Rusted Coin is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Rusted Coin

rusted coin

An old rusted copper coin.

Crushing the coin boosts item discovery.

Those who have lost their fortunes rely upon this superstitious practice, hoping to retrieve what was once theirs, and more.


Rusted Coin Effect

 Rusted Coin Usage

  • When grinding for Items specifically, you always want to use a Rusted Coin or a Rusted Gold Coin.
  • Their effect will immediately disappear upon entering a loading screen. Resting at a bonfire does not cancel the effect.
  • Reports that the coin can be refreshed upon sitting at the bonfire are incorrect. Coins from your storage simply top off your held inventory (up to 10 held at a time) each time one sits at a bonfire.



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    • Anonymous

      Contrary to the wiki description above, resting at a bonfire does NOT cancel the effect. That is, unless, of course- the character screen stating that my ID is 50 more than it is without the coin is in error. Considering the likelihood of this versus that the information here is incorrect, I am going with that no, resting at a bonfire does NOT cancel the effect.

      Perhaps those thinking that it does just happened to rest at a bonfire 65 seconds after using the coin.

      • Kek, nearly every time I use a coin I get 0 drops from multiple enemies on multiple runs. I'm beginning to think it's an inside joke. I farmed 30 vertebra shackles in 2.5 hours, human dregs in 30 min, and sunlight medals in about an hour so had plenty of times to test these things out. Call it coincidence, but not once did I get what I was looking for while using a coin and the overall drop rate dropped, save for more armor or embers.

        • Anonymous

          I needed this for my Killer Queen cosplay. A few people dc'd after I detonated their coin, which was hilarious. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good JoJo meme

          • Anonymous

            Anyone who reads this and realizes they killed patches, his ashes enable the Handmaid to sell them so don't worry. It happened to me...

            • If you break a rusted coin and use certain items immediately from your quick use menu, you make the particle affect and sound of the item happen. Items that work are: Regular and ashen estus, embers, dragon head stones, black separation crystals, way of white corona, black seperation crystal, cracked and regular red eye orb, popable regular souls, and boss souls. All of those except estus and souls don't even need you to be able to use the item for the effect, like you can make the ember effect and sound happen even when you are embered, and can use the black separation crystal effect in firelink shrine.
              This has no practical use to my knowledge, but may be cool to win a duel and ember for fun.

              • Anonymous

                Unopened Mimics sleep for 30 seconds when hit with undead hunter charm, so when farming Symbol of Avarice you can use 1 rusted coin per 2 Undead Hunter Charms. Walk the entire mimic sides and front while hitting your A (use) button since you can't see the drop

                • If you break a rusted coin or rusted gold coin, then immediately drink estus, you get the estus particle effect before drinking the first one, like if you drink estus one after another. This doesn't serve any purpose to my knowledge.

                  • Anonymous

                    call me OCD for this all you like, but I hate this and the Gold Coin. rust doesn't happen to goddamn copper OR gold *shakes fist like an impotent old-tymer*

                    • Anonymous

                      Item Discovery Bug? For some reason when item discovery rises over 300 (348 for examble) enemies stop dropping items. Anyone else experienced something like this?

                      • Anonymous

                        Im trying to farm medicans staff and when I use the coin my item discovery remains at 358. But its 358 even when i dont crush the coin. So why is it not working? Weird...

                        • Anonymous

                          Rusted Coins or any item will refresh if you are currently at full capacity for that item in your bag. If item is used and there are more in storage, that item will be refilled when sitting at the bonfire.

                          • Anonymous

                            I used these for Mendichant's staff farming. I had 10 of these, and knowing I can buy more from Patches, I used them kinda excessively. After a while, I realized, their number haven't dropped at all. It stuck at 10. So I tried to use one again, kill the man-serpent summoner, then run as fast as I can back to bonfire. The number raised back from 9 to 10. Next, I tried using 2 at once, then rested at the bonfire immediately without killing any mob. It got to 10 again. Then to make sure of everything, I tried to use 1 and waited until the effect wear off, then rested again at the bonfire. Again, it got back to 10. This maybe-a-bug thing didn't work with gold rusted coin though. Maybe someone can test this to confirm? This could be an useful bug for item farming.

                            • Anonymous

                              Probabily I'm wrong, sure I am.I've been farming Anor Londo's Knights for a while, and when I used the Rusted Coin + Discovery Items I was often summoned as Aldrich Loyal Spirit after few seconds.Usually I've waited much more time to be summoned,it is just a coincidence or anyone thinks that Luck could boost the chance of getting summoned by Aldrich/Farron/Sentinels?????

                              • Anonymous

                                Could be just utterly dumb luck. But I was farming Blood Grass and in about 40 or so minutes, I had five drops. Then I popped three of these and five of these at later point, too. Took me 4 more minutes for the last 5 pieces so I could get the sword. Could be just luck, but seems oddly specific.

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