Thrall Hood

Thrall Hood

Physical Resitance 2.0 Bleed Resistance 17
Strike Defense 1.4 Poison Resistance 28
Slash Defense 1.6 Frost Resistance 19
Thrust Defense 1.2 Curse Resistance 38
Magic Defense 4.2 Poise 1.0
Fire Defense 3.8  
Lightning Defense 4.0 icon-durabilitiy.png 220
Dark Defense 4.2 icon_weight.png 1.5
Armor Type Helms

Thrall Hood is a Helm in Dark Souls 3. This piece is a part of the Thrall Armor Set.

Hood used to cover the head of lesser folk who were set to work as slaves throughout Lothric.

Also occasionally used to shame and humiliate criminals.

Location/Where to Find

  • Dropped by Thralls throughout the game.

Notes and Tips

  • It's recommended to farm the group of enemies in the building near the Undead Settlement bonfire. The 4-5 Thrall enemies in the house can be killed with relative ease.
  • Greirat of the Undead Settlement seems to have been given the Thrall Hood to humiliate him for his crimes as a thief.

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    • Anonymous

      12 May 2019 10:10  

      thisi s a very cool looking helmet and fighter pl is a very funny and cool content creator.. and i know im gonna prob get downvoted to oblivion but... people who normally use these are *****ing cancerous, so far from what ive seen they arent the "lets be a cool & chill dude for this invasion or encounter with a dark spirit!" no they use *****ing straightswords and *****ing spam r1, i seriously hate encountering these types of people, still its an amazing helmet and extremly cool looking, just please stop ganking its not nice

      • Anonymous

        23 Apr 2018 22:53  

        What a shame that this headpiece became primarily associated with trolls and twinks, it looks decent and it goes well with several outfits' color schemes.

        • Anonymous

          06 Apr 2018 17:50  

          I noticed that whenever you make a message that has a gesture with the thrall hood, the gesture's head is the xanthous crown instead of thrall hood. Could anyone else check if this is also happening to them?

          • Anonymous

            17 Feb 2018 12:23  

            Ive been farming for this damn thing for almost 2 hours now and im using Gold covenant serpent ring-symbol of avarise-crystal sage raiper-gold coins and my luck is at level 20.....this sums up the luck it takes to get this legendary helm!

            • Anonymous

              16 Dec 2017 18:50  

              i got this from the first thrall i killed im a lucky bastard. if you aren't one, just get a rusted coin and farm with it

              • Anonymous

                06 Mar 2017 18:21  

                I cant bring myself to ware anything else. For my end game play through it's just gonna be my undead a$$ and this hat

                • Anonymous

                  07 Jan 2017 16:36  

                  Doesn't the long "tail" look like the priestess maiden failed experiments in seath's chamber from Dark Souls 1??

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Dec 2016 23:12  

                    - first time i invaded with this thing on, i got a triple kill (sentinel + phantom + host) because we fought near the rafters in the cathedral of the deep
                    - second time i invaded with this thing on, the sentinel was afk and a lot of kicking was involved until that mess was finally over. again, cathedral of the deep.
                    - third time i invaded with this thing on, the sentinel failed a plunging attack and died from fall damage as the host watched. yet again, cathedral of the deep.
                    - fourth time i invaded with this thing on, once more in the cathedral of the deep, i put my weapons away entirely and just followed the host (who seemed to be pretty new to the game based on his behavior). he didn't know about the giants until he was a pancake.

                    from, please nerf this thing. it's ridiculous.

                    • Anonymous

                      FML My Luck01 Jul 2016 23:36  

                      I've killed like 80 thralls trying to get the Hood for Greirat cosplay on a new character but all I have is 5 Axes. Anyone know the percentage at which it drops?

                      • Anonymous

                        conditions to farm it?15 Apr 2016 21:02  

                        Its my first playthrough no NG+, i have killed the 4 who there are after the settlement bonfire abaout 20 times and they havent drop it. Its neccesariy NG+?

                        • Anonymous

                          Best helm in the game?13 Apr 2016 18:41  

                          Putting it on makes me feel delightfully mischievous. I am starting to wonder if there is anything else worth donning onto mine cranium?

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