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Dark Sous 3 is an action RPG developed by FromSoftware and published internationally by Bandai Namco.

Dark Souls 3

  • Developer: From Software
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Entertainment
  • Platforms: Playsation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Release Date: March 24th 2016 (JP) April 12th 2016 (International)



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    • Anonymous

      15 Oct 2021 04:01  

      Can anyone help with me? I’m a new player to the dark souls series. I have found myself struggling with the few beginning bosses and I’ve been stuck in a point where I need to defeat the abyss watchers and dancer of boreal valley can anyone help me through these bosses??
      I’m a level 32 pyromancer with a faith intelligence build

      • Anonymous

        06 Oct 2021 22:10  

        These are the only black knight weapons in the game, Black Knight Sword, Black Knight Glaive ( Halberd ) Black Knight Greataxe, Black Knight Ultra Greatsword, And there is only two black knight variants in the game, Greataxe and the greatsword, but what if, if there was a black knight greatknife, Black Knight straight sword, Black Knight Greathammer, Black Knight Mace, Black Knight Bow, Black knight Greatbow, Black Knight Crossbow, Black Knight Talisman, Black Knight Greatspear, Black Knight Katana, Black Knight Greatrapier, Black Knight axe, Black Knight Greatclaw, Black Knight Greatscythe, Black Knight greatflail, Black Knight Crossbow, Black knight flame, Black knight Chime, Wow, can you imagine the unique attack for these black knight weapons?!!

        • Anonymous

          05 Oct 2021 22:24  

          help me i need help, if you played dark souls 1 patched, please please answer this question, does the dlc artorias of the abyss comes with the patch where, giant blacksmith sell twinkling titanite? please answer this question i've been searching up this question and there was no answers, so please answer this in the replies if you have played dark souls 1 OK? cuz i notice that people!, keep telling me about the game im on the wiki, so answer, don't tell me about dark souls 3! ,

          • Anonymous

            04 Oct 2021 22:47  

            I posted this on the soul of a great champion page but i wanted to put it on here to so i hope you enjoy

            I have a lore theory to propose.
            There are 3 of these in one playthrough, and you can only get them by normal means by finding them in NG+
            Now the item description says this: Soul found in the corpse of a champion of legend.

            Used to acquire enough souls to sate a lord
            I think that two of the three souls are actually the souls of the chosen undead and the bearer of the curse.
            Now you might be wondering, what about the third?
            the fact that you can only get this item in NG+ shows that The Ashen One has already completed their journey and has now linked/ ended or usurped the fire and started their second journey.
            This makes me believe the thirds soul is the ashen ones soul.

            This is just a theory but I think it's pretty cool to think about, I don't know what they are doing in the places where you find them

            • Anonymous

              01 Oct 2021 23:27  

              This is just a story between Harkyn (Lords of the Fallen character) and Ashen One (dark souls 3 character). Please no not rage after reading this ok in the replies, because if you do, i feel sorry for your stinky ugly solaire's sun. Now I shall begin, Story> Ashen One is trying to kill Soul of Cinder then Harkyn from his world hears the Soul of Cinders theme. So harkyn jumped to his world and killed soul of cinder right away, ashen one said ' hey im suppose to kill him not you!'', then Harkyn said ''oh well that just just very sad'' I heard you like the solaires sun, do you hate it?'' Ashen One said'' uhh no of course not!!!'' Harkyn said '' You need to hate! it!! no forget about th- the stupi- sun'' Ashen One said ''WHAT did you just call my sun?'' Harkyn said ''uh nothing what?'' Ashen One said ''you heard me. tell me the truth what did you just named my sun'' Harkyn said ''i called your sun a perfect sun!'' Ashen One said '' no you didn't it started with a S then a T", Harkyn said, ok you want to spend your time with me arguing about that F**king sun!" AShen One said ''you just called my sun f**k" why?'', Harkyn said " CAN YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR WHATEVER SUN" Ashen One said, ''you keep calling my sun names like whatever why?" Harkyn said " STOP ASKING ME STUPID QUESTIONS!!!! OR ELSE I WILL KILL YOU!!'' Ashen One said' I cant die, idiot, i canno-'' Harkyn said, FINE DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WILL DO, PUT CAGES IN ALL YOUR BONFIRES SO THAT IF YOU WARP OR TRAVEL, THERE WILL BE CAGES AND YOU CANT GET OUT'' Ashen One said, ''ok but how are you gonna put a cage in Archdragon area where the drakeblood knight is?'' Harkyn said, ''WELL IM GONNA GO THERE AND PUT A CAGE!'' Ashen One said '' then how are you going to go there? thats the question.'' Harkyn said ''IM GOING TO USE MY ANCIENT PHONE OF THE GODS AND SEARCH IT UP HOW TO GO THERE! SO IM GOING TO DO IT NOW'', Ashen One said '' but look at your phone, it has no more battery...'', Harkyn said '' CAN YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH?'' Ashen one said, ''i cant sorry, but im going to have to put my coiled sword through your stomach so i can make you as my bonfire ready?'' Harkyn said '' I CANT DIE TOO!! I WILL RESPAWN AT MY RED SHARD AT MY WORLD!'' Ashen One " ok good its good that you're not going to put cages around my bonfires that you forgot'' Harkyn said '' IM GOING TO PUT IT NOW!' Ashen One said'' my bonfires have flames that will burn your cages to cinders that i can get out so HAHAAHA i dont care if put it'' Harkyn said '' F*** YOU THEN F*** YOUR STUPID A*S SUN AND HERES WHAT IM GOING TO DO, PULL OUT THE SUNS CORE AND BRING IT TO MY WORLD'', Ashen One said'' ok then go try hope you burn when those flames touch you'' HArkyn said '' IM GOING TO FIND A FLAME RESISTANT SUITS ON SO THAT I WILL NEVER BURN,'' Ashen ONe said '' where are you gonna find a flame resist suit, by time traveling to 2020, there are people there who crafted flame resistant suits on'' Harkyn said '' I WILL GO THERE AND GET SUIT AND PULL OUT THE SUNS CORE WHILE YOUR STUPID PLANET FREEZES ALIVE!! So Harkyn went to the sun and tried to get the suns core and it almost was on his hands so he melted to death but he has dark souls 3 suns core on his hands then it was duplicated to the sun so the dark souls 3 sun is still okay but he has the duplicated sun, Now he has the sun brought to his world destorying all universes of the games because he was extremly pissed at the ashen one so the univerese he destoryed is SKYRIM,and these skyrim people said ''whoa what is that large explosion, it came from those dark souls 3 idiots!! aaaarrrarrarghghghghgh!!!'' so they died and OBLIVION, DIABLO 3, GTA 5 WORLD, FALLOUT 4, MORTAL SHELL, BLOODBORNE YHARNAM WORLD, gerhman the first hunter said, ''whoa that came from that stupid guy from lords of the fallen!!!! I HATTED THAT GUYYY ARHRHRGHRRGHRGHR!!!'', and the diablo 3 nephalem guys just said, '' oh who cares it just a sun from lothric, i have 768 Million defenseso why should i care?? it just tickles me!'' then thats THE END
              THE END

