage.


Lore Theories

Halflight was the youngest among a company of missionaries that sent to the Ringed City from a land of magic far far away. When all of his fellow missionaries have fled the city after facing the horrors that hidden within the depth of the streets. The young sorcerer decided to stay behind and eventually becoming the last recorded Spear of The Church to serve as the last line of defence for the slumber of princess Fillianore.


Notes & Trivia

  • Halflight is one of few bosses in the series that is capable of parrying and riposting player.
  • This is one of the fights in the Dark Souls series, the other being the Old Monk bossfight in Demon's Souls, where a regular player is intended to serve as the boss.
  • The Spear of The Church boss fight, and therefore, Halflight, Spear of the Church, is the only boss fight in Dark Souls III that can be reset without beginning the next NG cycle.
  • Halflight is the offline Boss, but can appear online if either the Spear of the Church isn't summoned on time or leave the fight.
  • Players summoned as Boss can't use normal Estus, but can use healing miracles, abilities, and equipment as well as ashen estus. 
  • This boss resembles the "Old Monk" fight from Demon's Souls, consisting of a player being summoned in with altered stats to serve as the boss, with homing soul masses periodically being summoned around them.
  • As in case of Ancient Wyvern boss fight, there is no corresponding bonfire. Instead, shortly after leaving boss fight arena, near the double staircase, there is a bonfire "Fillanore's Church".



    • Anonymous

      17 May 2018 21:50  

      Oh and the invader gets soul mass and spears that appear out of nowhere...just in case this boss wasn't sadistic enough...

      • Anonymous

        17 May 2018 21:44  

        I hate this boss more than anything else in the game. Do you like to be ganked? No! Do you like your enemies attacks having invisible range while yours is shorter? No! @#$% this boss harder than life itself!

        • Anonymous

          16 May 2018 10:01  

          i've just soloed this boss, killed the first enemy before the actual boss spawned, then killed the invader, then finished the boss, but nothing happened: the fog walls were still blocking the way, the boss music still played and i didn't get any souls or loot; had to tp to the bonfire and try this shit again

          • Anonymous

            08 May 2018 01:32  

            For me this boss is harder than midir at least then you have openings now I have to fight an NPC who can poise through the dragonslayer greataxe WA like it's a pebble being flung at his toe like WTF

            • Anonymous

              19 Apr 2018 04:52  

              i hate that PVPers get spawned during this fight. Im SL260rn and i see nothing but Havel monsters and UGS users. that combined with the constant painted gaurdians makes the entire fight a nucience precursor to gael. i feel that adding add's to any boss makes the fight unbearable, Great Rot would be a joke without them, and dragon slayer would be 100000000 time easier.

              • Anonymous

                02 Apr 2018 03:43  

                I like how the difficulty for this boss depends on the scrubbness level of the dude who gets summoned to fight you. But if the dude comes from Boletaria or Lordran, you'll be shooting turds out your pee pee hole.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Feb 2018 01:42  

                  I go 1v1 against a spear and when I fight they apparently have like 4k hp and take 200 damage from a ugs and one shot me. I get summoned 1v4 and I get 2 shot by a ugs

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Feb 2018 22:14  

                    So, helped my friend with this fight, we did it on the first try because it was some dork with low armor using a dagger and a parry shield. I used the whip to force him to dodge instead of trying to parry while my friend took him down easily. Then came my turn and...The meta I see is about getting the toughest armor with the biggest weapon and the most poise possible, as it's what most of the bosses, if not all, I encountered for this fight. My friend was also not as helpful as he tried to meme like I do to NPC and just try to hit the boss with nothing but charged strong attacks while I'm being the target, of course missing every single swipe. I decided to fight on my own at a later date, tried parrying, only to see most enemies I faced used weapons too strong for me to parry, cutting me through it and leaving me unable to dodge roll.

                    Then I met this guy using the Smough full set and hammer...Thankfully, he focused so much on trying to backstab Unbreakable Patches that I got free reign to backstab him 3 times and finally won that fight.

                    Having a PvP-boss fight seems like an interesting concept, but it's really horrible for the most part in this case. I feel the most interesting PvP boss fights would be those of the players using hacks to create their own boss fights with their own moves and behave like a boss. I think using a player for a boss should restrain him to behave more like a boss instead of a player, with the only difference being the boss actually able of intelligence and able to lead its target as it wishes instead of a normal, more tanky player with random healer NPCs that just keep spawning over time.

                    Depending on who you face and who you play with, it can be a challenging fight, but not a very interesting one despite such a concept. The extra few skills you get are pretty meaningless and not of much use in the middle of the fight, from what I seen...Either that or I haven't met a single person able to use them right at all...

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Feb 2018 01:50  

                      wtf this game is that old and still that *****ing bug. Defeated all enemies and game doesn't goes on. 2 times in a row

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Feb 2018 00:07  

                        Trying to help a buddy out with a boss, put sign down. Get summoned by Argo instead. As I spawn, 4 people are beating the living daylights out of the poor guardian. Every time I get one near death, the gank squad healer heals them fully. Try to kill healer, he starts skating and cant deal any damage. To make matters worse, they are all wearing untrue dark rings so can-t even tell, as I am being hounded by 4 guys with heavy weapons and heavy armor, who is the host.

                        What a mess.

                        • Anonymous

                          26 Jan 2018 16:45  

                          Are the guardians actually called Church Guardians? While i was playing, from their set and weapon, to me they look like Painting Guardians

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Jan 2018 22:05  

                            Just steamrolled this one quite nicely with a Refined +10 Splitleaf Greatsword and a light build w/ high magic resistance. Chloranthy +3, Ring of Favour +3, Knight's Ring, RoSP +3. Roll, bait swings, punish, repeat. Don't get greedy.

                            • Anonymous

                              12 Jan 2018 13:10  

                              Perhaps the worst fight in DS3. Not from being hard. You pretty much get a free RNG pass if you are connected to a terrible player. Long ass repeating speech, annoying knife spamming healers. It was just incredibly lame.

                              • Anonymous

                                08 Jan 2018 23:45  

                                The real question at hand here, is does the spear ornament still drop when you respawn him using the momument? I know the slab doesnt, cause that would mean we could upgrade all our weapons to +10 in one playthrough, and thats no bueno.

                                • Anonymous

                                  07 Jan 2018 22:01  

                                  I wouldn't summon phantoms or Patches because it gives both Halflight and painting guardians monstrous amounts of health.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    17 Dec 2017 11:40  

                                    Beware, the painting guardians inflict infinite poise damage and will stagger you with every single of their attack.

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