Ancient Wyvern

Ancient Wyvern
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
7873 70,000 Archdragon Peak
Drops Dragon Head Stone
Weak Resistant Immune
Slash Lightning
Frost Frostbite
Plunging Attack
PoisonPoison & Toxic

Ancient Wyvern is a Boss in Dark Souls 3 


Ancient Wyvern Information


Ancient Wyvern Location


Ancient Wyvern Drops

  • Souls: NG (70000), NG+ (140,000), NG++ (154000), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Co-Op Souls: ??
  • Dragon Head Stone


Ancient Wyvern Combat Information




Video Strategies

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Strategy 1 (Plunging Attack)

This strategy is quite easy. You'll need light fire resistance equipment but make sure you are still able to roll. The weapon doesn't really matter as long as it deals good damage. When the Wyvern arrives, don't even bother attacking it, just go past it and to the left. There will be a path. Just follow the path and the ladders, ignore the enemies, and finally go up to a specific ledge above the wyvern's head. When he is done breathing fire, he will lower his head. Just jump and press R1/RB and victory will be yours. This strategy is super easy but it doesn't include the satisfaction of beating a Wyvern with a bow. Still counts!

Strategy 2 (Directly underneath)

Stand directly under the Wyvern so that you are targeted and facing the dragon's stomach. If positioned correctly, the boss will only attack with blockable foot-stomps and occasionally fly overhead for a fire breath below. Always run away from where you were facing the boss, and not towards, and the fire shouldn't hit you. Hurl Lightning Spears or any damage spell in general, or melee attack its legs whenever possible, rinse and repeat.

Strategy 3 (Jumping Attack)

This strategy uses a jumping/plunging attack, but quicker than Strategy 1. When you enter the boss area, run straight and you can see a bell. Stand on the right of the bell, wait for the Ancient Wyvern to lower his head and breath fire, then do a jumping attack. This strategy must be done quickly, or the dragon will move forward, which makes you have to go back to Strategy 1.

Strategy 4 (Bow/Pyromancy and 'blind spot' cheese)

After starting a fight immediately run into the bell's direction. Turn left, now you will see short bridge with an enemy in front of you. Instead of entering the door stick to right barrier and stand in the corner, the one closer to arena. Apparently, there's a 'blind spot' and Wyvern will constantly attack the door door ignoring the player. Now target lock on Wyvern and use bow or pyromancy (the second one will have a big chance to miss as the Wyvern is constantly shaking head). This strategy take a lot of time, so it isn't recommended until you've been struggling for long and became desperate.





Attack Name Attack Description
Fire Breath Breathes fire in your direction, causing fire damage, knockdown and stamina drain if blocking. Kills enemies as well.
Foot Stomp Stomps players beneath it. 
Tail Swipe  Swipes tail, hitting you if you are behind it. Huge hitbox.
Attack Name Attack Description
Fire Breath Breathes fire in your direction, causing fire damage, knockdown and stamina drain if blocking. Kills enemies as well.


Ancient Wyvern Lore Theories

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Ancient Wyvern Notes & Trivia

  • Even bare fists will one shot with a plunging attack.
  • Excluding DLC's. this appears to be the only boss whose arena does not have a corresponding bonfire.  Instead, victorious players are teleported to the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire.
  • ??

Ancient WyvernAncient WyvernAncient WyvernJump attack onto the Ancient Wyvern's head 


    • Anonymous

      18 Jan 2020 19:11  

      I thought this would be easy. Just a plunge attack right? 1- fought my way through only for my plunging attack to miss and fall to my death. 2- fought through again only for the plunging attack to miss again. 3- tried to face it head on, died. 4- tried to just run past enemies to attempt plunge again but got slaughtered on the ladder. 5- fought through but the chain axe guy killed me with a single grab attack even though I had 80% health. 6- fought through but AGAIN the plunge missed??? 7- faced it again but this time stayed under its feet occasionally getting hits to its head/neck with the vordt great hammer, finally beat it. I watched the video here and he did the plunging attack the same way I did but his just connects when mine didn't wtf?

      • Anonymous

        03 Nov 2019 03:11  

        Just when you thought fromsoft was done with throwaway OHK gimmick bosses. At least this is preferable to the Bed of Bullshit

        • Anonymous

          25 Oct 2019 04:42  

          ***** this boss, ***** the dip*****cocksucker who thought this boss was a good idea. every time im forced to do this bull*****run, it makes me want to do a faceplant into my desk. i know this because i did it before, and i broke my nose in doing so. this boss broke my nose.

          • Anonymous

            17 Sep 2019 04:32  

            just keep moving behind its legs and smack the base of the tail safest option and very easy with over head attacks like the Greatsword. Alternatively, you can run straight under and past it, go to the raised bell platform, then do a sprinting jump and quick plunge attack to instantly land on his head and kill him. This takes either great timing or pure luck.

            • Anonymous

              12 Sep 2019 12:25  

              As with everything else that isn't immune to poison/toxic, the Poison Spores from the Storyteller's Staff tear this "boss" apart.

              • Anonymous

                02 Sep 2019 20:01  

                so was wondering if this happened to anyone else... but I've been playing this game blind (being my first time ever, thanks for getting me into the series Bloodborne) and I was just running around grabbing the items thrown around the arena, healing when it was needed... so found the path to where you are suppose to "plunge" or whatever... I get to top of one of the towers where the big Axe snake dude is... and did my 1v1 with him and after killing him the Ancient wyvern just died... and I don't know what happened can anyone confirm any kind of weird bugs or a dragon that DIES falling into the sky??

                • Anonymous

                  20 Jul 2019 20:08  

                  I really don't like this boss. The real boss are the dragon guys in his arena. They are annoying. I really only do this boss on NG+ cycles for the souls. Then go the get the Dragon Chaser's Ashes, then leave.

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Jul 2019 07:47  

                    Frost + any fire damage is an easy way to fight this boss in a more "traditional" way. Any fire damage will remove the frostbitten debuff and allow the target to be frostbitten again. Even a +0 Iriithyll straight sword +basic firebombs are sufficient to take huge chunks without the hassle of the coin flip plunging attack. Best place to do the fight this way is the right-hand outcrop where the embers and dung pie are found. Standing back will cause the Wyvern to ready a slow straight firebreath attack and open its neck up to a frostbite from two slashes.Toss a firebomb and you can roll back in time to avoid the bite, then repeat.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Feb 2019 22:37  

                      hey from software stop trying to make puzzle bosses, after bed of chaos and this boss i'm starting to think it's not working out

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Dec 2018 22:18  

                        In the first hallway area, there is a spot where he can’t hit you, but you can hit him using the black bow of pharis. Takes like 20 mins and a few hundred arrows, but it works and it’s easy

                        • 20 Nov 2018 16:27  

                          Since NG that got frustrated because beat him by plung atack.. now on NG+ , I notice that staying below is neck is a good bet. Only take damage from jumps ( 25% or less ). Sometime is just walk one or 2 squares to adjust position. Used a Vordt's Great Hammer +5 ( not so easy get all the hits but take things ) but it's a safe spot. They could install a bonfire there ^^

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Oct 2018 20:43  

                            This thing dies pretty quick with Sunlight Spear in particular if you just keep ramming it into his gut. Killed him with a sorcerer in a similar way too so there's at least a few ways besides bashing his head or using the plunge gimmick to kill him.

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