Human Pine Resin is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Human Pine Resin

human pine resin

Charcoal pine resin rotted with human body fluids.

Temporarily applies dark to right-hand weapon.

Normally used in the Undead Settlement for preservation and burials, but can mature into this state, becoming a valuable substance, used in a certain ceremony. Often seen for trade at exorbitant prices.


Human Pine Resin Usage

  • Temporarily applies dark damage to right-hand weapon.



Human Pine Resin Locations




  • Applies 95 attack rating for 60 seconds. Dark attack boosting gear such as the Blindfold Mask and Dark Clutch Ring do increase the damage. However, the bonus is negligible unless the gear is stacked.  Visually bright purple for entire weapon, including hilt.




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