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    • Anonymous

      I can't get this darn thing to actually do anything. I put in the weights of the items in my hands, I put in .699 for my weight goals, I set it to Havel's Ring+3, RoF+3, Prisoner's Chain, and 99 Vitality so I know it's not just because I didn't give it enough weight to come up with a legitimate answer, and I put in 25 for physical absorptions, 20 for elemental absorptions. I click "run" and it has a loading bar for a few seconds and then when it hits 100% nothing happens. Where is the result supposed to show up? Am I not filling in a required field? Why isn't this thing explained better? Or better yet, DESIGNED better?

      • I see a bunch of people confused about how to use this, so I hope it helps.

        1. Enter your vitality total.
        2. Add the total weight of each equipped left and right-hand weapons/shields/charms/etc.
        3. Select your rings from the drop-down menus.
        4. Enter your total "Poise" - If any items you are using provide extra poise, add it to this total.
        5. Hit "Run"

        • Anonymous

          HUGE TIP: If you're wearing Prisoner's Chain, take it off first and then enter the Vitality value without it, then put it back on. The optimizer doesn't subtract the extra VIT levels that Prisoner's Chain gives even when you select it as a ring (it only uses that to note down the weight of the ring, so make sure its selected anyway).

          This is what was messing up the values and constantly giving me equipment above the 69.9% weight ratio. Also, "Weight Fraction Goals" = what equipment load ratio you want. 0.699 is the max before you fat roll. I don't know why the idiot who made this didn't set it as a percentage value to make it easier, but its a decimal so remember to put 0.699 not 69.9

          • Anonymous

            Look, I get that this is a free tool, but... it's really bad. As in user-unfriendly, bordering on user-hostile bad. "MFLDs", "Average Physical", "Weight Fraction Goals"... WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT!? No matter what I type in, it doesn't seem to match up with what my inventory shows...

            I feel bad for criticizing something that obviously took a lot of time to make, but if there's no user guide or faq, if the actual USE of the tool is so unintuitive that people can't get the requested information out of it... what's even the point?

            • Anonymous

              There is that field of entry for numbers for physical and MFLD that one can adjust to ones liking. My question is what does 'minimums' and 'weights' mean and what is the way it is meant work how you need it to. When selecting Just Physicals quick enter option for example the number 1 shows up on Physical, Strike, Slash, and Thrust in the in the Weights column. Does it make a difference if you put in other numbers besides 1 to get more accurate results? Like 2 in Slash and 1 in every other physical entry?

              • Anonymous

                Please help me I have a clerical build I would like to find a helmet a bodice of gsmbali and gloves that weigh 27 in total. This armor, however, I wish it had so much physical defense only that interests me.

                • Anonymous

                  Wish the optimizer had a 'pve' variant to tone down the physical defense stat ( where we all know by now hopefuly that other than slugs dealing pure phys and using that stat its pointless for 99.9% of the rest excluding pvp ) and up the slash/strike/thrust , i tried manually putting it to 0 but that doesnt seem to change things much

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