Bloodred Moss Clump is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Bloodred Moss Clump

Red moss clump used as maggot repellent.

Reduces bleeding build-up.

Bleeding builds up when attacked by sharp blades or spikes, and once triggered causes severe damage. Use this moss clump before it reaches that point.


Bloodred Moss Clump Usage

  • Reduces bleed build-up.
  • Removes bleed-inducing maggots.



Bloodred Moss Clump Locations




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    • Anonymous

      Don't forget to pass these out to your team when you're summoned in cathedral

      Rule of thumb, always assume your team is incompetent

      • Anonymous

        What are people's thought on carrying these to respond to bleed builds? I know a well thought out bleed build can bring out their bleed in one good combo and you can still punish it by keeping aggressive, but I was curious if there were any hard feelings if I remembered to keep a full stack on my hotbar to counter bleed for duels or otherwise. I'll do what I want either way (especially for invasions), but just wanted to hear people's thoughts.

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