Lord of Cinder in Dark Souls 3 is a title given to those who were mighty enough to Link the Flame.

Lords of Cinder have parts of their bodies seemingly alit, in a similar fashion to the player's Lord of Cinder Mode(Embered).

At the ending of the game, the player can choose to Link the Flame himself.

Lord of Cinder Information

 Dark Souls 3's story revolves around the five Lords of Cinder, the five being:

The last four are required bossfights.

Lore Speculation

  • Unkindled are failed Lords of Cinder, succeeding in linking the flame, but too weak to survive the burst of fire.
  • Lords of Cinder cannot Link the Flame on their own, and all five are needed.
  • The Lords of cinder have linked the fire long ago, but it still fades and it was deemed "not enough". The new order was to have all 5 of them link it again, this time together for a stronger sacrifice.
    Only Ludleth of Courland was willing to make the sacrifice. He had his legs removed should his will waver, as the first time he linked the fire must had been traumatic. No one else wants to link the flame. It might be that they barely survived the first time or it hurts like hell.
  • The champion of ash, along with many other unkindled are awoken from death, possibly by the fire's call, to bring all mighty Lords back, dead or alive.
  • Despite having served as the fuel for the First Flame for this long of a time the Lords of Cinder still retain a good amount of the fire within their body. This aspect in itself is somehow standing against the purpose of “sacrificing oneself to prolong the inevitable” as it implies that this power is taken from the already dying First Flame and thereby weakening it even further.
    This in fact could be the very reason the Player Character has to find the Lords of Cinder, slay them and thereby retake their souls to then feed them to the First Flame again by Linking it.
  • The young prince Lothric is being called a Lord of Cinder, even though he is implied to have never actually linked the First Flame. He is also not shown to have any of the fire powers the other lords use in their second boss phase. All the fire attacks used are stemming from his older brothers sword (which got its effect from Demon fire).

We are left to speculate further


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    • Anonymous

      This entire Lore Speculation section seems wrong in assuming the Lords of Cinder survived their linkings, based on the very intro cutscene for the game. Further evidence to this, is that we have heard nothing about them between them Linking the First Flame and the start of the game, which is very strange for someone who "saved the world", wouldn't you think? Surely, if they were somehow powerful enough to survive, these would have to be more powerful than Gwyn himself in his prime (as he could not survive the act), and surely we would have heard of their exploits since.

      The intro cutscene, as I understand it, lays it out like this:

      The Lords of Cinder do not seem to be ones who survived the linking the First Flame; they died doing so, just like ol' Lord Gwyn himself who then eventually Hollowed despite his conviction, hence why they need to be revived to do it again ("unearthing the old Lords of Cinder from their graves"). But they don't want to burn alive again, so they instead retreat to their homes (which are now conveniently moving closer to one another).

      The revival of the Unkindled, likely those who either died before trying to link or died without causing the First Flame to renew (as they are "nameless, accursed undead, unfit even to be Cinder"), are brought back in a last desperate attempt to convince old Lords, because that is all the world deems them good for at this point, or because the world is now desperate enough to let anyone have another go at it.

      • Anonymous

        I solved the most unknown glitch in DS3, the dark sign sun permanently disappearing in certain locations at random.

        • Anonymous

          If I'm not wrong, the Lords of Cinder across the entire series goes as follows: Gwyn Chosen Undead (Maybe) Burnt Ivory King Bearer of the Curse Ludleth of Courtland Abyss Watchers Aldritch Yhorm Lothric Soul of Cinder (If he counts, considering he's all of the above)

          • Anonymous

            Imagine if DS 3 allowed you to carry forward your save from DS 1 or DS 2, and you can fight a phantom, buffed up version of your character as one of the Lords of Cinder bosses

            • Anonymous

              One of the four fighting forms the Soul of Cinder takes seems really similar to someone from Carthus would do. The one where it wields a curved sword (similar to the skeletons' weapons in the Catacombs) and it uses pyromancy to empower itself while breathing out poison to harm the player. This is how the soldiers in Carthus would operate as they really didn't have a 'noble' way to battle and would do anything to achieve victory like their High Lord Wolnir. Overall, I believe there was once a REALLY strong warrior or king that ruled Carthus and was either forced or willing to link the flame as a Lord of Cinder. These are just patterns I noticed and is really just food for thought. .

              • Anonymous

                It should be noted that there are always 4 great souls that u need to gather to link the flame cinders in here Abyss watchers are standing for Gravelord Nito Aldrich for four kings which are linked to Gwyn Yhorm the giant to bed of chaos and witch of izalith Lothric, younger prince to Seath the scaleless Ludleth of courland might be linked to the pigmy which can explain why his so small compared to other lords

                • Anonymous

                  I highly doubt Unkindled are "failed Lords of Cinder" especially as the Knight's backstory is explicitly given as having collapsed from exhaustion and they are Unkindled. Guess that's why "speculation" was put up there, but it's more of a groundless theory that belongs in the comments section.

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