Path of the Dragon is a Gesture in Dark Souls 3


Path of the Dragon Information

  • Path of the Dragon is a unique Gesture that is located in Consumed King's Garden after defeating Oceiros, the Consumed King. It can be found on a corpse in front of a vessel in the center of a room accessed direcly after the bonfire. Obtaining this gesture and performing it in Irithyll Dungeon near the dragon disciple will gain the player entry into Archdragon Peak. Within this area there are at least two shrines which give the player the Calamity Ring and the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone if this gesture is used in front of them.
  • If you use this gesture in front of the fire keeper she will continue to do her twirl until you stand up.
  • If you kill the Knight that the Serpent-Man summons after killing the Ancient Wyvern, the Drakeblood armor set, will be where you first obtained the Path of the Dragon gesture.


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