Rusted Gold Coin is an Item in Dark Souls 3. It is one of the Burial Gifts available to players.


Rusted Gold Coin

A rusty old gold coin that surely has no currency.

Crushing the coin gives a large, if temporary, boost to item discovery.

A rich man lost his fortune, but it returned to him twofold. He was swift to squander his retrieved fortune, smugly confident that it was bound to double once again.

Rusted Gold Coin Effect

  • Increase Item Discovery by 100 points, for 60 seconds.
  • No. Held limit: 10


Where to Find Rusted Gold Coin



  • Effect stacks with Symbol of AvariceCovetous Gold Serpent Ring, and Crystal Sage's Rapier.
  • Discussion of "optimal" Item Discovery often mentions the Gold coin, but this can be misleading. The Gold coins are minor and limited, especially endgame when Item Discovery gear and unlimited normal Rusted Coins are available. The "difference" a Gold coin makes might be having 400 instead of 350 Item Discovery, a handful of times. (Or even less than that.) It is not important. Their best use is early-game, for help farming weapons needed for a build. But even then, the early-game difference between 110 and 210 Item Discovery is less than double, for a very short time. It's never very important.
  • Does NOT stack with Rusted Coin.
  • The symbol on the coin, as in Dark Souls II, is of an angel, although what implication this has in the lore, again like Dark Souls II, is indecipherable.
  • In reality, gold does not rust (although it does tarnish, losing some of its shine and darkening slightly), making such a coin impossible.  Much of gold's value derives from this fact, meaning gold that could rust would, as the item description states, have no currency or value, even were souls not the currency.



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    • Anonymous

      21 Jun 2021 03:28  

      Very overlooked starting gift. Never hurts to have that extra discovery boost to help you get some good weapons/armor etc. early game.

      • 28 Mar 2021 22:51  

        Should've had some way of buying them late game, maybe even the stone humped hag in the Ringed City since, by that point, you either made it to the last area or you beat Ashes of Ariandel.

        • Anonymous

          04 Jul 2020 00:07  

          It can have one use, to farm mimic with undead hunter charms early game for symbol of avariance. As it takes really small amount of time to put a mimic to sleep and wake it again, giving you a chance to get the head ware. You also don't need to rest at a bonfire so time save there. Just have to make sure to have enough undead hunter charms.

          • Anonymous

            13 Feb 2020 00:37  

            I think these are actually cookies wrapped in gold paper, hence the player is able to "crush" them with bare hand.

            • Anonymous

              03 May 2019 13:11  

              A farming assist item that has a tiny supply that can be replenished only by farming. What were you smoking, Miyazaki?

              • Anonymous

                12 Dec 2018 01:33  

                Resting at the bonfire seems to give the cold coin back sometimes, and other times not? I've used a bone after popping a coin and it goes from 9 back up to 10...Not sure what causes that?

                • Anonymous

                  02 Apr 2018 06:47  

                  "But even then, the early-game difference between 110 and 210 Item Discovery is less than double, for a very short time. It's never very important."

                  That's a major difference but okay then.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 May 2016 06:40  

                    there is one missing right on the way to irithyll dungeon from the previous bonfire on the platform above the hollows.

                    • 02 May 2016 20:20  

                      Maximum item discovery is actually 599 if you hold two of the Crystal Sage's Rapiers. Some enemies have extended death animations, so you can switch to the second Crystal Sage's Rapier before they completely die.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Apr 2016 22:42  

                        Not sure if it was an update or balance change recently, but Coins no longer clear when resting at a bonfire, they run on a timer, I can do 2 Anor Londo Silver Knight runs (2 Knights, not the red eyes) and open my stat sheet and watch it run-off after a few seconds, so 2 kills > bonfire rest > 2 kills > Coin runs-off.Though I'm pretty sure Homewarding or Coiling (lol) still clear ALL active effects, buffs and debuffs.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Apr 2016 08:16  

                          the effect will not disappear even after sitting at bonfireCheck the item discovery value, it didnt change

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Apr 2016 16:06  

                            On the page for Greirat it states that there's no way to save him from his Lothric trip, yet this page seems to imply that not only can Greirat survive but his upgraded inventory will also include rusted gold coins. Which of these two articles are correct?

                            • Anonymous

                              22 Apr 2016 13:16  

                              Unbreakable Patches will give you one if you don't forgive him for locking you in the tower at the Firelink Shrine.

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