Player Trade is conducted by dropping items for another player during multiplayer sessions. Since there is no direct trade accept option, be mindful that players may drop you items you did not ask for, or take your items and not fulfill their part of the deal.

There have also been issues in other games where players drop hacked items for others, getting the player who picked the item up inadvertently banned from the servers for hacking. If you want to organize trade, we recommend you use our Trading Subforum and get to know the people on the site and decide who is trustworthy.

What can be traded?

    • Souls can be transferred, except boss souls.
    • Armor can be transferred with no limitations.
    • Rings can be transferred, no limitations on ring level (+1,+2, etc)
    • Weapons/Shields can be transferred, as long as the recipient has had a weapon with the same upgrade level or superior, regardless of any infusion present.
    • Upgrade materials cannot be transferred.
    • Covenants offerings cannot be transferred.
    • Key items cannot be transferred.
    • Spells cannot be transferred.

*Even if you no longer have a weapon of the max level you managed to upgrade, the game "remembers" what is the max upgraded level you had. The level of special/boss weapons must be multiplied by 2 to find the comparison value against normal weapons.

Items that cannot be transferred can be dropped, but the other players won't see them.

When trading an item that upgrades to +5 at max, the highest item you have must be double.
-i.e. if trading a +4 Yhorm's Great Machete, a regular titanite-upgraded weapon of +8 is required to trade.

The fastest way to have a +10 weapon

If you want to transfer gear to a new character, with the help of a friend, you might also want to transfer some upgraded weapons/shields, but because of the limitations on upgrade levels, you need to have a +10 weapon on your "new" character to be able to receive weapons/shields up to +10 (or +5 in the case of boss/special items).

This is the fastest way to upgrade a weapon to +10:

*Alternatively, you can progress until you reach Farron Keep and grab the Dreamchaser's Ashes, near the Old Wolf, that will enable the Shrine Maid to sell Titanite Shards.

  • Take the elevator near the Old Wolf and kill the 2 Crystal Lizards on the opposite side of the Stray Demon for 2 Large Titanite Shards.
  • Kill the 2 Giants in the Cathedral of the Deep for 2 more Large shards. Kill the Cathedral boss (Deacons), and open the main door of the Cathedral. Go to the previous bonfire and walk outside to the well and talk to Siegward.
  • Go back to Firelink Shrine, buy the Tower Key and go grab the Firekeeper Soul on top of the tower, on the way back Patches will lock you in. Homeward or drop down and go talk to Patches. Buy the Catarina set and a Black firebomb, trade the Firebomb with the crows for a Titanite Chunk. Return to the Cathedral and give Siegward his armor.*
  • Kill Watchers in Farron Keep and go to the Catacombs, get the 3 Large shards from the Catacombs and go to Smoldering Lake, you can find 6x Large shards here with little trouble, in the cave on the right, there is a Crystal Lizard that drops 1x Titanite chunk. Get your weapon to +6.
  • Kill Wolnir and go to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Here go straight for the kitchen and talk to Siegward, then backtrack a bit and go for the first bonfire of Irithyll Dungeon.
  • In the dungeon pick up the cell key in the area before the 2 large rats, that has many rats (Alluring Skulls make this area easier), go to Profaned Capital and free Siegward for a Titanite Slab.
  • Killing the Giant in the Dungeon will give you a Titanite Chunk, there is also a Crystal Lizard in the same area that drops another chunk, but this is not really necessary.
  • Go back to High Wall of Lothric, Vort bonfire, go up the stairs and kill Emma to trigger the Dancer boss fight. Kill Dancer.
  • Go up the ladder and to the right, enter the Consumed King's Garden. Here jump out of the elevator while it is going down to get to the middle platform, grab the chunk on the broken stairs and drop down. Pick up the chunk near the mutated hollow and the one next to the shortcut door.
  • Go back to the area above the ladder and this time go forward and right until you reach a bonfire.
  • You can now either farm the Knight on the left of the bonfire for the rest of the chunks, or you can progress a bit more. Between this bonfire and the next (Dragon's Barracks) there are 4 chunks, then under the bridge that the Dragon breathe fire to, there are other 4 chunks. With these chunks and the slab you got earlier, you can make your weapon +10 and transfer maxed equipment from other characters!

*After patch 1.04, some players have reported that Patches no longer shows in Firelink Shrine by doing this. It seems the patch now forces players to do all encounters with patches (I skipped the trap in Cathedral of the Deep by dropping from the rafters towards Rosaria's Finger Covenant. The Firelink Shrine Tower encounter still occurs, so you actually don't need to meet Patches here at all) So after opening the main doors of the Cathedral, homeward to the last bonfire go outside and talk to Siegward in the well, and go all the way back to the main doors. Here, instead of going to the door, go straight ahead and down the stairs on the left, you will see Patches dressed as Siegward, fall for his trap and homeward back to the bonfire. Now follow the path to Rosaria's Fingers Covenant, you will find Patches near the Mangrub, next to the lever. Talk to Patches (kill all enemies first!) and buy the Catarina Set (and the Black Firebomb). The Firelink encounter with Patches will now happen as normal after you pick up the Firekeeper Soul.


The fastest way to have a +10 weapon if you have good friends or can glitch the game (or if you're just a god):

If you have friends (best in NG++ or later) who can support you, it is easier and faster to get +10 weapon by rush to Dancer.

  • Get or borrow a Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (+3 is the best) from them. It will make farm much quicker. (And Symbol of AvariceCrystal Sage's Rapier if you want to level up)
  • Fire bombs and black fire bombs can be used to exchange titanites at crow, once you have enough souls to buy Tower Key. (Maybe just get souls from your friend) so you can farm one less.
  • Grab all shards in High Wall of Lothric from the above guide, and farm a little. Alternatively, just head to Undead Settlement to get more shards to make +3 weapons.
  • Enable the Dancer boss fight by killing Emma, High Priestess of Lothric Castle in Dancer's room.
  • With bleeding weapons or miracles from your friend, boss fight will not be too hard even if they are nerfed a lot. You can just keep distance away and stay safe in the boss fight. (Or just ask for souls to level up to a comfort level)
  • You do not need to do ANY of the above other than finding 12 titanite shards and enabling the dancer boss fight if you summon sword master, let him die to dancer then quit and reload game and summon him back up. This will make him have no hitbox and he will bleed the boss down for you. Just sit back and watch the show. An important note: Vordt of the Boreal Valley needs to be alive and you need to have killed sword master in Firelink Shrine as well for you to be able to summon him. (This glitch no longer works as of 1.05)
  • Once you enter Lothric Castle, you can easily farm large shards and chunks from hollow soilders or Lothric Knights, or gather them following the guide above. With the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3, it will not take too long.
  • Go down the elevator in the other direction from dancer's bonfire, head to Untended Graves to get Coiled Sword Fragment. (Ask help if it is too hard)
  • Exchange it with the crow to get a slab.
  • Alternatively, a Titanite Slab can be obtained in the Painted World of Ariandel.

Least Progress Method (Without Defeating Dancer)

Must have Ashes of Ariandel DLC. This method relies on the fact that a +5 boss soul weapon affects scaling and trades the same as a +10 normal weapon. Based on game mechanics but needs trading test to be sure. You need 15 Titanite Scales and 1 Titanite Slab to fully upgrade a boss soul weapon.

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