Human Pine Resin is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Human Pine Resin


Charcoal pine resin rotted with human body fluids.

Temporarily applies dark to right-hand weapon.

Normally used in the Undead Settlement for preservation and burials, but can mature into this state, becoming a valuable substance, used in a certain ceremony. Often seen for trade at exorbitant prices.


Human Pine Resin Usage

  • Temporarily applies dark damage to right-hand weapon.



Human Pine Resin Locations




  • Applies 95 attack rating for 60 seconds. Dark attack boosting gear such as the Blindfold Mask and Dark Clutch Ring do increase the damage. However, the bonus is negligible unless the gear is stacked.  Visually bright purple for entire weapon, including hilt.




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    • Anonymous

      22 Aug 2021 14:43  

      You can rid yourself of the ugly purple effect (as well for the pale pine resin) with the Untrue Dark Ring.
      Presumably the effect is there to make it clear when a phantom has buffed after they realised they needed it. The effect is unnecessary with the ring, and someone with aesthetic thoughts at From decided to make the effect disappear.
      Oddly though, even for hosts they still need to wear the ring to get rid of the effect.

      • Anonymous

        05 Aug 2021 11:05  

        gotta update this, at the Undead settlement, after jumping from the elevator at the giant's tower, near the area where you fight the demon with siegward there is a chest that contains 4 Human pine resins, note that the chest opening will trigger 4 caged hollows to drop down

        • Anonymous

          01 Jun 2020 00:28  

          what normal people see: charcoal resin, charcoal bundle, gold resin, gold bundle, rotten resin, (a.k.a rubbish 2) human resin, carthus rouge, pale resin, :what chase the bro sees: human resin

          • Anonymous

            18 Dec 2017 22:39  

            Any way to get it in infinite supply like the other Resins? Does the Handmaiden need patches ashes to sell them infintely or does patches only sell 3 and that's why she would only sell me 3?

            • Anonymous

              12 Aug 2016 23:47  

              In the building you go through there is a chest, when you open it 4 spiked lanterns drop down. There are two alluring skulls nearby as well. It's right after fight with seigward and the demon.

              • Anonymous

                04 Jul 2016 10:01  

                If you use the untrue dark ring while applying this resin, your weapon won't turn purple.Instead you'll just get that cool dark cloud around your blade.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Jun 2016 14:29  

                  The Handmaid also sells this. And not just if you have her Patches' ashes. She get 3 from the mortician's ash and I believe a few more from another Umbreal ash.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Jun 2016 15:11  

                    Based on armors and the fact that most builds are quality that forgo int or faith in pvp everyone is weakest to dark or magic damage (more absorption than dark).

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