Status Effects in Dark Souls 3 are those which are detrimental to players and NPCs. The following is a list of the status effects in the game, with an explanation of the effect and relevant items.

See also Status Icons, for a list of the various Icons diplayed on the HUD. Please see Damage Types for information on other types of damage that may be dealt and resisted.

Note that all Enemies are immune to Curse.

The status bars are represented inconsistently still: the first segment stops at 33, the second at 103, the third at 300 and the final one at 500, still the your values can go further. This law applies for every status.


Status Effects

icon wp frost

Effect: Inflicts damage, lower absorption, and slows stamina regeneration

Mitigation: Fleshbite RingMossfruitDeep ProtectionProfuse SweatVigor investment, Equipment with high Frost resistance

Cured: Rime-Blue Moss ClumpDivine BlessingCaressing Tears

icon curseres.png

Effect: Instant death

Mitigation: Cursebite RingFleshbite RingMossfruitDeep ProtectionProfuse SweatLuck investment, Equipment with high Curse resistance

Cured: N/A

icon bleedres

Effect: Take damage equal to percentage of max HP

Mitigation: Bloodbite RingFleshbite RingMossfruitDeep ProtectionProfuse SweatEndurance investment, Equipment with high Bleed resistance

Cured: Bloodred Moss ClumpDivine BlessingCaressing Tears

Cure Maggots: TorchCaressing Tears

icon poisonres.png

Effect: Slowly inflicts HP damage on the player.

Mitigation: Poisonbite RingFleshbite RingMossfruitDeep ProtectionProfuse SweatVitality investment, Equipment with high Poison resistance

Cured: Purple Moss ClumpBlooming Purple Moss ClumpDivine BlessingCaressing Tears

Note: The effects of poison are much slower to damage health than in DSI and DSII. 

toxic indent 24x

Effect: Rapidly inflicts HP damage on the player & lowers Stamina Regeneration

Mitigation: Poisonbite RingFleshbite RingMossfruitDeep ProtectionProfuse SweatVitality investment, Equipment with high Poison resistance

Cured: Blooming Purple Moss ClumpDivine BlessingCaressing Tears

hollow infusion icon

Effect: Player becomes progressively more hollow with each death. Unlocks free levels with Yoel of Londor at certain levels. Also augments the Hollow infusion to increase Luck making Hollowing a way to increase Luck without actually leveling up.

Mitigation: N/A. The option is voluntary.

Cured: Fire Keeper Soul turned into firekeeper, then pay to be cured. To remove the visual effects, use Purging Stone. Praying to the Statue of Velka


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    • Anonymous

      how about dark, is there any effect if you get hit by dark weapon? i mean like bleed weapon, if bleeding bar reach at certain level there will be a true damage thing.

      • Anonymous

        The Toxin and Poison status effects must be a standard thing in this game, because my brother's mouth SPEWS it when he's playing a brutal match of PvP.

        • Anonymous

          By the way if your character is getting old it is called hollowing and there are plasis you can go to to remove it. But I don’t see why you would want to because you can increase your luck when you have a sertain amount of hollowing you can increas your luck. This hollowing comes from dark siduals and you hallow when you die in the game the dark sidials become hollowing and when you go to these sertain places to get your hollowing removed they revert to being dark siduals so you asentaly have to die as little as possible and in dark souls that is not likely to die very little but you can try. You will just have to live with the way you look when you hollow. Wish you the best in finding the solution this is just some info you can use to help. Ps I am answering the person who “whanted to fix the fact that he is satarting to look old in dark souls three”

          • Anonymous

            Absolutely stupid you can't block some of these with a shield. How you gonna make me bleed through my shield?

            • Anonymous

              I came here in hopes to learn about what they could be, one is a blue square and the other is a red eye, it only shows up sometimes when I try to invade so I am guessing it has something to do with that but I have no idea.

              • Anonymous

                Just died by curse effects in the archives, got trapped in between some furniture while rolling away from the outrider. Was equipped with a ring of sacrifice and it didn't break and I lost all my souls. Luckily there was a bloodstain.Playing on original version

                • theres like 2 shields that block poison buildup. but there isn't a single shield for bleed buildup? really from soft? you gave two items that block a useless status effect and left a very strong and abused status effect without any effective form of countering it?

                  • Anonymous

                    Hello everybody, I've been having for over a month a strange status effect. I don't know what it does, but maybe it is related to the fact that each time I respawn I have like very few poison, toxic and the others status effects, but they dissapear in a second. It is dark and I dont know what it causes but Im freaking out. Please help! I know that it isnt the icon that marks that you hav password, ao I dont know what it is.

                    • Anonymous

                      I mean, I love Dark Souls, but frankly "Status Effect" is always a poor component of the game.The developers could have used more fantasy here.1)IMO, Bleeding is the only worth status in Dark Souls 3.2)Poison needs a buff, and I really hope that FROM will buff its damage cause it's kinda useless.3)Toxic is stronger, but you have not enough weapons/skills to put toxic so it's very very very rare.4)Frostbite is interesting but.. hey, you have like 4 weapons only to put frostbite (not even a spell)..That said, we could have seen a lot more.Then, just some ideas I had in like 2 minutes (so I don't get why developers haven't tried here)5)I don't really know why we can't have a Curse-weapon that slowly puts Curse to the target.The curse status exists, so why we can't have anything to Curse enemies (it hasn't to be OP).6) Any status that makes you fat rolling for few seconds? Dunno? 3/4 seconds of fat rolling after getting the status.7)A status inflicted by weapons and spells to block estus recovery for few seconds (like the consumable item)??When the status bar is full you can't heal for X seconds8)A status that reduces your FP points by X amount when proc?9)A status that makes you lose X% of your souls when proc?10) Any status that makes you unable to Attack for few seconds when proc? Like 3-4 seconds----------------------------------------------------------------------After 3 games you can't say that we've seen a lot of new contents.80% of Spells, weapons and armors haven't changed from previous games... I'd be very very happy to see something revolutionary in the future dlc,then you can start flaming me cause I blamed an aspect of your favorite game.

                      • Anonymous

                        So im not wearing the calamity ring but i have put it on before as i thought it made enemies take more damage but it doesnt lol and now im not wearing it yet still have the icon

                        • Frostbite deals 100 damage & also lowers all absorption by 5.

                          • Anonymous

                            There some sort of "curse" status or spell inflicted by the jailer in irithyll dungeon that lowers your max health extremely low. Anyone know what it is or how to mitigate it?

                            • Anonymous

                              There is a gold status effect icon when you have password matching enabled. if anyone came here looking for that.

                              • Anonymous

                                I died from curse and now do less damage. That or Hollowing lowers it. I estimate I lost around 5-8 damage

                                • Anonymous

                                  We need more research on the holy status effect.When you have a holy weapon/shield equipped theres an icon that appears under your life gauge.I know that holy weapons can stop undead skels from reviving,and it doesnt seem to work on shields(unless you deal the final blow with the shield).But then theres only a handful of reviving skeletons in the game so I doubt that thats its only purpose.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Cleared the hollowing details as someone had confused it with the state of being unkindled, don't actually know the details of the hollowing stat, so I left it blank for now.

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