Siegbräu is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.


Special brew of Siegward of Catarina. Perfect for travel in its jolly barrel mug.

Restores HP and temporarily boosts frost resistance.

Leave it to Siegward to discover a drink that even an Undead can enjoy. Perhaps his long years spent Undead have left him wanting to drain a cup or two and revel as if he were still among the living.


Siegbräu Effect

  • Restores HP (⌊MaxHP * 0.2⌋ + 100) and temporarily boosts frost resistance.


Siegbräu Locations







  • "Sieg" means victory, "Bräu" or "Gebräu" means brew and is often used in the names of German beers, like "Löwenbräu" (= lion brew).



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    • Anonymous

      04 Jan 2021 14:10  

      Research shows that there's an direct relation between the number of siegbraus an invader owns and their degree of failure as functional human beings.

      • Anonymous

        09 Oct 2020 13:35  

        I have no problem with invaders who cheat in a bunch of these when their invasions consist of dancing the night away with gank squads. What disgusts me is coming across invaders who shamelessly chug these in a 1v1 with cheated twink gear pre abyss watchers. Seriously, what are they even doing with their lives?

        • Anonymous

          05 Sep 2020 21:34  

          Whenever an invader or a host gifts me with lne of these, the "another martini, paul?" Phrase comes to my mind.

          • Anonymous

            08 Aug 2020 19:17  

            Came here to see how to farm them, because I had seen some DS3 YOutubers always having them. This and, Divine Blessing. Turns out it is all hacking and exploits. So upsetting and disturbing what people will do for an advantage. Smh.

            • Anonymous

              06 Aug 2020 22:13  

              Pretty sure the reason lapp has these is because he stole them from siegward alongbwithvhis armor, and patches simply held onto them, then he went hollow and gave us them

              • Anonymous

                30 Jul 2020 00:33  

                The amount of invaders that hack this item is insane. If someone is chugging siegbrau like there is no tommorrow , 100% a hacker. You can't even get 10 of this item in one play trough, not even with dlc.

                • Anonymous

                  13 Jul 2020 19:42  

                  siegward is unkindled, so why dosen't he leave ashes when he dies so we can buy more of these? almost everyone else who ISN'T unkindled (i.e greirat, yuria, yoel, irina) but one guy who IS unkindled DOSEN'T LEAVE ASHES. WTF FROM?!

                  • Anonymous

                    08 May 2020 06:48  

                    Most exploited item in the game like holy*****... Every invader has like 10x of these. ***** those people.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Apr 2020 08:31  

                      Pre-reality check: "Wow where do these guys get all these siegbraus and divine blessings?! They must have played through the game like 100 times!" Post-reality check: "Oh."

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Jan 2020 20:21  

                        Imagine being a boss facing an unkindled who’s out of estus and suddenly they chug a god damn beer and regain the upper hand

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Jan 2020 17:15  

                          I dunno if anyone else has found it, but you can find Siegward stuck in the well outside the Cleansing Chaple too, and he give an additional Siegbrau. Thought I'd mention it since it's not here.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Jan 2020 16:15  

                            I have 600 of these on my sl 20 build,this combined with the 7 estus flasks allows me to deal with gank squads.

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Dec 2019 00:02  

                              I don't understand why Siegward feels the need to make estus into alchohol (or how he does so either...), but couldn't he just raid some of the various cellars and containers laying around for a pint to drink? I mean some of these buggers we fight in the later parts of the game SEEM like they were once civilized enough to make alcohol, and must have something laying around... wouldn't taste so great due to how old it might be, but if the goal is to get drunk to drown their sorrows, then it should give the same effect right? besides NPC's always seem to find stuff that the players can never find, at least implied due to Greirat magically producing his wares from somewhere from some areas we send him to pillage.

                              • Anonymous

                                19 Aug 2019 02:22  

                                I put these on the quick use bar and used them all accidentally. The quick use bar is awful. If you accidentally hit X the game uses the item instantly and saves instantly

                                • Anonymous

                                  12 Jul 2019 18:56  

                                  If you get the slab ("treasure") Lapp tells you about in Earthen Peak without dying/quitting/warping more than three or four times, Lapp will give you a Siegbrau and congratulate you. The Siegbrau listed here as 'sitting in Earthen Peak after you beat the Demon Prince' is only there if you fail to get the treasure in time and Lapp does the work for you. This is the Siegbrau that he would normally give to you.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    23 May 2019 19:30  


                                    • Anonymous

                                      18 May 2019 17:13  

                                      When you drink it it's over? Can i recover this after using bonfire like normal ectus? Or it's one time use only potion?

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