Dragon Torso Stone is a Tool in Dark Souls 3.

Dragon Torso Stone

Stone imbued with the power of the everlasting dragons, used in a secret rite by dragon worshippers.

Gain the torso of a dragon and a dragon's roar, a transformation that is irreversible until death.

From ancient times, the path of dragon worship was walked by warriors. It is said they envision Archdragon Peak in the depths of their meditation, and at times, they even hear the distant sound of the great bell at the peak.


Dragon Torso Stone Usage

  • Grants a torso of a dragon and a dragon's roar, a transformation that is irreversible until death. All armor must be removed before it can be used. This includes the head, chest, arm, and leg armor.
  • Reactivating the stone boosts attack damage for 5 seconds 
    • PVE = + 10%  AR
    • PVP = additional modifier = 1.125*damage 
  • It also causes a Force-like stagger effect akin to Warcry, capable of staggering some enemies. It inflicts high stamina damage and can be used to break guards on shields. 


Dragon Torso Stone Locations

Transformation Image







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    • Anonymous

      21 Jan 2019 08:55  


      • Anonymous

        17 Nov 2018 18:27  

        Do you still face the defense (different from absorption) penalty for not wearing armor with this activated?

        • Anonymous

          10 Nov 2018 23:05  

          The dragon form is meant to be the porsche to the usual armor-clad tank. The best defense is not getting hit. timely rolling and a sturdy shield are the name of the game. The benefit is less dedication to vitality, elemental resists, quick-rolls, and a turtle-smasher roar with enhanced damage that also translates into the inevitable riposte. Timed right it will deflect arrows and spells, but it is trickier than parrying. It also combo's well with the twinkling torso. Roar, riposte, groundslam wake-up call. (though the slam misses in pvp because players can interrupt the get-up animation) The build works very well with the demon scar and a pyromancy build. you need almost no strength or dex. The sword, pyromancies, and twinkling torso all scale to int/faith as well. Load up with swamp, witch, and fire clutch rings, and a shield of choice, and you become deadly to just about everything. (save monsters with high fire resist. but keep a spare dex weapon handy and no worries on that front either)

          • Anonymous

            18 Mar 2018 12:12  

            It would be nice if they followed the original dragon design of DS1 but give it the updates this design has...namely not sucking Estus through the neck.

            The dragon from in DS1 at least LOOKED like a dragon where this one...the starving bastard of a one night stand between the Capra Demon and a Lordan hollow.

            • Anonymous

              29 Dec 2017 15:39  

              Anyone else think this should be a covenant that spawns you in arch dragon peak if you go into dragon form like Aldrich Faithful but in dragon form. Sounds like some pretty good pvp

              • Anonymous

                29 Sep 2017 04:57  

                How well would this pair with something like, let's say Gundyr's Halberd? Could a build be made at all around this pair?

                • Anonymous

                  16 Jun 2017 05:41  

                  I enjoy using the Spook spell to quicken going down paths and ladders, 3 times spook was active in dragon form (it showed my feet glowing) all 3 times died/took fall damage. Wondering what other self affecting spells are impacted by this?

                  • Anonymous

                    Dragon Torso Stone [DKS3 Wiki]10 Dec 2016 20:04  

                    twinkling dragon torso does the info is on it's page, and yes this is often used with dark hand, floydds ring, or ceastus for fun

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Dec 2016 18:35  

                      Has anyone used this thing with a floyd's ring? It sounds like it can be devastating with the right light weapon.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Nov 2016 06:29  

                        This thing is op in pvp. Fast cast animation and it drains all of your opponents stamina in 1 roar. Which means easy riposte on anyone using shields (even greatshields) and opponents being unable to attack (since they have no stamina).

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Nov 2016 19:52  

                          I landed a parry with this. IDK how i did it but he was attacking.can this things roar parry an attack or was this just a freak bug?

                          • Anonymous

                            Don Criquito11 Sep 2016 23:52  

                            A great item, and far faster than the Twinkling counterpart. Combine this with hypermode for devastating levels of damage.The wiki says it adds 10% AR, but in my test I've found that it actually adds more like 15% in computed damage. Combine this with red tearstone, morion blades, and even Power Within for compound damage that's truly awe-inspiring.People are far too eager to write something off as ineffective rather than be creative about how to use it. On its own, not terribly useful. Combine it with compounded multipliers, and it become quite a daunting boost.

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