Mossfruit is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.


A small clump of mossfruit.

Temporarily boosts bleed, poison, frost, and curse resistance.

All mossfruit is the same regardless of its color, and has the effects of moss of all colors.


Mossfruit Usage



Mossfruit Locations




  • Same Effect as Profuse Sweat. They also stack together, but their duration is different.
  • Please do take note that due to the way resistances works in the game, the added resistances are initially filled on the status bars.
  • As a result, using this item while in the process of enduring one of the status effect (such as the poison swamps of the Profaned Capital) won't help you to counter it. Use this item when you know you will be subject to bleed/poison/frost/curse.
  • You can however use this item and then rest at a bonfire. The buff will mantain active, but the status bar will be set to 0, giving you the increased status resistance for almost the full duration of the effect.




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    • Anonymous

      15 Feb 2021 02:52  

      They also drop in irithyll dungeon whenever the big group of basiliks attack you next to the chest with the old cell key and the mimic, although extremely rare. been playing for almost 250 hours at this point and got my first one just now.

      • Anonymous

        15 Apr 2018 06:24  

        Gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang, serpent ring for this loot, addicted to mossfruit, yeah this stuff sucks normal fruit is dank. (Seriously, these suck.)

        • Anonymous

          30 Sep 2017 04:16  

          Mossfruit is a highly dangerous and addictive substance.
          Don't do Mossfruit kids...

          because Common fruit is danker.

          • Anonymous

            Duration listed is incorrect02 Oct 2016 11:21  

            The effects of a mossfruit last for 120 seconds, not 60. These things are good for your health! A resistance boost of 80 points down the board for two minutes isn't bad. To compare, +0 Bite rings grant 90 points. It never hurts to have a bite of one of these before a bossfight like Vordt or the Deacons. And if you combine mossfruit with a +1 Poisonbite ring, you can get through most poison areas without ever being inflicted.

            • Anonymous

              Incorrect02 Jul 2016 04:33  

              This should say the Easterner's Ashers, not the Dragon Chaser's. The Easterner's ashes are found near the the greatbow silver knights after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire

              • Anonymous

                unlocking at handmaiden28 Apr 2016 22:48  

                i have not handed in the dragon chasers ashes and i have access to buying them at the shrine hand maiden. unsure how.

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