Blindfold Mask

Physical Resitance 1.0 Bleed Resistance 6
Strike Defense 0.9 Poison Resistance 15
Slash Defense 0.8 Frost Resistance 10
Thrust Defense 0.9 Curse Resistance 32
Magic Defense 3.6 Poise 0.0
Fire Defense 2.8  
Lightning Defense 4.4 icon-durabilitiy.png 200
Dark Defense -30.0 icon_weight.png 1.1
Armor Type Helms

Blindfold Mask is an armor piece in Dark Souls 3. It was added in The Ringed City DLC.

An eye-occluding mask of unknown origin. Small cracks allow the wearer to see.

Strengthens dark attacks, but also greatly increases damage sustained from dark.

This purple steel creation has a certain resemblance to the Fire Keeper's crown, but the similarity is purely cosmetic.

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • Boosts dark damage by 10%.
  • This headpiece was previously in Dark Souls II and was named the Black Witch Domino Mask. However, the effects were not the same.  The Black Witch Domino Mask was part of Zulie The Witch's set in Dark Souls II, and the rest of the set can be found in Dark Souls III in The Ringed City.
  • It should be noted that the Blindfold Mask when not broken, gives -30% dark defence, while a Broken Blindfold Mask will give -15% dark defence, the attack buff will remain the same. (A streamer told me and showed me the comparison if you need evidence.)

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    • Anonymous

      28 Feb 2019 23:48  

      It was *****ing annoying to break this thing at Irythill Dungeon just to conclude. The -15 dark absorption reduction, is just visual at the item description. On the stats screen, it still remains -30, no matter what you do. And I don't think this is worth for fashion souls, cause I got almost one shot by a black flame. :(

      • Anonymous

        29 Apr 2018 07:20  

        Dark Souls 3:"T purple steel creation has a certain resemblance towards the Fire keeper's crown, but the similarity is purely cosmetic" Community:"The Moaning Knight is a Fire keeper!" Dark Souls 3: *facepalm*

        • Anonymous

          21 Jul 2017 12:30  

          some kinky***** was done with this.
          also it doesn't really look good ingame unfortunately, because your character is most likely(almost impossible to make a decent looking character) not looking very good

          • Anonymous

            20 May 2017 23:41  

            In dark souls 2, this mask was known as "domino mask" and belonged to the witch Zullie. The DS2 item description went thus:
            "Domino mask worn by Zullie the Witch, seducer of Alva the Wayfarer. Strenghtens magic attacks but reduces max HP.
            When Zullie the witch learned of Alva's dedication to Saint Serrate she used all manner of tricks and deceit to ruin him, but in the end she would spend her life with him, supporting his endeavors."

            It appears that Zullie was interested in beguiling holy, faithful knigts who dedicated themselves to maidens. Eygon was also a Carim knight who served Irina, which would give Zullie incentive to follow him. If we assume that the Moaning Knight is indeed Eygon, it would make sense that Zullie approached him at some point and gave him this mask. I can't draw any lore connections more than this, but it's interesting to note that Irina was angling to become a firekeeper - and although the mask resembles a firekeeper's crown, it also strengthens dark and has cracks which allow sight - both in direct opposition of a firekeeper's character i.e. to 'embrace the dark' (not strengthen it) and 'be stripped of vision'.

            • Anonymous

              29 Apr 2017 01:40  

              It increases inherent Dark damage on weapons, though not by much. Weapon buffs that add Dark damage are increased as well.

              I made a video that proved it.


              • Anonymous

                22 Apr 2017 07:41  

                Can confirm that if you buff a weapon with Dark Blade, while wearing Blindfold Mask, damage form attacks is increased.
                Blindfold Mask + Dark Clutch Ring gives a 25-30% increase to damage dealt with a weapon buffed with Dark Blade.

                • 21 Apr 2017 10:01  

                  It increases Dark Spell damage by ~10%, and increases the AR of the Dark part ny ~5%; for instance, for a Dark Longsword with 100 physical AR and 300 Dark AR, it would ends up with 100 physical AR and 315 Dark AR. The damage amplification effect works in the same way for both PvE and PvP.

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Apr 2017 06:35  

                    I'm pretty sure this is part of the "antiquated plain set", just like the crown of dusk is part of the "antiquated set".

                    Use alongside "antiquated plain garb", "shadow gauntlets" and "shadow leggings" for fashion souls.

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Apr 2017 03:15  

                      i went back to kill him, so i could go to ng+ but he wouldnt spawn.
                      I think maybe he only spawns if you have not killed a certain boss yet.

                      • Anonymous

                        14 Apr 2017 23:06  

                        Kind of dissapointed its not as rare as ds2... I was the only one I ever sw wearing it in all my 1000 hours

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Apr 2017 16:47  

                          So, the moaning knight fell off of the ledge and I was rushing through the area. I've died about 20 times since then. Other than having another player drop it for me, will the mask still be there?

                          • Anonymous

                            31 Mar 2017 04:01  

                            It's Zullie's domino mask. Compare it to the DaS 2 item itself. Zullie has quite a bit of story bits to this entire dlc so far

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