Yellow Bug Pellet is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Yellow Bug Pellet

Medicinal pellet made from crushed insects. The yellow type temporarily boosts lightning damage absorption.

The grave wardens of Carthus used these to repel a great sand worm. The worm tumbled to the catacombs and proceeded to dominate its new home in the Smoldering Lake


Yellow Bug Pellet Usage

  • 15% boost in lightning damage absorption for 120 seconds.



Yellow Bug Pellet Locations



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    • Anonymous

      On this page "Lasts for 120 seconds."
      In the overview: "15% boost in lightning damage absorption for 60 seconds."

      Maybe it would be good to have one information. Also, the "15% boost in lightning damage absorption" could be also added here, if correct.

      (its the same with the other pellets)

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