              • Anonymous

                27 Sep 2021 18:03  

                Things we want that we know we'll never get in Elden Ring:
                - Region Lock
                - Ping Filters
                - Good Anti-cheat
                - Decent PvP

                • Anonymous

                  24 Sep 2021 12:49  

                  Dark Souls 4 should be set in the Wild West and instead of weapons you use different types of sombreros, like ones with Sawblades, that can be thrown and ones that are swung with their Hat bands like flails and ones that have canons hidden inside of them as ranged weapons!!! The main antagonist should be the evil platypus lord, who wants to ban Sombreros and you are the cowboy of the lampshade who is chosen to defeat him!!!

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Sep 2021 01:25  

                    When i invaded someone, he was wielding the worst weapon of all, "Broken Straight Sword" and he killed me with it!! how do you kill someone using Broken straight sword??
                    How very weak am i!!

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Sep 2021 13:32  

                      Most op Build ever:
                      18 DEX
                      10 INT
                      Rest doesn't matter
                      Pontiff's Left Eye
                      Pontiff's Right Eye
                      Knight's Ring
                      Lloyd's Sword Ring
                      Pontiff Knight Crown
                      Pontiff Knight Armor
                      Pontiff Knight Gauntlets
                      Pontiff Knight Leggins
                      Pontiff Knight Curved Sword +5
                      Pontiff Knight Curved Sword +5
                      Pontiff Knight Curved Sword +5
                      Pontiff Knight Curved Sword +5
                      Pontiff Knight Curved Sword +5
                      Pontiff Knight Curved Sword +5
                      With this build you will be the most OP player in both PVP and PVE, provided you have the skill and experience to use it properly.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Sep 2021 08:55  

                        Slave Knight Lothric = Hand it over, that thing, your Greatsword of Profane, for my lady's cosplay, Ahh, Is this the flame?.......the profaned flame of the greatsword, well no more running away, Dogged contender, i have a copy of your greatsword and i move like the wind.

                        There are two slave knight gaels, The boss is bigger so he has a different soul, the npc is smaller, there are two seperate gael souls

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Sep 2021 22:24  

                          Fashion Souls= the brass knight,
                          Armor: Brass set
                          Weapon: Profaned Greatsword
                          Shield: Cathedral Knight Greatshield or if you want a shield, Golden Wing shield then
                          Rings: Ring of Favor +3, Havel's Ring+3, Ring of Steel Protection +3, Life Ring+3 or any ring
                          Talisman: Saint's Talisman
                          Spells: Sacred Oath, Med Heal, Tears of Denial, Force or Emit force
                          Covenant: Blades of the Darkmoon
                          Description: This is like the knightess in Anor Londo from dark souls 1 Hope you like it Enjoy!

                          • Anonymous

                            15 Sep 2021 08:27  

                            Even if the community is dead and the Wiki is contaminated with toxic salty scrubs, Dark Souls 3 is still an absolute masterpiece and will allways be!

                            • Anonymous

                              15 Sep 2021 05:04  

                              FOOLISHNESS!!!!. THE KING"S DECREE IS NO TRRRRRIFFFLING MATTER!!!!!!!
                              I, JUDICATOR ARGO, SHALL DELIVER THEEEE JUSTICE."
                              SPEAR OF THE CHURCH!!!, SWORN DEFENDER OF PRINCE LOTHRIC!!! HARKEN TO THE CALL THAT SUMMONS THEEEE! PLEASE MAKE HASTE! SPEAR OF THE CHURCH, by the sacred decree, protect prince lothric.
                              ...Spear of the Church, make haste.

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